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Ah, my first public post in days! Okay, here we go. :3

Woke up this morning way more sleepy than I should have considering I had 8 hours of sleep, and I don't know what went wrong. It seems like my body is way more fickle than it needs to be. Too little sleep and I feel like sleeping more, too much and I still feel like sleeping more. *headdesk* Maybe I am half snake or something and all it wants to do right now is to hibernate. I dunno, lol. 

Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day! Judging by the clouds overhead, Phil won't see his shadow, which means spring will be here soon. Hooray! Though, of course, Phil only has, according to experts, roughly 37% chance of being right. ^^; 

And, as a lovely Groundhog's Day present, Over-Time just came out with the RAW and the script for Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful Shogun and the 21 Core Medals movie. I see their RAW is over 1 GB...yikes! I'll wait for TV-Nihon's RAW instead. I have a lower definition RAW that I downloaded off of Rangerboard before the Megaupload shutdown and the subsequent closing of the multimedia thread to stop the FBI from noticing the site, but it still works with Over-Time's script, so I'll be using that for the time being. If you're interested in the movie, don't forget to samba over there and nab it while the links are still hot! I might be tempted to download the SD DDL later just so that I have a slightly better picture quality, as the RB RAW is just...ugh. It's not bad, but it's not good quality, either. 

Speaking of RB I'll never post in there again. The people there are so rude, especially the mods. >_< Once I posted to comment on how expensive toku merchandise were getting and just some wishful thinking, and I received a reply that basically said this: "You think stuff is too expensive and you complain your Rin Lion and Chameleon set burned your dad's wallet? Then stop leeching money off of him and get a job, idiot." *rolls eyes* Thank you for giving me that advice, jerk. Back then I was a full time student with class hours that took up a big chunk of the day and even at night, not to mention at that point I had heavy coursework, so I couldn't look for a job or have any possibility of keeping it. And that year I did have an internship which gave me some money, but my parents insisted I spend them on academic stuff, not toku merchandise. My debit card which I got during my internship was strictly to be used to buy textbooks and other school supplies, and my account was watched for any suspicious activity. So yep, no spending money on random stuff for me, except on my b-days and Christmas, when my parents begrudgingly allow me one toku-related item of my choice. (And this was around my birthday too, so I was really sad that year thanks to the flames I got from that forum.)

However, I did get this wallpaper from Rangerboard, and last night I ran my Desktop Ponies program and left it on while I read a book titled "History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments". Looked up about 10 minutes later just in time to cap this. I must say, Rainbow Dash, you picked a really nice place to sleep. xD And also Pinkie Pie would not stop bouncing on Ryu-Sei-Oh's head. It's like she likes him a lot or something. :P Only Derpy made sure to steer clear of the dragon...strange, because knowing Derpy, she would probably crash into him a lot if they were ever in the same universe together. :P 

*open in new window to enlarge* If any of you Power Rangers or Super Sentai fans want the wallpaper, let me know, and I'll post a link. I also have Dragonzord and Green Ranger (complete with candle) wallpapers for any MMPR fans out there. Never mind the Speed fan thing running...I just wanted to make sure my computer wasn't going to overheat with all those ponies running amok all over the place. 

Documentary pimping. For all your history nerd needs! )
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Why, my favorite video game is Okami, so of course my favorite video game character that I would like to be friends with in real life is Okami Amaterasu! Together we could embark on a quest to make everyone and everything happy, by feeding the animals, helping people with their laundry (ha ha, yes, yes), and defeating any Oni that stood in our way. :D And along the way I'd learn everything there is to possibly learn from her little "bug" of a friend, Issun. :P 

This is a pretty good game for the PS2, by the way. Comparable to Zelda in terms of epicness, and just as long (I think it took me about 45 hours total to finish the game the first time around). It's very under-appreciated because it didn't sell very well initially, but you can find it on Amazon for a good price still for both the PS2 and Wii (the versions are identical in game-play, only the Wii looks more like a watercolor world now instead of a Japanese brush painting because the colors are brighter). Highly recommended! ^_^ 


Let's Ride! )
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Crossposting this from Dreamwidth today because LJ's Rich Text thing refuses to come up completely, leaving me with only a text box and nothing else. >_>"

So. First off, let's start with the meme. Least favorite side character, eh? That has got to be Hina, hands down. *nods* First of all, we're never told how she got "super strength" and can lift everything from vending machines to giant boulders. And gosh darn it she was always getting in the way of our "bromance" in the series. And she served no purpose other than to mope over the "loss" of her brother nearly every time the camera focuses on her, all because some greedy bird monster has hijacked his comatose body. *rolls eyes* Yes, we know your big brother is not Mr. Meany McMeanPants, but why let that get to you? >_>"

