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Look at all these lovely ikemen smile, courtesy of scans done by [ profile] pali_mari ! ~_^

Cute kitty is cute. :D I guess Uva doesn't mind cats if they're not trying to kill him half the time. xD

You can find more happiness below the cut. :)
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Mar. 8th, 2011 08:56 pm
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Watching Shinkenger. Couldn't help but feel my heart melt when I saw this scene in Episode 32.

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First off, i love Okami. I love it so much, I've beaten the game three times (well, the story anyway, I have yet to obtain all the stray beads. Devil Gate trials are NOT fun. As is the racing mini-games, especially with Hayate. Oh, and Kai has yet to be beaten either. I hate Kamui with a vengeance. Ice everywhere! And don't get me started on the crazy Marlin that you have to catch if you want the Whirlwind brush technique. Now I'm racing Tobi for the fourth time, and as usual, hating it. The moving spiked wheels in Oni Island are a TERROR to get through. UGH. X.X). I love the Celestial Brush gimmick and enjoy making fun of Issun every time he swoons over some pretty lady (in fact my comments are so LOL worthy (according to my sister), they would make a very entertaining Let's Play series on Youtube, only I don't have the ability nor the equipment, or the patience to record, edit, and upload videos).

Anyway, it's really awesome to listen to music from Okami while doing work (in fact, I'm finishing up my midterm essay now, and I'm listening to the Dragon Palace music). It's so relaxing, I want to fall asleep right now, but thankfully there's iced tea (and caffeine) to keep me awake until I finish writing this...this...DUMB political essay on the influences of the US Constitution (Why did I ever take this course? It's so uninteresting! WAH!! T_T)

I hate this course. They say it's a History course but it turned out to be more political science-y than I thought. Oh well, seeing James Madison wearing a TCNJ sweatshirt in a Powerpoint slide in class yesterday was fun. At least my professor has a sense of humor, so I think I'll survive the year after all. >_>

Now, to finish that essay. I really want to get back to marathoning Shinkenger. I have yet to even see Gokaiger subbed thanks to my busy schedule, so I don't have time to put up more pictures of Captain Marvelous. Why, professors, WHY?!! Why must you torture me? >o<

Oh crap, the book I'm using as a source for my essay just dropped onto the floor, and now I have to find the page I'm pulling a quote from again. Fail, self, fail. I like to think I have more bad luck than Ryotaro sometimes. T_T
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Can't get enough of hot Japanese guys? Then come on over for another dose of cute/hot/drool-worthy Japanese actor goodness! Again, scan credits go to [ profile] pali_mari . Other pics from random Google Image searches. Shinkenger's leader and lord, Shinken-Red, Shiba Takeru-sama, has arrived!

WHAT THE HECK?!! >o< Shu, will you stop finding your way into (nearly) every little post I make! Geez! T_T I like you, but now's not the time! You'll get your own Pic-Spam thread later, okay?

Anyway, on to the actual dude featured in today's Japanese Boy of the Day, and his inseparable pals/comrades/retainers/whatever you would like to call them.

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