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Yeah, I opened my present early. I just feel like not doing anything else today except to swoon and hug my new present. XD Introducing, Mister Big Drill Butt. More under the cut, because I am the queen of pic-spams and enjoy taking pictures from all angles. The mecha is a bit spoilery for season 2 of the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce (Super Megaforce I hear it is to be called. Saban, stop adding SUPER to everything, it does NOT compute and looks silly. Same with lightning bolts on your merchandise. Overkill much? :P You're not Zeus, good sir.)

This toy comes from the Japanese series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, a Super Sentai series soon to be adapted for the Power Rangers franchise. It's about a bunch of space pirates with the powers of past Super Sentai members who come to Earth searching for the greatest treasure in the universe, only to find themselves having to fight off an army of evil space villains called the Zangyack bent on universal domination. The pirates have bounties on their heads, and as they fight off Zangyack, they're soon joined by a Super Sentai fanboy named Gai Ikari, who becomes Gokai Silver after being visited by previous Senshi and given the ability to transform into six and extra Rangers not part of the main team. He is also given his own Zord, a dinosaur themed mecha known as Gojyujin. It is this Gojyujin that we'll be looking at today in this pic-spam. Enjoy!

NOTE: All pics below the cut are resized, but can be zoomed in if viewed separately in a new window for closeups of details.

Holy crap big box is big. It's the second biggest Megazord toy box I own. And yes, it is all in Korean. It's the same box art as the Japanese version (and the toy is too), and I saved some money this way since it's a reissue. It's also made out of sturdy cardboard and looks like it'll survive a drop off a high rise building...whereas my flimsy American boxes don't look like they'll withstand a single fingernail scratch before we have to say they're damaged. I have to assume all the text is the same as the Japanese box, only it's in Korean. Nothing really needs translating, the pictures show off the action features quite well. Also shown are the stats of the mecha and some nifty Photoshopped pictures.

Also Gokai Silver, the sixth Ranger of the (LOL) Power Rangers Captain Force (as it is called in Korea) is prominently displayed on the box. He's the same person shown in my icon, only morphed. Can you now see I'm a big fan of him? XD

Top of the box, showing off one of its awesome spinning gimmick/attack. I like this box. The designers really wanted to pimp this guy out.

Open the box and this is what comes out. A manual a good 6 pages or so long (and double sided!) and an advertisement of the entire Captain Force/Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger toyline.

The toy is in the box in pieces, so it has to be assembled. After piecing it together though, we get the first of the 3 modes that Gojyujin can take on. Introducing Gojyudrill, representing the power of the TimeRanger/Power RangersTime Force! This is the mode that the robo always appears in after being summoned from the future to fight the bad guys. It is freaking huge, and it may be kind of blurry because I had to pull the iPhone back quite a bit to get it all in the frame. It can fly, but the toy can't really do that on its own, but there's wheels on the bottom, and 2 retractable ones on the drill part, so that it can move around easily. In the show it can also roll on the ground when not flying.

Awesome details are on the toy if you care to look for them. Look, I spy with my little eye a cockpit from which the Megazord can be controlled!

A drill is menacing enough, but for long range combat, we have cannons for blasting monsters to smithereens. 2 sets of connons are shown here. There's two more sets on the other side.

And what's a ship without thrusters? You obviously can't fly without them. I like now the screws are not all over the place and are actually placed so that they seem to be part of the toy's numerous and awesome detailed body.

But a drill is boring, I say! BORING! It doesn't do anything (well, save for the spinning drill gimmick shown below), so let's use another Grand Power, this time, the power of the Zyuranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)! When that power is summoned, Gojyudrill transforms, becoming GojyuREX! *emphasis because it sounds more awesome that way*

If your first impression of Gojyurex is that it looks like the love-child of the Tyranno and Dragonzord, well, it kind of looks like it, doesn't it? XD Only difference is that the drill tail can spin on its own here, whereas in the Dragon Zord toy you have to manually spin it. But like the DragonZord, it is propped up by its tail...take that away and it'll fall over on its muzzle in a very comical fashion due to being top heavy.

The mouth can open, revealing the Megazord's fist. EEAUGH. That looks scary, to say the least. Creepy, more like. It can actually open way more than this but any more and it'll just look even worse! Especially as it's supposed to split for the next'll see why in a minute.

For the first time in Super SentaiPower Rangers history, we also get posable fingers. Usually we just get fists molded as one piece but OMG POSABLE FINGERS. Or claws, in this case. It's completely optional because in the show Gojyurex never needs to grab anything, but I'm not complaining. I can make it hold things if I want, including Post-It-Notes that go "STUDY!" now next year in the dorm. XD Or just "GIVE ME FOOD OR I'LL BITE YOUR HEAD OFF."

Showing off the spinning drill gimmick. To make it turn, you'll need to crank it up by hand (no batteries needed!). Even few twists is enough to set it spinning quite rapidly when a button on the tail is pressed. The drill can also work in Megazord (shown below) and drill modes manually, but will spin on its own without the need to press the button automatically ONLY in Megazord mode. Release the button to stop the spinning, but if you aren't going to be playing with it too often, it is recommended you wind down the motor by keeping the button pressed until the drill stops on its own because keeping it for a long time in a wound up state may strain the spring inside due to the build-up of tension.

After calling up the powers of the Abaranger/Power Rangers Dino Thunder, we get Gojyujin. It is very similar to Abaren-oh, or the Thundersaurus Megazord, only the drill is on the left hand for the Thundersaurus/Abarenoh. Both, however, have spinning drill gimmicks in their dino and Megazord modes, though the Thundersaurus eats batteries. As I don't have the Dino Thunder Zords yet, I can't show you a comparison, but you can Google up the images if you'd like. See how the dino head splits? That's why I didn't want to show you, in dino mode, how wide the jaws can go, because that would freak people out. XD I wonder if he has a "splitting" (*snicker*) headache now? :P Also the horns remind me of the original Megazord.

The dinosaur head can be closed over the fist in battle if necessary to protect the hand and to do its devastating spin attack (yes, there's a motor in the head too!)

The drill can also split open, revealing an arrow and, when spun, creates a shield that can deflect an enemy attack. This is very reminiscent of Beast Wars Dinobot, I noticed.

But wait, there's more! Playability is enhanced by being able to have the drill in Trident Mode. This means I'm going to have a very hard time deciding how to pose this guy, lol. Rock, paper, scissors, anyone? XD

A dial on the back of Gojyujin, when turned, will allow the drill to spin no matter which mode it is in...the shield mode takes a while to reach maximum speed and the regular drill mode spins the fastest. When it is spinning, it is advisabe not to take this toy and put it near one's head, as seen by the big red X's over a picture of a crying kid with a drill aimed at his head in the instructions.

Turning the dial on the back two notches to the right allows, if both the drill and dinosaur head are wound up, to spin simultaneously, until either both wind down on their own, or the switch is put back into the neutral, upright position. This is cray-cray, I say. Twin Drills for the WIN!

Size comparison with the original 2010 Megazord. They're roughly the same height.

All my T-Rex mecha together! Woot, woot. Tyranno is so tiny though, compared to his friends.

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