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No rain scheduled for today, I don't think! WHOOT! I was getting sick of the whole "Ha ha, sorry to rain on your parade" thing that kept happening as I tried to walk. It was so nice to see the sun out, and I had fun occasionally glancing up at the sky and seeing what kind of shapes the clouds were making today. (It's a favorite childhood activity that I never grew out of. Why? Because it's fun to let your imagination go wild.) 

Finally going to see those Hyper Battle Videos TV-Nihon put out a few days ago. Finally, a direct download link appeared! Sparky threw a Pokeball! The Direct Download Link was caught! XD I thought I would have to torrent it for a moment there, and I hate torrents. Not to mention they're illegal, really, and my ISP doesn't seem to like it if I even go on a torrent site, because my internet connection will get disconnected if I do. So ye-ah, I usually lurk around KRDL, hoping that someone would put it up for us who are allergic to or can't torrent. And they did. Hooray! But that shall have to wait until this here episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I mean, Zyuranger, gets loaded so you can finally have a picspam of that by tomorrow (boy, I sure miss doing the OOO ones. Yes, I remember the good old days when I used to throw up pic-spams first, and then work on my essays on slavery or whatever the History professors were telling me to finish. X) Fun times they were, weren't they, my friends? >_^ Procrastination is so fun...if you know how to do it right. *snicker*)

I'm afraid I might as well enjoy what little time I have for pic-spams and other fun non-homework related things now, because come September, I'm afraid I might not be around on LJ as much. D: Grad school will be a lot harder than college, and I will be devoting most of my time tending patients in the audiology labs, I guess. Even though this is a speech pathology major, I still have to delve into a related field because speech teachers often work with audiologists to determine the best treatment for a hearing impaired person or someone with speech problems like stuttering and whatnot, so yeah, lots of learning to do! *dies*

So! Speaking of pic-spams, and because it is the 20th anniversary of Zyuranger, the Japanese counterpart of our beloved Power Rangers, how about another toy review? But first, let's see what crazy things my toys are doing today...

*facepalm* Grimlock, random flying arms are not food! D: Poor Ankh, I think he was just trying to find his way to Mom's stash of Popsicles when he was caught. ^^; 
We need DinoZord power NOW! )


Mar. 21st, 2012 01:18 pm
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Yes, Operation USPS Ninja Stake Out was a success! Luckily Mom came home just as the mailman pulled into the driveway, so he managed to hand my package from[ profile] cestlavieminakoto her directly...though she in turn gave it to me foaming at the mouth and going "Don't ever have friends send you stupid stuff again! Do you want them all to murder us in our beds, now that they know where we live?! >_<" Paranoid parents are paranoid. I know it's dangerous, I know! I'm always careful about who my information goes to. Very careful. It's another reason why I sign even petitions online with my online names too, and if they ask for my address, I just go "WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY?!" and run in the other direction.  Unless it's a job application, where I have to give employers some way of contacting me >_>".

But this package is awesome. Priority mail is supposed to take 2 to 3 days, and yet I got it in one. BOOYAH! >:)

URRRRRRRRRRGH! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRF!! HUFF PUFF... So...much...tape... XD Minako, you darn near mummified the poor box. :P

Anyway, it's nothing a utility knife or box cutter can't open....or a sword. XD Also, I see there's a envelope and card for me. AW. Thanks! ^_^

Want to see what was inside? Click below the cut for the goodies...and random hijinks.

*bursts into song* My Little Petey, My Little Petey... ah ah ah ah... )
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Ah, my first public post in days! Okay, here we go. :3

Woke up this morning way more sleepy than I should have considering I had 8 hours of sleep, and I don't know what went wrong. It seems like my body is way more fickle than it needs to be. Too little sleep and I feel like sleeping more, too much and I still feel like sleeping more. *headdesk* Maybe I am half snake or something and all it wants to do right now is to hibernate. I dunno, lol. 

Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day! Judging by the clouds overhead, Phil won't see his shadow, which means spring will be here soon. Hooray! Though, of course, Phil only has, according to experts, roughly 37% chance of being right. ^^; 

And, as a lovely Groundhog's Day present, Over-Time just came out with the RAW and the script for Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful Shogun and the 21 Core Medals movie. I see their RAW is over 1 GB...yikes! I'll wait for TV-Nihon's RAW instead. I have a lower definition RAW that I downloaded off of Rangerboard before the Megaupload shutdown and the subsequent closing of the multimedia thread to stop the FBI from noticing the site, but it still works with Over-Time's script, so I'll be using that for the time being. If you're interested in the movie, don't forget to samba over there and nab it while the links are still hot! I might be tempted to download the SD DDL later just so that I have a slightly better picture quality, as the RB RAW is just...ugh. It's not bad, but it's not good quality, either. 

Speaking of RB I'll never post in there again. The people there are so rude, especially the mods. >_< Once I posted to comment on how expensive toku merchandise were getting and just some wishful thinking, and I received a reply that basically said this: "You think stuff is too expensive and you complain your Rin Lion and Chameleon set burned your dad's wallet? Then stop leeching money off of him and get a job, idiot." *rolls eyes* Thank you for giving me that advice, jerk. Back then I was a full time student with class hours that took up a big chunk of the day and even at night, not to mention at that point I had heavy coursework, so I couldn't look for a job or have any possibility of keeping it. And that year I did have an internship which gave me some money, but my parents insisted I spend them on academic stuff, not toku merchandise. My debit card which I got during my internship was strictly to be used to buy textbooks and other school supplies, and my account was watched for any suspicious activity. So yep, no spending money on random stuff for me, except on my b-days and Christmas, when my parents begrudgingly allow me one toku-related item of my choice. (And this was around my birthday too, so I was really sad that year thanks to the flames I got from that forum.)

However, I did get this wallpaper from Rangerboard, and last night I ran my Desktop Ponies program and left it on while I read a book titled "History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments". Looked up about 10 minutes later just in time to cap this. I must say, Rainbow Dash, you picked a really nice place to sleep. xD And also Pinkie Pie would not stop bouncing on Ryu-Sei-Oh's head. It's like she likes him a lot or something. :P Only Derpy made sure to steer clear of the dragon...strange, because knowing Derpy, she would probably crash into him a lot if they were ever in the same universe together. :P 

*open in new window to enlarge* If any of you Power Rangers or Super Sentai fans want the wallpaper, let me know, and I'll post a link. I also have Dragonzord and Green Ranger (complete with candle) wallpapers for any MMPR fans out there. Never mind the Speed fan thing running...I just wanted to make sure my computer wasn't going to overheat with all those ponies running amok all over the place. 

Documentary pimping. For all your history nerd needs! )
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Crossposting this from Dreamwidth today because LJ's Rich Text thing refuses to come up completely, leaving me with only a text box and nothing else. >_>"

So. First off, let's start with the meme. Least favorite side character, eh? That has got to be Hina, hands down. *nods* First of all, we're never told how she got "super strength" and can lift everything from vending machines to giant boulders. And gosh darn it she was always getting in the way of our "bromance" in the series. And she served no purpose other than to mope over the "loss" of her brother nearly every time the camera focuses on her, all because some greedy bird monster has hijacked his comatose body. *rolls eyes* Yes, we know your big brother is not Mr. Meany McMeanPants, but why let that get to you? >_>"

Now, before I continue, Cakeboss would like to say a few words:

Anyway, today is going to be business as usual. Somehow all the snow melted last night, so I'm going to go see if it's okay for me to walk around in a bit, and then I'll continue to search for any means of employment. Tonight I look forward to more rping if that's possible, and unless I should wind up on an adventure searching for treasure I should have at least an outline, if not a couple of paragraphs, of my new smut fic done. It all depends on how fast my internet is, how quickly I can get things done, yadda yadda.
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Humongous pics alert! Humongous pics alert!

They would be even bigger, had I not downsized them... ^_^; )

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Oh Shu... :3


Thanks nerefir. I was hoping someone would capture his "dorky"ness in gif format for all eternity. ;)

And oh, have something I found while google searching for random KR memes...


Aug. 1st, 2011 02:43 pm
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When Dr. Maki finally bites the dust after OOO finishes its run, anyone who wants to sing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" with me is welcome to do so.
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So cute! :3 Just thought I'd get this up because I have a few errands to run this afternoon and probably won't come back to check LJ and DW until evening.

