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Aw, why can't I have pasta? T_T I do like vegetables and pasta in creamy cheese sauce. But it's for my sister's lunch tomorrow. *sigh* Knowing Mom, she will probably make me eat leftovers for lunch today. :S Without school to look forward to, I no longer get to eat such tasty stuff for lunch.

Oh well. If I have to I'll cook something up for myself, something that's not in the freezer, since most of them are for sis when she's at school. Maybe I'll just finish off the rest of the ramen still lying in random piles in the food closet. *nods* All that sodium can't be good for me, but whatever. Just eat it, don't think about it. Right, Pinkie? :D

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Yeah. Pinkie Pie is the only person who would find today's earthquake amusing. :P Just saying. But really, an earthquake is no laughing matter. When in doubt, know it's every pony for him or herself!
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It's a tad sparse here (I only have a few icons uploaded), but hey, we're up and running! This account is mainly going to be for fun (and emergencies, like when LJ goes down again for the bazillionth time due to those DDOS loving hackers)

A big thank you to [personal profile] cestlavieminako for inviting me to join this community. At least now there's an alternative to LJ in case those DDOS attackers come back (knowing them, they probably will).

To celebrate the opening of a new journal, have a Pinkie Pie wallpaper (remember to right click and view image!): 

Now, back to reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think I'll do this rather than worry about doing research about cochlear implants because let's face it, I've lived for 17 years with a hearing aid already, and I'm satisfied with what it has done for me and my remaining sense of hearing. Besides, I have no intention of looking like a female Borg out in public.
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