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No rain scheduled for today, I don't think! WHOOT! I was getting sick of the whole "Ha ha, sorry to rain on your parade" thing that kept happening as I tried to walk. It was so nice to see the sun out, and I had fun occasionally glancing up at the sky and seeing what kind of shapes the clouds were making today. (It's a favorite childhood activity that I never grew out of. Why? Because it's fun to let your imagination go wild.) 

Finally going to see those Hyper Battle Videos TV-Nihon put out a few days ago. Finally, a direct download link appeared! Sparky threw a Pokeball! The Direct Download Link was caught! XD I thought I would have to torrent it for a moment there, and I hate torrents. Not to mention they're illegal, really, and my ISP doesn't seem to like it if I even go on a torrent site, because my internet connection will get disconnected if I do. So ye-ah, I usually lurk around KRDL, hoping that someone would put it up for us who are allergic to or can't torrent. And they did. Hooray! But that shall have to wait until this here episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I mean, Zyuranger, gets loaded so you can finally have a picspam of that by tomorrow (boy, I sure miss doing the OOO ones. Yes, I remember the good old days when I used to throw up pic-spams first, and then work on my essays on slavery or whatever the History professors were telling me to finish. X) Fun times they were, weren't they, my friends? >_^ Procrastination is so fun...if you know how to do it right. *snicker*)

I'm afraid I might as well enjoy what little time I have for pic-spams and other fun non-homework related things now, because come September, I'm afraid I might not be around on LJ as much. D: Grad school will be a lot harder than college, and I will be devoting most of my time tending patients in the audiology labs, I guess. Even though this is a speech pathology major, I still have to delve into a related field because speech teachers often work with audiologists to determine the best treatment for a hearing impaired person or someone with speech problems like stuttering and whatnot, so yeah, lots of learning to do! *dies*

So! Speaking of pic-spams, and because it is the 20th anniversary of Zyuranger, the Japanese counterpart of our beloved Power Rangers, how about another toy review? But first, let's see what crazy things my toys are doing today...

*facepalm* Grimlock, random flying arms are not food! D: Poor Ankh, I think he was just trying to find his way to Mom's stash of Popsicles when he was caught. ^^; 

So here we have the original Megazord in their dinosaur/prehistoric mammal modes. This is the 2010 version of the Megazord, so you may notice some differences between the original one, namely, the stickers. Yes, the stickers, which did not come pre-applied and had to be put on, just like in ancient times *snicker*, are much more show accurate than the 1993 version. I almost wanted to squeal with joy after seeing that they no longer had those stupid lightning bolts that just looked, well, BLAH. Bandai, what is with you and lightning bolts? O_o Having them on nearly every inch of your merchandise if they're Power Rangers related does not necessarily always make them 20 percent cooler! >___< Also note the thinness of each one of the Zords. They have lost some weight since 1993. The loss of chrome (no more shiny fangs or horns or tusks) makes me a sad pony, but the stickers more than make up for the lack of shiny. The T-Rex's knee nipples disturb me though. -_0 I know they're connection ports, but damn, they stick out like a sore thumb. 

Despite their new look, it is still possible to make the Dino Tank mode. And it is well, a statue/tank, because there are no moving parts. None. The wheel on the Sabertooth looks like it could turn, but trust me, IT DOES NOT. Disappointing, to say the least. Unlike Bandai's Samurai Megazord though, this is still capable of changing between three modes, and looks pretty good if you just leave it alone on your shelf to sit there and look pretty. You may or may not have noticed that I swapped the Mastodon legs around, because the other half of the feet are hollow, and the instructions tell you to just leave the hollow side up. Which makes absolutely no sense, and the fact that they decided to be cheap like this and not fill in the other sides of the legs annoys me, but hey, this is a kid's toy, who am I to complain? Oh well. Also note the Triceratops horns and the Sabertooth's legs and fangs have also been hollowed out. And the cannons are one solid piece and cannot rotate like the original one. And there are no wheels. Why are there no wheels? O_o Oh, there are bumps on the bottom of the Tricera Zord to show you where they should be, but no, kids, you cannot push this across a flat surface, it'll just scratch up your Zords to hell and back, and the surface of whatever you're using too. 

"Megazord sequence has been initiated!" Oh, hi, Ptera! Just don't aim for the cam--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! 

Behold, the Megazord, also known as the Great Beast God (DaiZyuJin in Japan), in all of its un-chromed glory. It still looks pretty impressive and I do like how they slimmed it down so it doesn't look too much like a guy in a suit. The sword is bendy plastic, btw, so it can do all sorts of stretching and bending exercises if you wanted it too, tee hee. That's so your kids don't poke an eye out, of course, as that would be bad. Very bad. In fact, I do remember hearing that even back in 1993 the chrome pointy swords from the original Megazord were eventually replaced with plastic ones and tips blunted so that they couldn't cause bodily harm. None of this happens in Japan of course, do you want to see my OOO Figuart? It's a tad dusty, I know. *blows on her figure* ACHOOO!

Here, check out the claws on Eiji. Yes, they are sharp. If this had been made in America you wouldn't get accessories with this pointy of a tip, or tips, rather. In fact, they're so sharp, you risk cutting yourself on them. Swapping out the hands is literally a pain. This is because Japan has less stringent guidelines for toys, and they are sticklers for show accuracy. Which is all good if you are a collector who constantly frets over details rather than playability. And Figuarts are a collector's line, so yeah. I paid nearly $40 for this dude here alone. $40 for an action figure, you say? Yes, it's pretty expensive, I know. My wallet is still crying from the dent I made in it. I also paid close to that amount to get the Shinken Red (Red Samurai Ranger) from Toys R Us a few months back. More goodies for me, and more tears for wallet. 

And just for the heck of it, I did a size comparison to all the other Megazords I currently own, excluding the one my Sis has, and excluding auxiliary mecha with the exception of the one already on my Jungle Pride to the right of the photo. Aren't they just one big happy family? ^_^; For those of you who haven't been able to see any of my toy reviews and don't know a thing about them, all of them are Bandai America releases with the exception of the Black Lion and Chameleon (which are an exclusive special set from Japan), and the Bulltaurus (in front), which I got off of Amazon of all places for only $34 (a steal, considering the original retail price was 7800 yen, which would be $98 according to the exchange rates for today.)
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