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I know you've been waiting for this, especially you, kael. :P So I decided to kill what battery life my iPhone had to bring you the following pics from my toku and anime collection. Dad wouldn't let me add any more, or else this pic-spam would be even more epic, so *ahem* I look forward to filling up all that empty space you see with SH Figuarts, but for now, this set up will do. XD

Please, step into Sparky's mini Bandai Japan Toy Museum exhibit. x3 Admission is free! :DDDDD All pictures have been resized, so feel free to zoom in for a closer look. ^^b

Come one, come all! Grand Opening today! )

I hope you've enjoyed your stay in Sparky's Bandai/Hasbro Toy Museum. I hope to see you again for the next exciting tour! ^_^


Nov. 10th, 2011 03:49 pm
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 Tsk, tsk. LJ, not again! D: WHY YOU SO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! *sobs* Get your act together!

Having a Kabuto marathon as I said before. The series is getting tense! O_o Also going through book 38 of Animorphs right now, and well, it is amusing to see Ax in...*makes a heart with her hands* :D 

For those of you wondering how which pic I'm going to choose for tokusmut, well, I'm gonna use all of them! All of them! :D fumine, if you could slap them all together in collage form, that would be nice too. ^^;

Okay, back to reading now. I think LJ needs to be ignored for a bit until it learns its lesson. >_< Still very tempted to take a rubber hammer and whack it until it regains its senses though. It's not letting me. RESPOND. TO. MY. COMMENTS!!!! *rage*
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If you watch Kamen Rider or Super Sentai (or even Power Rangers), you would definitely have heard of this great stuntman. If not, well, considering PR takes a lot of their footage from the original Japanese series, Seiji Takaiwa should have graced your American TV screen a LOT. Especially as the Green Ranger (sorry to burst people's bubbles, but it wasn't Tommy Oliver or his American stuntman doing all the stunts!) !

Now, watch as EZ Rider from Toku Time gives him his due with this short but awesome tribute video. Keep up the good work as OOO this year, Seiji! We'll be cheering for you! 

DRAGON RANGER FTW!!! TOMMY OLIVER , I mean Seiji Takaiwa ROCKS! *gives two thumbs up*

Quote of the day: "Again, it's Tommy who gets all the credit for making the Green Ranger larger than life, Well if it wasn't for Seiji Takaiwa, that would never happen. He made the Green Ranger bad-ass first, and don't you forget it!" - EZ Rider

Seiji Takaiwa, entertaining us all since 1993
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Yes, to cheer kids (And indirectly us fans) up in the wake of the disaster in Japan, actors from various tokusatsu shows have teamed up to tweet (in character!) on the situation in Japan and to overall make everyone feel better. Because as Kane pointed out in an earlier post of mine, we need to smile, even during sad times.

Here are some of the tweets I liked.

“Children, please endure these tough times just a little bit longer. Please, keep it up. Just remember that us heroes will always be by your side. – Kotaro Minami”

“Everyone, please cheer up! Even though times are tough now, the day where we can all be happy again will come. The day the world can sparkle will definitely come*! My brother and I will do our best to fight for you all! – Go-on Silver”

“I’m Jan! Everyone work hard! If you are in sad sad, the people around you will also be sad sad but if you are help help, others will help help too!! Cheer up! Combine your power and do good! – Gekired Jan Kandou”

“Good morning. Today is Thursday, March 17th. Everyone is rooting for you. Everyone is protecting you. “Never give up”! That means to hang in there. I’ll be back, so keep at it. GaoBlack.”

More Translated posts can be found here


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