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Yes, to cheer kids (And indirectly us fans) up in the wake of the disaster in Japan, actors from various tokusatsu shows have teamed up to tweet (in character!) on the situation in Japan and to overall make everyone feel better. Because as Kane pointed out in an earlier post of mine, we need to smile, even during sad times.

Here are some of the tweets I liked.

“Children, please endure these tough times just a little bit longer. Please, keep it up. Just remember that us heroes will always be by your side. – Kotaro Minami”

“Everyone, please cheer up! Even though times are tough now, the day where we can all be happy again will come. The day the world can sparkle will definitely come*! My brother and I will do our best to fight for you all! – Go-on Silver”

“I’m Jan! Everyone work hard! If you are in sad sad, the people around you will also be sad sad but if you are help help, others will help help too!! Cheer up! Combine your power and do good! – Gekired Jan Kandou”

“Good morning. Today is Thursday, March 17th. Everyone is rooting for you. Everyone is protecting you. “Never give up”! That means to hang in there. I’ll be back, so keep at it. GaoBlack.”

More Translated posts can be found here
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There are a lot of ways to donate money to Japan to help with the relief efforts, but I would especially like to point out one place where money can be donated, and you won't have to worry about whether or not unscrupulous individuals will pocket the money for themselves, because this was made by other toku fans like myself and started by CSToys, a reputable online toy store that operates from out of Japan. (I haven't shopped there myself, but I swear I will in the near future).

Be a superhero. Help Japan. Donate anything, from a buck to a couple hundred bucks. Any amount will do. Show your support. You have until April 9 to donate. If for some reason you're broke, like me, feel free to help spread the link around.

Chip in here at (Let us all work together to help out in any way we can!)

picture credit goes to [ profile] nerefir , who in turn found it on 2ch.
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Everyone, let us try to think positive, even in times when we feel depressed or sad. Because life will go on, no matter what. For example, the Japan earthquake and tsunami took many lives, and for that my heart goes out to those who have lost friends and family members, but for the survivors, and those of us concerned about them, we must still think of happier thoughts, of days when there was no misery or suffering. And we need to imagine a brighter future.

So smile! What has passed has passed. Cheer up, everyone! If you have a bad day, or are just stressed or feeling blue, try and see the bright side of things.

The above gif was requested and taken with permission from[ profile] rossanav6 . Thank you so much for this lovely gif of Ryo-kun! He's so sweet as Kane! <3

Ganbare, everyone! :)
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Went online just now to check up on some other actors I know from Japan and see if they were safe. Shu Watanabe updated his blog a little later than I would have liked, but at least he's okay now. A list of Japanese actors/singers/bands who have checked in to say that they are fine can be found here (thanks [ profile] nerefir ) here (from [ profile] random_jblogs ) and here .

NOTE: KAMEN RIDER OOO IS POSTPONED THIS WEEK. THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY MIURA RYOSUKE HERE. Date of the next airing will be posted as soon as the details surrounding it are made public.
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Checked some blogs of actors I know, hoping they're okay. I'm especially concerned about Shigeki Hosokawa (Kamen Rider Hibiki) because he just got married last month, and I want to know if he and his wife are okay.

Glad to hear that Seto Koji (Wataru/Kamen Rider Kiva) is okay. Still hoping to hear from Suda Masaki (Philip, Kamen Rider W) and Kiriyama Renn (Shoutaro, Kamen Rider W), since they haven't updated their blogs to let everyone know they're okay.

I'm also worried about Kenji Matsuda (Zanki in Kamen Rider Kiva, Garulu in Kamen Rider Kiva) and his wife, who married earlier this month. Hope they're all right too.

I hope everyone (and their families) yet to get word out of their status are safe.

And Shu, please be all right as well. Miura and Takada said the cast of OOO is okay, but I want to hear from you. I didn't see you in the picture Ryon-Ryon posted, so I was naturally worried. The show can't go on without you! :(


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