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So here I am, giving the morning report on Dreamwidth. On occasion I'll be able to get to the LJ homepage, or my profile, or my unsigned in journal page, but I can't log in right now. Boo! LJ, why you so crashing so much? Anyway, this is crossposted, so if you see this on LJ, well, I was too fed up to post on LJ directly. 

Another important meeting today, and then it's documentary marathon on Netflix time. Also got to finish that mini fic I was doing, and incorporate some elements of the MLP finale into it (c'mon, it's too awesome to not be written down and remembered for all eternity). That is, if I don't get "BBBFF" or "This Day Aria" stuck in my head!

Also today is going to be so awesome as I blow through the entire White Ranger debut in Dino Thunder and try to watch everything up to "Tutenhawken's Curse". If you guys thought Tommy as the White Ranger was pretty awesome, you ain't seen nothin'. ^^; With a quill feather pen for a weapon and a Zord that can reach top speed of Mach 20, I have to vote for the White Dino Ranger hands down when it comes to making him face off against other Rangers. >:) 

Right, off I go. Time is of the essence! I'll be back for chat.
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 Okay, just wanted the members of the KRC to know that if LJ is still down by 8 PM tonight the chat link will be up on dreamwidth in a public entry (because not all of you have a dreamwidth account). Okie-dokie-loki? Okay, off I go then to the Arctic to see some polar bears (in a documentary of course. >:D) I'll also crosspost the chat link to LJ, in case somepony can access it by some miracle. Otherwise come find the link at 
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Not saying that everyone Russian is bad, since I have a good friend who is, but those "bots" or spammers whose journals are only in Russian annoy me. Especially since I have even been friended by someone whose journal is in a language I am not going to learn or bother to learn. >_>"

I do NOT tolerate spam. I do not require people to have to enter a captcha to comment on my journal, but do you really want me to do that to dissuade these spammers? DX ARRRGH! Banned and reported some as bots. Really now. I don't see the point of creating an account just to fill up my inbox with useless notifications.

2 more arrived in my inbox this morning. Both accounts have been reported for being so similar they have to be bots... if these people are, well, actual people, since some do have entries (albeit in Russian) just...I have to ask, WHY friend someone who can't read your language? >_>" Unless you just want to wait to see if I'll unconsciously friend you back so you can scour my entries for personal information, to which I say HELL NO, YOU MUST GO. Away with thee!

EDIT: All flames, spam, and bots will be fed to this bad boy here. Just a warning. >:)

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Crossposting this from Dreamwidth today because LJ's Rich Text thing refuses to come up completely, leaving me with only a text box and nothing else. >_>"

So. First off, let's start with the meme. Least favorite side character, eh? That has got to be Hina, hands down. *nods* First of all, we're never told how she got "super strength" and can lift everything from vending machines to giant boulders. And gosh darn it she was always getting in the way of our "bromance" in the series. And she served no purpose other than to mope over the "loss" of her brother nearly every time the camera focuses on her, all because some greedy bird monster has hijacked his comatose body. *rolls eyes* Yes, we know your big brother is not Mr. Meany McMeanPants, but why let that get to you? >_>"

Now, before I continue, Cakeboss would like to say a few words:

Anyway, today is going to be business as usual. Somehow all the snow melted last night, so I'm going to go see if it's okay for me to walk around in a bit, and then I'll continue to search for any means of employment. Tonight I look forward to more rping if that's possible, and unless I should wind up on an adventure searching for treasure I should have at least an outline, if not a couple of paragraphs, of my new smut fic done. It all depends on how fast my internet is, how quickly I can get things done, yadda yadda.
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 LJ is down again? I think it's probably a good time to bring back my Twilight facehoof icon as soon as it comes back, then. >.< For now, please go to my Dreamwidth for updates (if you can somehow get on LJ to see this, come to


Nov. 10th, 2011 03:49 pm
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 Tsk, tsk. LJ, not again! D: WHY YOU SO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! *sobs* Get your act together!

