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Early Christmas presents are best presents. :) I received this guy one day late because of holiday package backup problems at the USPS, but that's to be expected when Cyber Monday wasn't too far behind us. So, let's get started, shall we. Introducing Gao Giraffe ("gao" being Japanese onomatopoeia for an animal growl), from the Hundred Beast Sentai Gaoranger toyline. This was also renamed the Giraffe Wild Zord in the US and packaged together with the Rhino, Armadillo, Falcon, and Deer Zords in the Isis Megazord toyset here. However, because I am cheap, I'm going to get all of them separately.

No, this is not the mascot for Toys R Us...can you imagine Grumpy Geoffrey advertising toys? Goodness )

Tune in next time for my next review of Zakutor. :)
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So yes, Christmas. The time of year when everyone gets gifts and things! I got a necklace from Mom when I wasn't expecting it, because well, I was commenting on how many things she had compared to everyone else, and she was all "such a pretty necklace, but I'm afraid too old for want it?" And I was all "Uh, sure!" It's a very pretty silver leaf on a chain, and I really like it. So much so I might want to wear it on my first date with [ profile] chef_andy... *blushes*

Oh, and as I'm obligated to do every year, I present to you, the next toy review. Presenting, some of the most dangerous animals known to man: the shark, the wolf, and the almighty alligator. Crikey, as Steve Irwin might say. Please keep all hands away from the screen and to yourself, my pets like to bite.

Enjoy the mecha porn XD )
Final verdict: THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER.  I love my present, I love everyone involved in sending and buying this thing (THANK YOU [ profile] numba1shadowfan!), and I have my holy grail so I am ever so satisfied. :D
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Yeah, I opened my present early. I just feel like not doing anything else today except to swoon and hug my new present. XD Introducing, Mister Big Drill Butt. More under the cut, because I am the queen of pic-spams and enjoy taking pictures from all angles. The mecha is a bit spoilery for season 2 of the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce (Super Megaforce I hear it is to be called. Saban, stop adding SUPER to everything, it does NOT compute and looks silly. Same with lightning bolts on your merchandise. Overkill much? :P You're not Zeus, good sir.)

This toy comes from the Japanese series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, a Super Sentai series soon to be adapted for the Power Rangers franchise. It's about a bunch of space pirates with the powers of past Super Sentai members who come to Earth searching for the greatest treasure in the universe, only to find themselves having to fight off an army of evil space villains called the Zangyack bent on universal domination. The pirates have bounties on their heads, and as they fight off Zangyack, they're soon joined by a Super Sentai fanboy named Gai Ikari, who becomes Gokai Silver after being visited by previous Senshi and given the ability to transform into six and extra Rangers not part of the main team. He is also given his own Zord, a dinosaur themed mecha known as Gojyujin. It is this Gojyujin that we'll be looking at today in this pic-spam. Enjoy!

NOTE: All pics below the cut are resized, but can be zoomed in if viewed separately in a new window for closeups of details.

Welcome to Jurassic Park )


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