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The first person to realize that Start buttons could be changed in Windows 7 deserves to be praised. And whoever thought up the idea of changing the start orbs to Medals...BRILLIANT! SUBARASHI!

I have PutoTyra Medals to serve as the start button orbs for now...but who's to say I won't change it within an hour of this posting? It's shows Ptera if you're not hovering over the Start orb, Tricera if your mouse is over it, and Tyranno when you actually click it. SHWEET. xD

EDIT: Changed them. Because I just wanted to show sis Tajador when she gets back tomorrow...and because it's the only Combo I cannot help but sing out its name every time it appears, and it looks cool because my log-on/off icon is a pic of the Taka Medal. xD I figured it'd be more appropriate.

You can find the Medal pics for changing your own Windows 7 start orb in [ profile] kamenrider (to be specific, this public entry: and the Windows 7 start orb changer here:

Now, back to work on the Pooony Weekly!
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Dad's going to give us McDonald's for lunch and since I'm not going with him, he's going to bring some nuggets. Luckily I didn't ask for much when he asked me what I would like to order. Can't be bothered to eat too much junk food or I'll be sick all over again.

FYI, my reaction to Dad going "Hey, anypony anyone want McDonald's? I've got coupons! 8D"

I mean, is it really wise to eat McDonald's food if you're still sick? :S

And Dr. Ankh (who, according to Minako eat lots of ice candy in addition to resting and drinking lots of water :P) does not approve either. xD

Now working on OOO 40 pic-spam. Should be up within the next 48 hours or your money back xD. This week's Pooony Weekly is a tad late thanks to my illness, but I don't plan on letting this cold slow me down.
Ankh would not approve of this either... )
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Have a safe and happy 4th of July (also known to you as Independence Day if you're in the US), everyone! I'll be watching the fireworks on TV tonight, and will be going to a restaurant to celebrate Mom's b-day (without Mom, who apparently still has a headache and wants to lie down on the couch watching Chinese historical dramas ALL DAY xD).

Now dling OOO 40. Later today I'll probably start marathoning through Beast Wars Season 1 (got the entire season on DVD yesterday). In addition I still have to finish watching Spirited Away (which I also got as an early b-day present for my sis as well). With so much stuff to do and watch, I can almost tell this is gonna be the best 4th of July I have had in ages. <3

Also those of you who have watched OOO 40 RAW or live can feel free to discuss it before the pic-spam comes later this week. To avoid spoilers for those who haven't yet seen it, comments on the latest episode can be sent to me via PM, and leave the comments below for 4th of July discussion and other random things.
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I just found this on pixiv. Credit goes to トミヨミ@受験生. View image by itself for full size.

Who will give me wings, ere my soul will surely die.
Who will give me wings, wings that I may fly...?
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Just found his translated blog entry on HJU, and figured I would share it with the world. :D  Because it's cool. And cute. And fun to read. :3

“Hey, what’s going to happen?”
“Hey, what’s going to happen to Date?”
“Why did he betray them?!”
“Is he going to die?!”
“Hey hey heeey!”
…My Sunday afternoon was eaten up by a storm of questions from my friend’s half-crying son.
“Well, calm down, calm down,” we told him.
I can only say one thing….
Next week…something’s going to happen.  Don’t cry, baby!
After all, your smiles are the source of my power.
I’m not drunk, just a little dumb.  ;)
Cut it out, you…
Anyhow, please watch it.
With that, while I’m still feeling thankful today, suddenly….!

I got Shorty Ankh. ☆
(That’s probably not his official name.)
Hikari’s a reeeeeeeeeeally good kid!
Watching the way he acts on the set, I can’t help but think he actually acts more grown-up than I do.  :)
…I’m 31 years old.
We can do it!
Smiling all the while.