Having a Kabuto marathon as I said before. The series is getting tense! O_o Also going through book 38 of Animorphs right now, and well, it is amusing to see Ax in...*makes a heart with her hands* :D 

For those of you wondering how which pic I'm going to choose for tokusmut, well, I'm gonna use all of them! All of them! :D fumine, if you could slap them all together in collage form, that would be nice too. ^^;

Okay, back to reading now. I think LJ needs to be ignored for a bit until it learns its lesson. >_< Still very tempted to take a rubber hammer and whack it until it regains its senses though. It's not letting me. RESPOND. TO. MY. COMMENTS!!!! *rage*


Oct. 6th, 2011 03:03 pm
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Done with college applications...well, the online part, mostly. Now to send out the other stuff, like transcripts. But first...

*grumble grumble* LJ, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? *grumble grumble* Slowness will not be tolerated, here! 

Frank the Goat needs to be muzzled if he has been chewing the wires again, folks. >_>" Can you keep him from making mischief?

Also, the new season of GARO has me hooked. 8) I see the special effects are, as usual, generously splattered throughout the episode, and it's great to see new Horrors appear.Is this a spoiler or is this a spoiler? )

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*sigh* LJ, you really need to get your act together. First you take forever to load, and now you're down? =( I wanted to answer [personal profile] cestlavieminako 's comments! D:

Oh well, at least I can do other, more important things until LJ decides to cooperate. Thank goodness there's no chat today, huh, or how else would anyone know where the chat room will be, since not everyone on LJ has a dreamwidth account, or if they don't get my PM? :(

*grabs book* When in trouble, :)

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ARRGH, I can only get intermittent access to LJ right now. >_>" I knew it was broke.

I have a chat room open, by the way, feel free to stop on by and say hi, if it's not over yet:
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If LJ continues to give me delayed comment notifications, I seriously just might start emitting DoRinki myself. >_< I mean, seriously. My comment notifications are like, hours late...actually, they haven't come in my inbox at all. T.T It never got this bad before. >:\ Constantly refreshing the page can only be entertaining for a very short period of time.

On the other hand, this means that there will be a deluge of messages either tomorrow morning or late tonight, when all those delayed comment notifications FINALLY get in my inbox. O_o Oh, the horror. My inbox will be flooded! *preps boat and waits for the inevitable flood*

Bottom line is, LJ,'ve got issues. You make me want to kick you so bad...and I really wouldn't be surprised if I had to move permanently to Dreamwidth until you behave. You PMSing this week or something? Or did Discord play around with the site again?

No, maybe we should just dump this on Decade.

Tsukasa: I knew it! Nobody likes me! T_T My show ended a year ago and you're still blaming stuff that goes wrong on me?
Me: Dude, they didn't call you the Destroyer of Worlds for nothing. -_-
Tsukasa: It's a misnomer! A misnomer! I'm sure Frank the Goat is just chewing on the server wires again.
Me: Oh, I wish, I wish. If Frank was on the wires this site wouldn't be up. It's definitely just you.
Tsukasa: >_>" Yeah, sure, blame the Pink Ranger, I mean, Rider. Wait, no, I'm actually magenta. *nods* Now go away! Leave me alone!

Anyway, back to Gekiranger. *nods* Super Hero Time will make me happy.
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Blah, even after all this time it still seems to load slow on occasion. :S I'm so inclined to start posting on DW more... >_>"
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I'm currently setting up another account on Dreamwidth. You know, in case LJ goes kaput so I have some another blogging platform to work with. Expect it to be used only sparingly. I'll probably just use it to occasionally post some toku and MLP-related stuff, like random "Pic of the Day" type of stuff. LJ will continue being my main platform of blogging. (Here you go! Feel free to come check it out!) 
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I said, don't notify me via email anymore! Because you email me stuff that I've already written or other people have written to me that are already DAYS OLD! GAH! STOP acting weird! It's not funny anymore. Geez. I turned off notifications already, so I shouldn't be getting any more. Stop that, or I'll list you as spam. >:(

Wait...what's this, ANOTHER delayed notification? Darn you, LJ. Darn you. Stop it or I'll feed you to the Makamou. >:(

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Pictures I uploaded to my LJ earlier in the day would appear in an entry, only to disappear as if it had never been uploaded in the first place, forcing me to re-upload the images. Some unseen, invisible Yummy helping someone with the desire to erase people's pics must be at work. Somebody call Ankh and tell him to get Eiji over here to investigate. No, wait, somebody needs to go get the Narumi Detective Agency and call in Shotaro and Philip. I think it's worth checking out to see if a Eraser Dopant is on the loose. Philip, begin lookup! Keywords: pictures, vented, and eraser!


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