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Late Christmas present is late. Well, it's not mine, but hey, review time nonetheless! >:) Here's some shots of the box.

Introducing Ho-oh, the legendary bird Pokemon! Those of you who played Heart Gold will know him very well, and look, isn't he pretty! (Yes, a pretty angry birdy, tee hee). Also shown are scaled differences between him and Meganium in real life (I think) and the back shows the different starter Pokemon evolution sets you can buy to complete your Pokemon collection. This set does not come with a Pikachu, the others shown above do. Also shown is Lugia, which you know I already have.

Every detail on him is a sticker. Tongue stickers, talon stickers, neck stickers. Tail stickers! Stickers, stickers everywhere! Never have I encountered a model kit like this. Well, if you don't want to paint anything, stickers are the only way to liven the kit up. But I don't mind. It got a little frustrating doing the talons though. They did not want to stay on and keep unwrapping themselves from the claws. You can probably see in the picture that they're attempting to peel off on their own. Apparently they do not enjoy being wrapped around plastic like a burrito.

Here are some shots of him challenging Lugia, which was also a model kit and had to be assembled, but had less stickers to put on. Which was all fine and dandy, at least until Ho-oh came along, lol! As you can see, there's quite a size difference between the two. Lugia's larger, but Ho-oh is more colorful, and those wings are FAB-U-LOUS! Each wing is made out of three different plastic parts all layered together on top of each other. It's not one big gigantic piece at first.

There's also a gimmick. When you press down on Ho-oh's wings its head nods up and down, and vice versa, this is shown on the box pic at the beginning of the entry. There's actually a coiled spring (shown above) they give you to make this gimmick work, and mine kept trying to hit me in the eye during the installation process. For once I'm glad I'm wearing glasses, lol. Springs, even tiny ones, can be dangerous! D: Here they show you the layered wings, so you kind of get an idea how they were put together.

So yeah. That's Ho-oh. Bonus points for the inclusion of a stand, and for looking pretty. Now Sis wants her Christmas gift back back, so off I go to return it now. ^^;

Date: 2013-01-02 10:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ugh those stickers! The tongue and talons are a pain to keep on.
But it looks awesome! ^_^


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