Dec. 5th, 2016 02:13 pm
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On the first day of December, my mailman gave to me, one gold dinosaur in a pear tree.

Ok, so pteranodons aren't technically dinosaurs, but this great deal I snagged off Ebay finally arrived and I couldn't wait to show him off. He just looks so gorgeous, even though, being shipped to me in about 8 pieces meant I had to do some crazy assembling-sans instructions- in order to put him back together. I was very temtped to ask if I had been shipped not a toy robot but some weird dinosaur 3D puzzle. I was also tempted to rename him from Gordon (as he is called PteraGordon in the show) to Humpty Dumpty, as seller warned me his arms drop off with a poke and stay on only if left undisturbed on a shelf.
CAW?! )

Overall, Gordon, the newest golden boy to my collection, is a very nice looking addition to my growing animal robot zoo and, shelf space issues I have aside, I am pleased to have brought him for the same price as the US version (which is pricey for a smaller, scaled down Megazord having less features, no electronics, and missing paint applications.) Pity he's not Gordon Ramsey and can actually COOK me something... I'm hungry now and I missed lunch. D: I'm going to go eat before I collapse from hunger.
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I think I might have a job opportunity, as my parents have been asking around and someone wants to talk to me tomorrow regarding a simple office job. I cringe at the thought of them telling me to man the front desk and phone but I will listen to what the prospective employer has to say and hope for the best. I mean, while I've filled out forms for Social Security disability benefits, I want to earn my own money, not wait for potential government handouts. Though phone work...augh. It's gonna potentially lead to tiring nights from listening to people all day without being able to lipread for the most part. Not to mention the clients will mostly be speaking Chinese as it is a Chinese owned business. I have hard enough time with English speakers! But hey, a job is a job, and I figure if I fail at listening I could always sign "I AM DEAF" and thrust the phone at a co-worker dramatically. I mean, I won't be lying when I do that. (And having been studing ASL I do know how to sign the above, now).

In the *ahem* toy department, my (very) belated Christmas present arrived, thanks to [ profile] chef_andy. Better late than never I always say, and I also should thank rexielexie @ Tumblr for buying this. Introducing "Zippy"... HEY, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF MY SISTER'S GUM CONTAINER!

(You may notice a stark difference in color between the above pic and the pics below the cut. My camera made use of available light to make Zakutor look light green, but in person he is more dark green and is more like the pic above. So forgive the color differences.)
Chompachomp! )
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So my professor canceled class tonight as the weather out there is kind of treacherous. Whee. Which gave me plenty of time to do what I usually love to do, and that is posting pictures and things in another toy review. XD Time for some dancing dinos!

But first, it must be said that this does mean I cannot get my presentation done until next Tuesday. <_<" And I was like, so nervous, okay? But on the other hand, the extra time means I can have more time to edit slides should I want to change things up at the last minute, and well, it's always fun to have a snow day in general. Though those days will soon end when I go to work and have to come in no matter what the weather, most likely. Meeeeeeeeh! Whatever. At least I'm looking for instructional aide positions and technically I'll still be in school unless they close, upon which, if there is no class, why bother coming if the kids are not gonna be there either, right?

So, with that said, without further ado, let's SAMBA!

Gaburincho! Chomp-a-chomp! )

So that's that. 1 out of 3 reviews for this holiday season done! Tune in next time as we take a walk on the wild side and meet the most ferocious creatures ever known to man in the present day. >_^ That is, once I get them. :P 

All righty

May. 16th, 2013 03:48 pm
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Finals are over, the school supplies and things have been put away, and I'm ready to start something fun! How about a new review? ^_^; Gaburevolver, brought to you by Kyoryu White...okay, okay, that was some really bad joke on my part.

Anyway, this is my dino gun.
Lots of videos below the cut! Enjoy mucho! )
So, would I recommend this toy? If you like dinosaurs, you like role play weapons, and enjoy um, random crazy sound effects? XD This toy is not bad and the more batteries you buy, the more sounds you'll unlock. Pay to play thing going on here, but it won't be too bad, unless you're trying to get not just the individual battery sets, but the mecha, and the other role play items that are bundled with batteries. O.o Thankfully, the DX batteries are darn near identical to the candy toy and gashapon ones, which are cheaper and sold individually, so anyone who doesn't want to donate limbs to the Bandai monster can go for the batteries by themselves. And even CDs now come with the batteries too. Purchase the series soundtrack, for example, and you can get the Stegochi battery, along with a height growth chart for your kid. (Nice!)

Overall, I really do like the Gaburevolver. It's a nice role play weapon, though a tad heavy since most of the weight is in the barrel. One thing I would suggest is not playing with it too much with the sound effects turned on! The videos don't exactly convey how loud it really is. Seriously, this thing blasted my ears off. Then again, this is a dinosaur theme we're going with here, and they are supposed to be loud. Still, I can imagine Japanese parents plugging their ears as their kids run around the house with this while the gun screams "VAMOLA!" every couple of minutes. ^^; Can't wait to get more batteries for my gun and get some more playability out of this thing! :D


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