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So I finally received my very own copy of "My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria"! I ordered it off Amazon for the sweet deal of roughly US$16, which is much better than paying MSRP of $29.99. First off, this book comes in a lovely foil cover so it shimmers in the light, but it's kind of hard to tell unless you see it in person. The book itself is kind of thick and heavy at 216 pages. Pictured on the cover is alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle over a expanded map of Equestria that covers the geography explored in MLP seasons 1-5. This book looks as though it's meant for kids, but while there are many colorful illustrations inside and few captions on some of the pages, this book was made with the fandom in mind and includes interviews with Hasbro employees and the show's creator Lauren Faust, as well as selected fanart from the adult fans at the back of the book. (For closer details of every photo, right click--> view image)SWEET CELESTIA )

Overall, I really liked this book, and I recommend it to any MLP fan. For a moment I was worried this might be convention exclusive or available only in limited quantity, and I am glad that I was able to get a copy of this. Since most of the book is fraught with illustrations, it should make for quick reading, and Lauren Faust's interview has plenty of pictures of her original concept art, complete with notes, so you see how her vision for MLP developed initially. You also gain snippets of information not seen in other MLP books, and as Pinkie Pie would probably put it, this is the BEST ART BOOK EVER!
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So here I am, giving the morning report on Dreamwidth. On occasion I'll be able to get to the LJ homepage, or my profile, or my unsigned in journal page, but I can't log in right now. Boo! LJ, why you so crashing so much? Anyway, this is crossposted, so if you see this on LJ, well, I was too fed up to post on LJ directly. 

Another important meeting today, and then it's documentary marathon on Netflix time. Also got to finish that mini fic I was doing, and incorporate some elements of the MLP finale into it (c'mon, it's too awesome to not be written down and remembered for all eternity). That is, if I don't get "BBBFF" or "This Day Aria" stuck in my head!

Also today is going to be so awesome as I blow through the entire White Ranger debut in Dino Thunder and try to watch everything up to "Tutenhawken's Curse". If you guys thought Tommy as the White Ranger was pretty awesome, you ain't seen nothin'. ^^; With a quill feather pen for a weapon and a Zord that can reach top speed of Mach 20, I have to vote for the White Dino Ranger hands down when it comes to making him face off against other Rangers. >:) 

Right, off I go. Time is of the essence! I'll be back for chat.


Mar. 21st, 2012 01:18 pm
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Yes, Operation USPS Ninja Stake Out was a success! Luckily Mom came home just as the mailman pulled into the driveway, so he managed to hand my package from[ profile] cestlavieminakoto her directly...though she in turn gave it to me foaming at the mouth and going "Don't ever have friends send you stupid stuff again! Do you want them all to murder us in our beds, now that they know where we live?! >_<" Paranoid parents are paranoid. I know it's dangerous, I know! I'm always careful about who my information goes to. Very careful. It's another reason why I sign even petitions online with my online names too, and if they ask for my address, I just go "WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY?!" and run in the other direction.  Unless it's a job application, where I have to give employers some way of contacting me >_>".

But this package is awesome. Priority mail is supposed to take 2 to 3 days, and yet I got it in one. BOOYAH! >:)

URRRRRRRRRRGH! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRF!! HUFF PUFF... So...much...tape... XD Minako, you darn near mummified the poor box. :P

Anyway, it's nothing a utility knife or box cutter can't open....or a sword. XD Also, I see there's a envelope and card for me. AW. Thanks! ^_^

Want to see what was inside? Click below the cut for the goodies...and random hijinks.

*bursts into song* My Little Petey, My Little Petey... ah ah ah ah... )
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Ah, my first public post in days! Okay, here we go. :3

Woke up this morning way more sleepy than I should have considering I had 8 hours of sleep, and I don't know what went wrong. It seems like my body is way more fickle than it needs to be. Too little sleep and I feel like sleeping more, too much and I still feel like sleeping more. *headdesk* Maybe I am half snake or something and all it wants to do right now is to hibernate. I dunno, lol. 

Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day! Judging by the clouds overhead, Phil won't see his shadow, which means spring will be here soon. Hooray! Though, of course, Phil only has, according to experts, roughly 37% chance of being right. ^^; 

And, as a lovely Groundhog's Day present, Over-Time just came out with the RAW and the script for Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful Shogun and the 21 Core Medals movie. I see their RAW is over 1 GB...yikes! I'll wait for TV-Nihon's RAW instead. I have a lower definition RAW that I downloaded off of Rangerboard before the Megaupload shutdown and the subsequent closing of the multimedia thread to stop the FBI from noticing the site, but it still works with Over-Time's script, so I'll be using that for the time being. If you're interested in the movie, don't forget to samba over there and nab it while the links are still hot! I might be tempted to download the SD DDL later just so that I have a slightly better picture quality, as the RB RAW is just...ugh. It's not bad, but it's not good quality, either. 

