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Oh Shu... :3


Thanks nerefir. I was hoping someone would capture his "dorky"ness in gif format for all eternity. ;)

And oh, have something I found while google searching for random KR memes...

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The first person to realize that Start buttons could be changed in Windows 7 deserves to be praised. And whoever thought up the idea of changing the start orbs to Medals...BRILLIANT! SUBARASHI!

I have PutoTyra Medals to serve as the start button orbs for now...but who's to say I won't change it within an hour of this posting? It's shows Ptera if you're not hovering over the Start orb, Tricera if your mouse is over it, and Tyranno when you actually click it. SHWEET. xD

EDIT: Changed them. Because I just wanted to show sis Tajador when she gets back tomorrow...and because it's the only Combo I cannot help but sing out its name every time it appears, and it looks cool because my log-on/off icon is a pic of the Taka Medal. xD I figured it'd be more appropriate.

You can find the Medal pics for changing your own Windows 7 start orb in [ profile] kamenrider (to be specific, this public entry: and the Windows 7 start orb changer here:

Now, back to work on the Pooony Weekly!
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Dad's going to give us McDonald's for lunch and since I'm not going with him, he's going to bring some nuggets. Luckily I didn't ask for much when he asked me what I would like to order. Can't be bothered to eat too much junk food or I'll be sick all over again.

FYI, my reaction to Dad going "Hey, anypony anyone want McDonald's? I've got coupons! 8D"

I mean, is it really wise to eat McDonald's food if you're still sick? :S

And Dr. Ankh (who, according to Minako eat lots of ice candy in addition to resting and drinking lots of water :P) does not approve either. xD

Now working on OOO 40 pic-spam. Should be up within the next 48 hours or your money back xD. This week's Pooony Weekly is a tad late thanks to my illness, but I don't plan on letting this cold slow me down.
Ankh would not approve of this either... )


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