Oct. 24th, 2012

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Let me make one thing clear as I was defriended today just because I said I was against weed. (If that defriended person is reading this, please read the following and hopefully this will help? I dunno. Your call.)

For the record, yes, I am against illegal drugs and stuff. NO, I will not threaten to hurt you or leave you threatening messages if you smoke/drink alcohol whatever. Let it be said that my roommate constantly chugs down wine like there's no tomorrow, but do I go into the fridge and smash up all her beer and wine bottles? Absolutely NOT. If I don't hurt my roommate despite her "bad habits" (in my opinion only), I will not hurt you for doing it. I'm against it in the sense that you cannot make me do drugs/drink wine or beer/inject myself with illegal substances, but I have no beef with anyone doing stuff like this, unless they go crazy and my life is in danger because of it. (Should my roommate ever go onto drunken rages due to an alcohol overdose, or I dunno, does something bad when drunk, or pass out, I'll summon help as I don't want to see anyone getting hurt.)

So that's that, I hope it is now clear what my policy is for anyone who may not have admitted they do these things on Livejournal. Don't worry, I will not defriend you, and you should not do the same to me, because like I said, what you do is your business, not mine, and I won't be judging you for it. Just know that I am against it, but really only in the sense that you cannot make me do these things, and mostly because I am sensitive to smoke, so I tend to speak out against it upon exposure to secondhand smoke.

Are we clear? No hard feelings? If any of this offends anyone, please, please, please let me know, and I'll do my best to calm your fears/address concerns before people go on trigger happy defriending sprees over misunderstandings. This is public because I want people to know my stance on things before they add me in the future or whatever.


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