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May. 16th, 2013 03:48 pm
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Finals are over, the school supplies and things have been put away, and I'm ready to start something fun! How about a new review? ^_^; Gaburevolver, brought to you by Kyoryu White...okay, okay, that was some really bad joke on my part.

Anyway, this is my dino gun.
Lots of videos below the cut! Enjoy mucho! )
So, would I recommend this toy? If you like dinosaurs, you like role play weapons, and enjoy um, random crazy sound effects? XD This toy is not bad and the more batteries you buy, the more sounds you'll unlock. Pay to play thing going on here, but it won't be too bad, unless you're trying to get not just the individual battery sets, but the mecha, and the other role play items that are bundled with batteries. O.o Thankfully, the DX batteries are darn near identical to the candy toy and gashapon ones, which are cheaper and sold individually, so anyone who doesn't want to donate limbs to the Bandai monster can go for the batteries by themselves. And even CDs now come with the batteries too. Purchase the series soundtrack, for example, and you can get the Stegochi battery, along with a height growth chart for your kid. (Nice!)

Overall, I really do like the Gaburevolver. It's a nice role play weapon, though a tad heavy since most of the weight is in the barrel. One thing I would suggest is not playing with it too much with the sound effects turned on! The videos don't exactly convey how loud it really is. Seriously, this thing blasted my ears off. Then again, this is a dinosaur theme we're going with here, and they are supposed to be loud. Still, I can imagine Japanese parents plugging their ears as their kids run around the house with this while the gun screams "VAMOLA!" every couple of minutes. ^^; Can't wait to get more batteries for my gun and get some more playability out of this thing! :D


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