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Just found his translated blog entry on HJU, and figured I would share it with the world. :D  Because it's cool. And cute. And fun to read. :3

“Hey, what’s going to happen?”
“Hey, what’s going to happen to Date?”
“Why did he betray them?!”
“Is he going to die?!”
“Hey hey heeey!”
…My Sunday afternoon was eaten up by a storm of questions from my friend’s half-crying son.
“Well, calm down, calm down,” we told him.
I can only say one thing….
Next week…something’s going to happen.  Don’t cry, baby!
After all, your smiles are the source of my power.
I’m not drunk, just a little dumb.  ;)
Cut it out, you…
Anyhow, please watch it.
With that, while I’m still feeling thankful today, suddenly….!

I got Shorty Ankh. ☆
(That’s probably not his official name.)
Hikari’s a reeeeeeeeeeally good kid!
Watching the way he acts on the set, I can’t help but think he actually acts more grown-up than I do.  :)
…I’m 31 years old.
We can do it!
Smiling all the while.

Wasn't the entry cute? I love it. :3 Now, off to do my GRE...with a big smile on my face. :D

EDIT: And have some of his new product, found only @ stores on pixiv. :3

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Okay, just spent about 40 minutes playing Okamiden before the Nintendo DS screamed "Recharge me! Or you'll kill me!" XD I feel so much happier now. ^_^ *hugs Date and gets Scanning Charged and or Giga Scanned by other, still angry fan-girls who may have yet to forgive him for going over to the dark side* Chibiterasu is soooo cute. :333333

But so are pandas, and let's not forget my little birdie.. :3 Thanks (again) for letting me use your icon, [ profile] rossanav6 ! It'll bring a smile to my face for days to come. :)
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Considering this week is the Maymester Week of Hell, I might as well throw this up here before things go horribly wrong and I find myself spending less time on LJ (gasp!) trying to juggle three homework assignments at once. Oh boy!

In this episode, Eiji finally confesses his "love" for Ankh xD, there is much Candroid abuse, and evil Hedwig finally gets killed with a Killing Curse, OOO edition. I also make a few references to my perverted OOO thread, so come prepared to have your perv-o-meters (if you have them) blown.
I will love you forever and always *o* )

Yeah, next week, we get a stupid unicorn, the next Decade, destroyer of worlds dreams.

Ankh: NEIGH! Don't touch my Eiji! >_< (LOL, I made this sound so pervy)

And that does it for bromantic OOO 34. Hope you all enjoyed this week's (one and only?) pic-spam. :)
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 Livejournal I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I touched nothing, I swear. I was just typing in what I'm listening to right now, and you go back a page, erasing my post? WTH?! You really really piss me off now! Your restore function is a joke! You hear me, a joke! >_< It does nothing! Absolutely positively nothing! >_< I spent another 2 hours putting this thing together after you did it the first time and you went back a page on me AGAIN?! Do you hate me that much, LJ?! It's my birthday! You're supposed to make me happy! >o<

On a happier note, SHFiguarts Tatoba is on its way to me. It should get here by Friday. UPS is slow, but it's reliable, at least for me. Now I just have to be patient as Eiji takes a scenic tour of the US before showing up on my front door.

Also tonight at 9 PM I'm planning on opening up a live chat that will last until we're all too tired to talk about stuff, so if anyone's interested, swing by to see me update my journal with a link to a chat room I'll set up so you can come and talk to me in real time and say "happy birthday". Be prepared for some insanity, some inevitable fangirling, and a few awkward moments in which[ profile] cestlavieminako  unleashes her pervy side. xD But don't be afraid of us fangirls, we're rabid but nice fangirls. And don't feel obligated to stay the whole time. ^^ Just popping in to say hello will suffice. ^_^;

Anyway, without further ado, let's re-upload this pic-spam (for the 3rd time) >:( I swear I touched nothing. If you delete this post again, LJ, I will come after you with torches and pitchforks dipped in hot sauce. >_<

So. In this episode, Zeus descends from Mt. Olympus, we meet evil Barney, sit back as the Goa'uld take over our hero after coming through an off-screen Stargate, and see just how far the power of love can take us.

Happy Birthday to the Purple Greeed! )
And yay, it's my birthday now! Whoot!

EDIT: OMG, just went and discovered that my monthly visitor is back! >_< ...Oh god, do not want! Monthly visitor means pain, and pain means...not so subarashi things. T_T Bad birthday present! Bad! >o<
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So this is PART 2 of the anniversary tribute episodes. Again, lots of pics below the cut, so make sure you can handle it. :)

OH. GOD. FINALLY! LJ, you really really suck. Hackers, get a life. You messing with LJ is not making me happy, nor are you making anyone else happy. Now that this thing is finally up, I think I can go to my homework now. >_>" 

DDOS attackers...I hope you get your butts kicked soon. I hope a Yummy comes by and attacks you all. Seriously. Eiji, don't you go rescuing these people if that happens, as they don't deserve it. >_>

I think I'm not going to post on LJ again tonight...or tomorrow. I'll still answer and post comments though. That's how irritated I am right now. I've been trying to get this pic-spam up since 3 AM in the morning. LJ, don't think you're innocent attempting to fix the problems caused by the hackers has also messed things up, since up until now I kept getting (and am still getting every once in a while) "Your connection has been reset" messages. When you fix problems, you don't fix them while creating more problems. >:( Do you not have competent programmers on your support team? >___<

Geki Koi pic-spam now postponed thanks to LJ being a jerk. I apologize to any Shu Watanabe fans out there right now because of this.

The Insanity Won't Stop at 1000! )

OH MY GOD. Tune in next week for the next episode
, not just for the continuation of the story, but Ankh's real form will finally be revealed! OoO
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But Date looks so scared :( Here, I'll make him feel better. *pats Date on the head* Pics can be found on Hiroaki Iwanaga's blog at

More pics below the cut

Will he ever come out? :( )


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