Wasn't the entry cute? I love it. :3 Now, off to do my GRE...with a big smile on my face. :D

EDIT: And have some of his new product, found only @ stores on pixiv. :3

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Okay, just spent about 40 minutes playing Okamiden before the Nintendo DS screamed "Recharge me! Or you'll kill me!" XD I feel so much happier now. ^_^ *hugs Date and gets Scanning Charged and or Giga Scanned by other, still angry fan-girls who may have yet to forgive him for going over to the dark side* Chibiterasu is soooo cute. :333333

But so are pandas, and let's not forget my little birdie.. :3 Thanks (again) for letting me use your icon, [ profile] rossanav6 ! It'll bring a smile to my face for days to come. :)
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Look at all these lovely ikemen smile, courtesy of scans done by [ profile] pali_mari ! ~_^

Cute kitty is cute. :D I guess Uva doesn't mind cats if they're not trying to kill him half the time. xD

You can find more happiness below the cut. :)
Happy happy deliriously happy )
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Considering this week is the Maymester Week of Hell, I might as well throw this up here before things go horribly wrong and I find myself spending less time on LJ (gasp!) trying to juggle three homework assignments at once. Oh boy!

In this episode, Eiji finally confesses his "love" for Ankh xD, there is much Candroid abuse, and evil Hedwig finally gets killed with a Killing Curse, OOO edition. I also make a few references to my perverted OOO thread, so come prepared to have your perv-o-meters (if you have them) blown.
I will love you forever and always *o* )

Yeah, next week, we get a stupid unicorn, the next Decade, destroyer of worlds dreams.

Ankh: NEIGH! Don't touch my Eiji! >_< (LOL, I made this sound so pervy)

And that does it for bromantic OOO 34. Hope you all enjoyed this week's (one and only?) pic-spam. :)
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Here's Sparkywolf with your weekly OOO pic-spam from her new and thankfully not-so-freezing-now dorm. In this episode of Tweety and Sylvester, we hard-boil an egg, make new friends, and observe some weird animal behavior.

Also came back from class to do this. According to my floormates, every week you'll be learning about 1 and a half month worth of material. O_O I just got a taste of it, and man, is it intense. :O We went through the entire history of picture books from the 12 century to present day in an hour. o.O

Harry Potter would disapprove... >_>" )

And that does it for this week's episode of OOO. Tune in next week for more birds on the brain, barbequed birds, and the vanquishing of the evil Hedwig from hell. xD
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 Livejournal I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I touched nothing, I swear. I was just typing in what I'm listening to right now, and you go back a page, erasing my post? WTH?! You really really piss me off now! Your restore function is a joke! You hear me, a joke! >_< It does nothing! Absolutely positively nothing! >_< I spent another 2 hours putting this thing together after you did it the first time and you went back a page on me AGAIN?! Do you hate me that much, LJ?! It's my birthday! You're supposed to make me happy! >o<

On a happier note, SHFiguarts Tatoba is on its way to me. It should get here by Friday. UPS is slow, but it's reliable, at least for me. Now I just have to be patient as Eiji takes a scenic tour of the US before showing up on my front door.

Also tonight at 9 PM I'm planning on opening up a live chat that will last until we're all too tired to talk about stuff, so if anyone's interested, swing by to see me update my journal with a link to a chat room I'll set up so you can come and talk to me in real time and say "happy birthday". Be prepared for some insanity, some inevitable fangirling, and a few awkward moments in which[ profile] cestlavieminako  unleashes her pervy side. xD But don't be afraid of us fangirls, we're rabid but nice fangirls. And don't feel obligated to stay the whole time. ^^ Just popping in to say hello will suffice. ^_^;

Anyway, without further ado, let's re-upload this pic-spam (for the 3rd time) >:( I swear I touched nothing. If you delete this post again, LJ, I will come after you with torches and pitchforks dipped in hot sauce. >_<

So. In this episode, Zeus descends from Mt. Olympus, we meet evil Barney, sit back as the Goa'uld take over our hero after coming through an off-screen Stargate, and see just how far the power of love can take us.

Happy Birthday to the Purple Greeed! )
And yay, it's my birthday now! Whoot!

EDIT: OMG, just went and discovered that my monthly visitor is back! >_< ...Oh god, do not want! Monthly visitor means pain, and pain means...not so subarashi things. T_T Bad birthday present! Bad! >o<
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There really is a Unicorn Yummy! [ profile] nerefir , thanks for posting it up on HJU! OMG...someone help me...I think I am going to faint... *collapses from flailing in fangirl mode too long*

Speaking of unicorns, has anyone else seen The Last Unicorn? I have it on DVD. It's a good movie. ^^;

Always I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony oh love! x3 )


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