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So my professor canceled class tonight as the weather out there is kind of treacherous. Whee. Which gave me plenty of time to do what I usually love to do, and that is posting pictures and things in another toy review. XD Time for some dancing dinos!

But first, it must be said that this does mean I cannot get my presentation done until next Tuesday. <_<" And I was like, so nervous, okay? But on the other hand, the extra time means I can have more time to edit slides should I want to change things up at the last minute, and well, it's always fun to have a snow day in general. Though those days will soon end when I go to work and have to come in no matter what the weather, most likely. Meeeeeeeeh! Whatever. At least I'm looking for instructional aide positions and technically I'll still be in school unless they close, upon which, if there is no class, why bother coming if the kids are not gonna be there either, right?

So, with that said, without further ado, let's SAMBA!

Starting off this review of Candy Toy Kyoryujin is of course a T-rex. Puh-lease, don't you guys tell me it wasn't anticipated. If there's a dinosaur robot team, there's gotta be a T-rex in here. Because otherwise, what else are we going to have? Barney? XD

Gabutyra is a very Play-skool esque red and yellow dinosaur with silver highlights. Granted, this is the candy toy version of the DX toy, so all the color on him are stickers. But he looks quite nice, and his green eyes are pretty cool. Only thing I'd change is the stoma in his neck, but meh, what are you going to do about that?

Normally if Gabutyra was the DX version, he'd be able to eat this battery (and I'll show this when I get the DX version!). but being so small, all he can do is snap at it, really. Le sad.

Next up is Stegotchi. He's a very nice shade of blue, and is also ridiculously tiny compared to Gabutyra. I loved and hated putting the stickers on him, since all of them are tiny as heck, and some even wrap around the head (like the face sticker). His legs can move, but that's about it for articulation related to mobility. Very basic dinosaur, even for a candy toy.

Stegochi's spines also hide a very sharp, nasty looking blade that springs up (on the DX) and can be flipped up by hand on the candy toy. This feature usually comes into play after you insert Stegochi's battery in him, but due to the candy toy's size, tiny little batteries were not made for him.

Dricera is a unique little dinosaur as we've never had a pink triceratops before! Completely pink, that is, with just a splash of yellow and silver to break up the hot pink color that forms her body. Articulation wise, she shares the same leg movement as Stegotchi. However, her drill of a tail can spin (which was a surprise considering the DX one can't do that!), but manually. She also shares the same body build as, Toei, how lazy can you get?

Dricera's tail can extend with a yank, just to get ready to beat the crap out of the latest monsters that are rampaging around Tokyo.

Transformation involves rotating and extending the T-rex legs, and making the other two dinos "chomp" on Gabutyra's head and ass. Yes, his ASS. I laughed and cried the first time I saw the transformation, because that's just silly! But overall, the combination works. It looks like a paint can has been dumped on our robot, though. Either way, it looks great, though the shoulders are quite wide.

Close up of the helmet and face, which is all stickered up.

Being a candy toy, there's more articulation in the legs due to joints not present in the full sized DX version, but arms remain limited as there are no elbow joints. Again, le sad. I would have liked some elbow movement, if only for more dynamic poses.

For comparison shots, here's Kyoryujin next to previously reviewed DX Gojyujin. Candy toys are tiny, but they're only about half the height of your average DX mecha, making them great if you're worried about building an army of robots but lack shelf space. Personally, I still prefer the DX, due to the durability of the plastic and I personally don't like stickers since they tend to peel over time, but overall, I really really enjoyed putting this guy together, and I can't wait till I get the DX version to compare him with.

So that's that. 1 out of 3 reviews for this holiday season done! Tune in next time as we take a walk on the wild side and meet the most ferocious creatures ever known to man in the present day. >_^ That is, once I get them. :P 
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