Now, before I continue, Cakeboss would like to say a few words:

Anyway, today is going to be business as usual. Somehow all the snow melted last night, so I'm going to go see if it's okay for me to walk around in a bit, and then I'll continue to search for any means of employment. Tonight I look forward to more rping if that's possible, and unless I should wind up on an adventure searching for treasure I should have at least an outline, if not a couple of paragraphs, of my new smut fic done. It all depends on how fast my internet is, how quickly I can get things done, yadda yadda.
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Well, this didn't take me this long to assemble. ^_^ It was much like Gunpla, only so much simpler, due to the fact that there were only so many sprues to work with. No painting required, either, it is very anime-accurate. The only annoyance I had was with the eye stickers (which, thankfully, weren't so tiny you really need tweezers to hold on to them or risk spending hours searching for them (There was actually 2 copies of the sticker sheet in the box, in case you messed up...good thinking, Bandai! Why didn't you do this for Epyon?! >_<). And I laughed when the instructions told me to put on the tongue and mouth stickers. Really? Lugia needs stickers to eat and look bad-ass? :P 

Articulation wise, its legs and feet can rotate 360 (the thighs are of course hindered by the spines on the back and its wings), and when you move Lugia's head up and down its wings "flap" up and down too (all thanks to a little screw mechanism in its body). It's tail can also rotate around if you want to emulate it flying overhead, rather than in this "attack mode." And of course the mouth opens and closes, though it doesn't close all the way thanks to the way it's designed. It also comes with a stand (which resembles a Pokeball) which doesn't show up too well in the pic because it's clear plastic, and the lighting isn't too good. It really doesn't need a stand as it stands just fine, but it's nice to see it included just so that Lugia isn't falling over due to it being a tad top heavy and kinda wobbly on its own two feet. 

Overall, I give this kit a 5 out of 5 for show-accuracy, easy assembly, and good (and not entirely useless) gimmick. It would have been better with an effect part to simulate it attacking with Aeroblast or something, but meh. I'll put it in this "attack mode" next to Epyon for the LOLZ...Gundam vs. legendary Pokemon, who will win? XD

Right, okay, off to the shower now. My interview is over so I can relax now. ;D It went well. ^_^ 

Yummy! XD

Sep. 12th, 2011 11:56 am
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Someone on Rangerboard photoshopped this Lunchables package. It looks so real, I'm almost tempted to run over to the nearest Shoprite and see if it's in stores. xD

Dang it, now I'm hungry. :\


Aug. 5th, 2011 12:43 pm
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I believe this pic too epic for LJ. Hence, see it here, only on DW! (Okay, fine, >_>" Don't blame me if the epicness factor is raised by 1000 just because you saw this)

Feel free to nab for your personal use, I found it using Google-Fu. It can be enlarged. Now, my GARO movie is almost loaded. The time to watch it has finally come!

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So cute! :3 Just thought I'd get this up because I have a few errands to run this afternoon and probably won't come back to check LJ and DW until evening.

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I just found this on pixiv. Credit goes to トミヨミ@受験生. View image by itself for full size.

Who will give me wings, ere my soul will surely die.
Who will give me wings, wings that I may fly...?
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Okay, just spent about 40 minutes playing Okamiden before the Nintendo DS screamed "Recharge me! Or you'll kill me!" XD I feel so much happier now. ^_^ *hugs Date and gets Scanning Charged and or Giga Scanned by other, still angry fan-girls who may have yet to forgive him for going over to the dark side* Chibiterasu is soooo cute. :333333

But so are pandas, and let's not forget my little birdie.. :3 Thanks (again) for letting me use your icon, [ profile] rossanav6 ! It'll bring a smile to my face for days to come. :)
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There really is a Unicorn Yummy! [ profile] nerefir , thanks for posting it up on HJU! OMG...someone help me...I think I am going to faint... *collapses from flailing in fangirl mode too long*

Speaking of unicorns, has anyone else seen The Last Unicorn? I have it on DVD. It's a good movie. ^^;

Always I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony oh love! x3 )
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>_>" Yeah, this is what happens when you leave your shimejis license to go run around while you're away.
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I've never been kissed. I've had a boyfriend and we danced multiple times during school dances until he moved away, but now I kind of miss these old times... :(

But I take solace in that I can look at other people in love...but at the same time, I'm kind of jealous is so dull without a partner to share it with... *sigh*

Here's Shu kissing a girl in Geki Koi... *is jealous* T_T

Geki Koi episode 2 pic-spam coming soon...hopefully it'll be up tomorrow...I just have to find the time to do it.

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DIAF. NOT FUNNY, OKAY?! >_______<

FINAL VENT!!! DIE, all those who would seek to mess with LJ! >:(

Ankh: Tch! You raging at LJ all morning meant I couldn't get any ice candy.