Speaking of RB I'll never post in there again. The people there are so rude, especially the mods. >_< Once I posted to comment on how expensive toku merchandise were getting and just some wishful thinking, and I received a reply that basically said this: "You think stuff is too expensive and you complain your Rin Lion and Chameleon set burned your dad's wallet? Then stop leeching money off of him and get a job, idiot." *rolls eyes* Thank you for giving me that advice, jerk. Back then I was a full time student with class hours that took up a big chunk of the day and even at night, not to mention at that point I had heavy coursework, so I couldn't look for a job or have any possibility of keeping it. And that year I did have an internship which gave me some money, but my parents insisted I spend them on academic stuff, not toku merchandise. My debit card which I got during my internship was strictly to be used to buy textbooks and other school supplies, and my account was watched for any suspicious activity. So yep, no spending money on random stuff for me, except on my b-days and Christmas, when my parents begrudgingly allow me one toku-related item of my choice. (And this was around my birthday too, so I was really sad that year thanks to the flames I got from that forum.)

However, I did get this wallpaper from Rangerboard, and last night I ran my Desktop Ponies program and left it on while I read a book titled "History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments". Looked up about 10 minutes later just in time to cap this. I must say, Rainbow Dash, you picked a really nice place to sleep. xD And also Pinkie Pie would not stop bouncing on Ryu-Sei-Oh's head. It's like she likes him a lot or something. :P Only Derpy made sure to steer clear of the dragon...strange, because knowing Derpy, she would probably crash into him a lot if they were ever in the same universe together. :P 

*open in new window to enlarge* If any of you Power Rangers or Super Sentai fans want the wallpaper, let me know, and I'll post a link. I also have Dragonzord and Green Ranger (complete with candle) wallpapers for any MMPR fans out there. Never mind the Speed fan thing running...I just wanted to make sure my computer wasn't going to overheat with all those ponies running amok all over the place. 

Documentary pimping. For all your history nerd needs! )
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Aw, why can't I have pasta? T_T I do like vegetables and pasta in creamy cheese sauce. But it's for my sister's lunch tomorrow. *sigh* Knowing Mom, she will probably make me eat leftovers for lunch today. :S Without school to look forward to, I no longer get to eat such tasty stuff for lunch.

Oh well. If I have to I'll cook something up for myself, something that's not in the freezer, since most of them are for sis when she's at school. Maybe I'll just finish off the rest of the ramen still lying in random piles in the food closet. *nods* All that sodium can't be good for me, but whatever. Just eat it, don't think about it. Right, Pinkie? :D

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Ponification Phase 1: Change journal background, standing by...COMPLETE! XD

Oh the Grand Galloping Gala Sparky's journal is the best place for me...
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Yeah. Pinkie Pie is the only person who would find today's earthquake amusing. :P Just saying. But really, an earthquake is no laughing matter. When in doubt, know it's every pony for him or herself!
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Oh Shu... :3


Thanks nerefir. I was hoping someone would capture his "dorky"ness in gif format for all eternity. ;)

And oh, have something I found while google searching for random KR memes...

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It's a tad sparse here (I only have a few icons uploaded), but hey, we're up and running! This account is mainly going to be for fun (and emergencies, like when LJ goes down again for the bazillionth time due to those DDOS loving hackers)

A big thank you to [personal profile] cestlavieminako for inviting me to join this community. At least now there's an alternative to LJ in case those DDOS attackers come back (knowing them, they probably will).

To celebrate the opening of a new journal, have a Pinkie Pie wallpaper (remember to right click and view image!): 

Now, back to reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think I'll do this rather than worry about doing research about cochlear implants because let's face it, I've lived for 17 years with a hearing aid already, and I'm satisfied with what it has done for me and my remaining sense of hearing. Besides, I have no intention of looking like a female Borg out in public.
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Dad's going to give us McDonald's for lunch and since I'm not going with him, he's going to bring some nuggets. Luckily I didn't ask for much when he asked me what I would like to order. Can't be bothered to eat too much junk food or I'll be sick all over again.

FYI, my reaction to Dad going "Hey, anypony anyone want McDonald's? I've got coupons! 8D"

I mean, is it really wise to eat McDonald's food if you're still sick? :S

And Dr. Ankh (who, according to Minako eat lots of ice candy in addition to resting and drinking lots of water :P) does not approve either. xD

Now working on OOO 40 pic-spam. Should be up within the next 48 hours or your money back xD. This week's Pooony Weekly is a tad late thanks to my illness, but I don't plan on letting this cold slow me down.
Ankh would not approve of this either... )
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