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Isn't LJ maintenance supposed to be over by now?! O___O Then why is it suddenly crashing? ARRRGH!

That's it. FINAL VENT!

On the other hand, I'm working on a fanfic that should be completed soon for my own reading pleasure, so I don't really care about LJ crashing (AGAIN). >:D (MWAHAHAHAHA) Maybe I'll post it after I know Minako's seen at least one episode of Hibiki.
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DIAF. NOT FUNNY, OKAY?! >_______<

FINAL VENT!!! DIE, all those who would seek to mess with LJ! >:(

Ankh: Tch! You raging at LJ all morning meant I couldn't get any ice candy.

Me: And I'm studying for my quiz right now so I can't really hop over to the fridge to get some for ya. Live with it. Have some choice words to say to LJ while you're at it?

Ankh: No duh. Stop screwing around with [ profile] sparkywolf  so she can get me my damn ice candy instead of shaking her fist at you even when studying! >___<

Me: And everyone else. This is a problem for a lot of people, not just me.

Ankh: That too! >:( Give me ice candy. NOW.

Me: >_>" Um....I'm studying, remember? Go bother Eiji instead or something.

Ankh: He's napping. >___<

Me: Too bad.

Ankh: TCH! 

EDIT: LJ'S BACK UP!! WHOOT! Here Ankh, have some ice candy. I'm not so mad now.

Ankh: FINALLY! *chomps on offered treat*

Me: ^_^;
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Credit goes to あかり for this cute picture of (human) Kazari. People on Pixiv just seem to be unable to resist drawing cats...and Kazari, being a cat Greeed, is apparently no exception. Even if he's an awesome KR Strike XD! (Sorry Kit, but I liked Ouja, so I like Strike too. To me, you'll always be second best :P)

Look at them! Aren't these kitties adorable?? <3



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