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Right. Because robots in disguise are so annoying sometimes. ^^;

Let's start with something easier to work with now, shall we? Presenting Corada VS Saberback...only, sans stegosaurus...for now. I'll work on a photoshoot for the stego tomorrow, since I can't be bothered to transform him now. (Fun fact: Saberback's transformation has been known to befuddle and infuriate even people with Ph.D degrees. What your education has to do with your ability to work a toy I have no idea, and I found the fact that the guy had to point this out hilariously funny.) 

The Transformers here are from a Japanese only series (it was never aired in the US) called Beast Wars Neo. Some episodes are subbed and I've seen them on Youtube, and there's quite a diverse cast. (Penguins, giraffes, and horses, oh my!) The toyline is also Japan exclusive but are relatively cheap to get online or otherwise, and I don't think these guys cost me more than $30-$40. Sold individually they shouldn't cost you more than $25 max. Stampy the rabbit from the Neo toyline can be found for as low as $8, for example. Mine is from the Korean re-release, and came in a box set. However, they're completely identical to the Japanese releases. Hip, hip, hooray! 

Let us begin with Corada. He's a cobra, and what amazes me is how much detail he has on him. The scales especially are very well sculpted, to the point where I think Mom told me to get it out of the house because he looked so real. ^^; The extended hood might have been a contributing factor to my parents' delusional conclusions that I've brought a reptilian "pet".

He also has markings on the back that, according to certain legends involving real cobras, can be interpreted to be the thumbprints of Buddha himself as thanks for the snake shielding the man as he meditated during a fierce storm. At least, that's what I heard. Anyway, he looks really good and there's little to no robot kibble sticking out as they blend in really well in beast mode. You could probably make out his legs forming the front of the hood, but that's about it. 

His tail is segmented and capable of rotating in nearly any direction you could dream off, though the last couple of segments can only whip side to side. Overall, articulation wise, you can't ask for any more. He does everything a snake could do.

Corada's mouth can also open, revealing a small water gun. I wouldn't recommend actually dipping the thing in water and squirting it out at unsuspecting victims though, as a) it's not very powerful anyway and b) the water might weaken the plastic over time. Don't worry if you touch him to inspect his jaws, he won't bite. And even if he does, he's perfectly harmless, as, despite being a cobra, he is only a toy and has no venom in his fangs. 

Transformation into robot mode is relatively simple. After detaching the legs from their pegs on the hood, turn the entire chunk of stomach and legs and tail upside down, re-position the limbs, poke the head through the top of the snake hood, and straighten out the arm after twisting it so that the Maximal (yes, he's not a bad guy) spark crystal faces outward.

Eventually you wind up with a cobra conquistador ready for battle. The squirt gun is now mounted on his arm, and the tail becomes his entire right arm. His legs are kind of...weak looking, but despite the thinness of the feet, he stands quite well on them. The snake hood becomes this sort of poncho, which makes me laugh a little. I mean, seriously. Stereotypes aside, Corada is a very nice action figure, and he'll good for scaring kids on Halloween when you need him for the job. (Sparky may or may not have plans to put him in the candy basket this year in beast mode, just to see how many kids scream when they see him. *insert evil laugh here*)

One last look at his facial expression. I love that smirk he has. 
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