Me: And I'm studying for my quiz right now so I can't really hop over to the fridge to get some for ya. Live with it. Have some choice words to say to LJ while you're at it?

Ankh: No duh. Stop screwing around with [ profile] sparkywolf  so she can get me my damn ice candy instead of shaking her fist at you even when studying! >___<

Me: And everyone else. This is a problem for a lot of people, not just me.

Ankh: That too! >:( Give me ice candy. NOW.

Me: >_>" Um....I'm studying, remember? Go bother Eiji instead or something.

Ankh: He's napping. >___<

Me: Too bad.

Ankh: TCH! 

EDIT: LJ'S BACK UP!! WHOOT! Here Ankh, have some ice candy. I'm not so mad now.

Ankh: FINALLY! *chomps on offered treat*

Me: ^_^;
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This is what happens when your shimejis run wild. XD HOLY CRAP. o_O

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There are a lot of ways to donate money to Japan to help with the relief efforts, but I would especially like to point out one place where money can be donated, and you won't have to worry about whether or not unscrupulous individuals will pocket the money for themselves, because this was made by other toku fans like myself and started by CSToys, a reputable online toy store that operates from out of Japan. (I haven't shopped there myself, but I swear I will in the near future).

Be a superhero. Help Japan. Donate anything, from a buck to a couple hundred bucks. Any amount will do. Show your support. You have until April 9 to donate. If for some reason you're broke, like me, feel free to help spread the link around.

Chip in here at (Let us all work together to help out in any way we can!)

picture credit goes to [ profile] nerefir , who in turn found it on 2ch.
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Everyone, let us try to think positive, even in times when we feel depressed or sad. Because life will go on, no matter what. For example, the Japan earthquake and tsunami took many lives, and for that my heart goes out to those who have lost friends and family members, but for the survivors, and those of us concerned about them, we must still think of happier thoughts, of days when there was no misery or suffering. And we need to imagine a brighter future.

So smile! What has passed has passed. Cheer up, everyone! If you have a bad day, or are just stressed or feeling blue, try and see the bright side of things.

The above gif was requested and taken with permission from[ profile] rossanav6 . Thank you so much for this lovely gif of Ryo-kun! He's so sweet as Kane! <3

Ganbare, everyone! :)
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Everyone, please pray for the well-being of people who have been affected by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake (and subsequent tsunami), which occurred, according to CNN, at 2:46 PM Japan time and brought widespread destruction to the area. I hope everyone is okay and my heart goes out to those who have lost family or friends in this disaster.

ALSO!! Those of you who were expecting the next airing of Super Hero Time this weekend may or may not know that Kamen Rider OOO and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is pre-empted as a result of this unexpected event. At this time it is not known when these episodes will air next.

I hope that the cast and crew of these shows are okay, as are their families and friends. Ryou-chan, I saw your blog pic. It's good to see you and your fellow cast members are all right, but you all look so sad! :( Hope you all cheer up soon!

Unfortunately as of this posting, Shu Watanabe hasn't yet updated his blog to let us know he's okay. Please be all right, Shu!!! I know Ryou-chan said that everyone's all right, but I want to hear from you. :(

EDIT: Riho Takada has updated her blog to say that she's okay. Thank goodness! 
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Credit goes to あかり for this cute picture of (human) Kazari. People on Pixiv just seem to be unable to resist drawing cats...and Kazari, being a cat Greeed, is apparently no exception. Even if he's an awesome KR Strike XD! (Sorry Kit, but I liked Ouja, so I like Strike too. To me, you'll always be second best :P)

Look at them! Aren't these kitties adorable?? <3


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AWW!!! Thank you, ナガイチ, for this adorable picture!!! Hats off to you lovely artists on Pixiv, most of you are so talented!

LOL at Dr. Maki freaking out with his doll. He doesn't like other people touching it, apparently. xD

Pity there's a rumor going around that Date has a fatal disease and could die in a few episodes. He may be somewhat of a jerk because he doesn't know why Eiji and Ankh need Cell Medals, since he probably assumes that because they fight with Cores they don't need Cells, (I don't think Kougami gave him the "They owe me 60% so stop hogging all their Cells" deal memo.) but he's such a funny, lovable jerk. I will miss him if he does die though (But Toei, please don't kill him off). ;_;

5 more hours till the next episode airs! Hopefully I'll be able to watch OOO live today! ^_^

Oh, and there's also these pics I found off of Shu and Ryo-kun's blogs. They're all so adorable (秀,你好可爱啊!) (and in Ryosuke's case, handsome 涼介你怎么长得这么帅?! 我真佩服你啊!)

On to the pics! LOL at Ryo-kun going all crazy next to his mom. ^o^

I feel pretty )


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