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But I'm ok now in the sense that my nose is recovering. Still coughing on occasion (thanks a lot, dusty room), but fear not, friends, I should be perfectly fine by the time orientation for my summer school starts. On the plus side, my friend from grad school came to visit yesterday, and we had so much fun! Managed to catch Finding Dory in theaters, then hit up Target and brought movie merchandise (and school supplies -- she's a speech therapist, so she's naturally always looking for things to use for her kids). Came back, talked a bit, and then I launched into messing around with the present she got me for my birthday but couldn't deliver it until we met in person, while she whipped out her phone and the Digi-Bird I gave her and made it sing "This Old Man" and a few other tunes. And I'm telling you, that thing is INSANE.

Gao Falcon is a massive beast of epic wing proportions. It is by far one of the largest toys in the Power Rangers Wild Force toyline, larger than even the Alligator I reviewed a while back. The box boasts that the Falcon Zord has a 530mm wingspan, and do you know how that translates to inches? 20.8. Yeah, I'm gonna need a bigger shelf.

Here he is out of the box. As you can probably tell, his wings had to be assembled, hence the break along the middle where that red nub juts out. Otherwise he wouldn't fit in the box! Being a Korean release, it was really. REALLY. HARD to pose him, as the rachet joints in his legs were replaced by friction joints and don't lock in place, so he almost always wanted to topple over since the wings make him top heavy. However, posed right, he makes a majestic animal. In the show he would burst out of a volcano like a fiery phoenix when summoned, and dwarfs all the other animals that combine with him. ALL OF THEM.
This is one BIG BIRB )

Gao Falcon is a fantastic addition to my collection. The sheer size of it destroys me though, because I was so not expecting it to be so large! I mean, I knew it was large, but until I saw it in person I didn't know it was, you know, THAT BIG. I'm definitely gonna need a bigger shelf soon. ^^
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Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? I know I did. :D I hit up Walmart earlier this week because I had no idea that Konami had put out special Yu-Gi-Oh! sets, so I rushed right over to grab one of "Yugi's Legendary decks." It's so old school, it's nostalgic, and there's a lot of good cards in here. Unfortuantely everything seems dated so it probably won't be able to complete against the newest game gimmicks. Still, it's nice to get these cards if only for collecting purposes. The box is really nice though, with all the hieroglyphs running across it, reminding you of the game's origins in Ancient Egypt, at least according to the show, lol. It reminds me of the box that held the Millennium Puzzle in the series.
The box also comes with a few promotional cards in addition to playable ones. The Duelist Kingdom cards from the show are nonplayable and no, you can't trade Glory of the King's hand for 3 million dollars to pay for your real life sister's eye operation. The Egyptian God Cards next to the special Yugi token are also nonplayable and are only there for show.

You also get a complete set of Exodia the Forbidden One in this set, which would instantly win you the game if you draw all five pieces. These are all holographic. They're also only found in this set. Ones on Ebay can get quite expensive these days.
No set containing Yugi's decks is complete without an army of Dark Magicians and DMGs. You get a DM and a DMG in EVERY one of the three below decks, including the special red Dark Magician used by Arkana in Battle City in his duel against Yugi. Also printed for the first time in English is Griffore in place of his Silver Fang, which I wish was included. Griffore and the red Dark Magician were also only printed in Japan until now.
In addition, I have another Christmas toy review for y'all under the break! It's not Rudolph, but it sure is close!

As for spending Christmas today, my plan is to eat lots of turkey and gravy sitting in the fridge and watch Yu-Gi-Oh, lol. And if I'm bored, I have Harry Potter games for the PC that I can play... yay! Oh, and there are library books... there are ALWAYS books to be read.
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Early Christmas presents are best presents. :) I received this guy one day late because of holiday package backup problems at the USPS, but that's to be expected when Cyber Monday wasn't too far behind us. So, let's get started, shall we. Introducing Gao Giraffe ("gao" being Japanese onomatopoeia for an animal growl), from the Hundred Beast Sentai Gaoranger toyline. This was also renamed the Giraffe Wild Zord in the US and packaged together with the Rhino, Armadillo, Falcon, and Deer Zords in the Isis Megazord toyset here. However, because I am cheap, I'm going to get all of them separately.

No, this is not the mascot for Toys R Us...can you imagine Grumpy Geoffrey advertising toys? Goodness )

Tune in next time for my next review of Zakutor. :)


Feb. 22nd, 2012 03:40 pm
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I have a lot more toys up in my attic. However, I am currently bored, and I think some of you may want to see more of my collection, so I decided to make a trip up to the Arctic (the attic is cold in the winter) to do an unboxing of my rarely opened toys. This guy has seen the light of day only once before, back in 2009 or something. You can imagine how loudly he trumpeted in joy when I was like "hey, want to be part of a photo shoot?" XD

Now, feast your eyes upon the one, the only, the rare and never before captured by an iPhone in the wild (LOL)--Gao Elephant, which was found lurking, surprisingly, not at a Toys R Us but a grocery store in Hangzhou for a measly 21 dollars (138 RMB/yuan). This is the only Power Animal from the Bandai China version of the line that uses the Japanese mold, because the US never gave us a deluxe sized pachyderm to fool around with (the other Power Animals use the American molds it seems). The only differences between it and the original Bandai Japan release is the lack of chrome on the toes, no matter what the box may be trying to tell you. 

Welcome to Sparky's Jungle Safari! Watch out for those tusks! )
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 on Kamen Rider OOO Sparky's Night Alone!

1. Downloaded more Gaoranger (which had been put on hiatus) to watch. A Wild Force plagiarized (or nearly so, since they did credit the series in the end credits) series that deserves to be finished simply because its villains were badass. 

2. Halfway there to getting that Ice Beam TM! Just a couple thousand more coins from the Celadon Game Corner to go...

and 3. fumine alerted me to the possibility of my iPhone having a spying software called Carrier IQ, which can log everything from keystrokes (KEYSTROKES?!! So they know everything I type out, be it a LJ comment, or email to an employer? WTH?) to your personal data and website history. O___________o Oookay, luckily for us iPhone users with ios 5 installed on our systems, you can turn off this thing by doing the following:
"To disable Carrier IQ on iOS 5, iPhone iOS 5 users should select the
Settings app, touch "Location Services," and then "System Services" at
the bottom of the pane.
Toggling "Diagnostics & Usage" to the "Off" position disables Carrier IQ."

Unfortunately, unless you install an app (if any of you have Androids, which are more likely to come with Carrier IQ than an Apple iPhone) that specifically checks for this, you'll never know you have it...which is scary! D: I'll be disabling the Diagnostics and Usage on my phone in a bit. I DO NOT want this on my phone. 
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Watching Gaoranger now. Banana bombs FTW! xD Do you like the pun? :D (By the way, I say this is a waste of good food, but on the other hand, would you call it a waste if it's being used to fight monsters? ^_^;)


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