Feb. 22nd, 2012 03:40 pm
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I have a lot more toys up in my attic. However, I am currently bored, and I think some of you may want to see more of my collection, so I decided to make a trip up to the Arctic (the attic is cold in the winter) to do an unboxing of my rarely opened toys. This guy has seen the light of day only once before, back in 2009 or something. You can imagine how loudly he trumpeted in joy when I was like "hey, want to be part of a photo shoot?" XD

Now, feast your eyes upon the one, the only, the rare and never before captured by an iPhone in the wild (LOL)--Gao Elephant, which was found lurking, surprisingly, not at a Toys R Us but a grocery store in Hangzhou for a measly 21 dollars (138 RMB/yuan). This is the only Power Animal from the Bandai China version of the line that uses the Japanese mold, because the US never gave us a deluxe sized pachyderm to fool around with (the other Power Animals use the American molds it seems). The only differences between it and the original Bandai Japan release is the lack of chrome on the toes, no matter what the box may be trying to tell you. 

Welcome to Sparky's Jungle Safari! Watch out for those tusks! )
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I know you've been waiting for this, especially you, kael. :P So I decided to kill what battery life my iPhone had to bring you the following pics from my toku and anime collection. Dad wouldn't let me add any more, or else this pic-spam would be even more epic, so *ahem* I look forward to filling up all that empty space you see with SH Figuarts, but for now, this set up will do. XD

Please, step into Sparky's mini Bandai Japan Toy Museum exhibit. x3 Admission is free! :DDDDD All pictures have been resized, so feel free to zoom in for a closer look. ^^b

Come one, come all! Grand Opening today! )

I hope you've enjoyed your stay in Sparky's Bandai/Hasbro Toy Museum. I hope to see you again for the next exciting tour! ^_^
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Well, this didn't take me this long to assemble. ^_^ It was much like Gunpla, only so much simpler, due to the fact that there were only so many sprues to work with. No painting required, either, it is very anime-accurate. The only annoyance I had was with the eye stickers (which, thankfully, weren't so tiny you really need tweezers to hold on to them or risk spending hours searching for them (There was actually 2 copies of the sticker sheet in the box, in case you messed up...good thinking, Bandai! Why didn't you do this for Epyon?! >_<). And I laughed when the instructions told me to put on the tongue and mouth stickers. Really? Lugia needs stickers to eat and look bad-ass? :P 

Articulation wise, its legs and feet can rotate 360 (the thighs are of course hindered by the spines on the back and its wings), and when you move Lugia's head up and down its wings "flap" up and down too (all thanks to a little screw mechanism in its body). It's tail can also rotate around if you want to emulate it flying overhead, rather than in this "attack mode." And of course the mouth opens and closes, though it doesn't close all the way thanks to the way it's designed. It also comes with a stand (which resembles a Pokeball) which doesn't show up too well in the pic because it's clear plastic, and the lighting isn't too good. It really doesn't need a stand as it stands just fine, but it's nice to see it included just so that Lugia isn't falling over due to it being a tad top heavy and kinda wobbly on its own two feet. 

Overall, I give this kit a 5 out of 5 for show-accuracy, easy assembly, and good (and not entirely useless) gimmick. It would have been better with an effect part to simulate it attacking with Aeroblast or something, but meh. I'll put it in this "attack mode" next to Epyon for the LOLZ...Gundam vs. legendary Pokemon, who will win? XD

Right, okay, off to the shower now. My interview is over so I can relax now. ;D It went well. ^_^ 
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3 days and some hours later, I finally finished my (very early) Christmas present. Behold, my new model kit is ready for display! :D

Okay, the lighting here was uber bad. -___- I also blame my integrated webcam, which, erm, isn't the most fantastic piece of technology that ever lived. I'll see if I can't break out the digital camera next time if anyone wants better pics. 
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