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On the first day of December, my mailman gave to me, one gold dinosaur in a pear tree.

Ok, so pteranodons aren't technically dinosaurs, but this great deal I snagged off Ebay finally arrived and I couldn't wait to show him off. He just looks so gorgeous, even though, being shipped to me in about 8 pieces meant I had to do some crazy assembling-sans instructions- in order to put him back together. I was very temtped to ask if I had been shipped not a toy robot but some weird dinosaur 3D puzzle. I was also tempted to rename him from Gordon (as he is called PteraGordon in the show) to Humpty Dumpty, as seller warned me his arms drop off with a poke and stay on only if left undisturbed on a shelf.
Broken wings aside, Pteragordon looks absolutely evil with its glowing red eyes and sinister, long beak. He did actually appear on the side of the villains during his debut, upon which his visor over his eyes was down. Only when he turns good again does the visor stay up. He also had a very nice bulletproof black cape when he was evil, which was torn off when he became good again. The toy, sadly, does not come with such a cape.

View of PteraGordon reveals some lightning motifs when viewed from the top, due to being harnessed with the power of lightning and able to fire electricity filled bolts at enemies and allies alike. He also plays a neat electric guitar riff when transformed, as a voice yells out his robot mode name. In dinosaur mode, a very clever raised button to the left of the red power switch (you can probably tell which one of the squares just behind his very obnoxiously placed robot head is the button that activates sounds) makes dinosaur roars when pressed, then a loud "DON DON" sound before you hear energy blast noises when you hold it down. Unlike the Kyoryujin, which was covered in a previous review and the main Rangers' mecha (Gordon belongs instead to the 6th Ranger, Kyoryu Gold), he does not read which battery is inserted into him and therefore is quite limited in sound effects.

Speaking of batteries, he does come with the below Zyudenchi, or Beast Battery. Like the other batteries for the dinosaurs in this toyline, it flips with the click of a button between uncharged and charged "states" as seen below, and the uncharged battery indicator glows in the dark, a gimmick only seen in later releases of the American toyline but a staple for the Japanese counterparts. I also forgot to show the back, which says his name "Pteragordon" in bold, black outlined white capitalized font.

Glow in the dark side
Colored side showing the battery is charged and ready for use. Can be displayed in either mode with a press of a button on top of the battery's dinosaur head. Glow in the dark side is very bright when charged with a flashlight or phone camera and stays lit to some degree for almost the entire night.

A dinosaur this large needs to be compared to other flying behemoths for scale. That wingspan, tho. For the record, that is about 18 inches of wing for the both of them.

Being a Sixth Ranger's zord, and considering how big it is, it is not surprising that it has its own robot mode. Pteraidenoh is sleek, thin for a robot, and very agile. I just... can't get over the obnoxious crotch hands. D: Crotch hands may be, I suppose, useful if you wanted to hold an enemy in place while you pummel it, but it's much less defined in the show. Apparently it translated very awfully to toy mode, since they can't fold back or be pushed in to make them look like this guy isn't out to grab you when you reach for him on a shelf.
The wingtips fold up when not in use, but can extend for slashing attacks on an enemy on occasion. Built in weaponry is pretty neat short of summoning weapons from hammerspace.

Despite the arms being loose, one still retained enough strength to lift an auxiliary dinosaur arm to use in a fight, showing that it is compatible with all the other alternate dinosaur arms from the same toyline due to having the same connectors.

Because sixth rangers also tend to join the team post being evil, it is possible to combine all the Rangers' Zords into one big Megazord. Now Kyoryujin has the power of flight due to Pteragordon giving it its body as a giant backpack. However, snapping one big flying reptile onto the back makes it extremely prone to clip breakage and other issues, so the giant T-Rex tail serves as a third leg/tripod to keep the whole thing together, and requires BOTH hands to lift and move as the combined mode adds an additional pound or two to already heavy chunks of plastic! Pressing the aforementioned button on Pteraidenoh's back also makes it yell out the name of the combined formation and you get more electric guitar riff music, because why not. :P

It is also worth noting that the toy cannot detect which mode it is in and is programmed to cycle between robot mode and combined Megazord formation when the battery is inserted, and will simply roar and make attack noises without it. Hearing the final attack noises requires that you insert the battery in the T-rex mouth and pressing the very obvious raised black button on the chest seen above.

Overall, Gordon, the newest golden boy to my collection, is a very nice looking addition to my growing animal robot zoo and, shelf space issues I have aside, I am pleased to have brought him for the same price as the US version (which is pricey for a smaller, scaled down Megazord having less features, no electronics, and missing paint applications.) Pity he's not Gordon Ramsey and can actually COOK me something... I'm hungry now and I missed lunch. D: I'm going to go eat before I collapse from hunger.
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