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Humongous pics alert! Humongous pics alert!

They would be even bigger, had I not downsized them... ^_^; )

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So cute! :3 Just thought I'd get this up because I have a few errands to run this afternoon and probably won't come back to check LJ and DW until evening.

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I just found this on pixiv. Credit goes to トミヨミ@受験生. View image by itself for full size.

Who will give me wings, ere my soul will surely die.
Who will give me wings, wings that I may fly...?
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Just found his translated blog entry on HJU, and figured I would share it with the world. :D  Because it's cool. And cute. And fun to read. :3

“Hey, what’s going to happen?”
“Hey, what’s going to happen to Date?”
“Why did he betray them?!”
“Is he going to die?!”
“Hey hey heeey!”
…My Sunday afternoon was eaten up by a storm of questions from my friend’s half-crying son.
“Well, calm down, calm down,” we told him.
I can only say one thing….
Next week…something’s going to happen.  Don’t cry, baby!
After all, your smiles are the source of my power.
I’m not drunk, just a little dumb.  ;)
Cut it out, you…
Anyhow, please watch it.
With that, while I’m still feeling thankful today, suddenly….!

I got Shorty Ankh. ☆
(That’s probably not his official name.)
Hikari’s a reeeeeeeeeeally good kid!
Watching the way he acts on the set, I can’t help but think he actually acts more grown-up than I do.  :)
…I’m 31 years old.
We can do it!
Smiling all the while.

Wasn't the entry cute? I love it. :3 Now, off to do my GRE...with a big smile on my face. :D

EDIT: And have some of his new product, found only @ stores on pixiv. :3

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AWW!!! Thank you, ナガイチ, for this adorable picture!!! Hats off to you lovely artists on Pixiv, most of you are so talented!

LOL at Dr. Maki freaking out with his doll. He doesn't like other people touching it, apparently. xD

Pity there's a rumor going around that Date has a fatal disease and could die in a few episodes. He may be somewhat of a jerk because he doesn't know why Eiji and Ankh need Cell Medals, since he probably assumes that because they fight with Cores they don't need Cells, (I don't think Kougami gave him the "They owe me 60% so stop hogging all their Cells" deal memo.) but he's such a funny, lovable jerk. I will miss him if he does die though (But Toei, please don't kill him off). ;_;

5 more hours till the next episode airs! Hopefully I'll be able to watch OOO live today! ^_^

Oh, and there's also these pics I found off of Shu and Ryo-kun's blogs. They're all so adorable (秀,你好可爱啊!) (and in Ryosuke's case, handsome 涼介你怎么长得这么帅?! 我真佩服你啊!)

On to the pics! LOL at Ryo-kun going all crazy next to his mom. ^o^

I feel pretty )


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