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Dad's going to give us McDonald's for lunch and since I'm not going with him, he's going to bring some nuggets. Luckily I didn't ask for much when he asked me what I would like to order. Can't be bothered to eat too much junk food or I'll be sick all over again.

FYI, my reaction to Dad going "Hey, anypony anyone want McDonald's? I've got coupons! 8D"

I mean, is it really wise to eat McDonald's food if you're still sick? :S

And Dr. Ankh (who, according to Minako eat lots of ice candy in addition to resting and drinking lots of water :P) does not approve either. xD

Now working on OOO 40 pic-spam. Should be up within the next 48 hours or your money back xD. This week's Pooony Weekly is a tad late thanks to my illness, but I don't plan on letting this cold slow me down.
Ankh would not approve of this either... )
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 Livejournal I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I touched nothing, I swear. I was just typing in what I'm listening to right now, and you go back a page, erasing my post? WTH?! You really really piss me off now! Your restore function is a joke! You hear me, a joke! >_< It does nothing! Absolutely positively nothing! >_< I spent another 2 hours putting this thing together after you did it the first time and you went back a page on me AGAIN?! Do you hate me that much, LJ?! It's my birthday! You're supposed to make me happy! >o<

On a happier note, SHFiguarts Tatoba is on its way to me. It should get here by Friday. UPS is slow, but it's reliable, at least for me. Now I just have to be patient as Eiji takes a scenic tour of the US before showing up on my front door.

Also tonight at 9 PM I'm planning on opening up a live chat that will last until we're all too tired to talk about stuff, so if anyone's interested, swing by to see me update my journal with a link to a chat room I'll set up so you can come and talk to me in real time and say "happy birthday". Be prepared for some insanity, some inevitable fangirling, and a few awkward moments in which[ profile] cestlavieminako  unleashes her pervy side. xD But don't be afraid of us fangirls, we're rabid but nice fangirls. And don't feel obligated to stay the whole time. ^^ Just popping in to say hello will suffice. ^_^;

Anyway, without further ado, let's re-upload this pic-spam (for the 3rd time) >:( I swear I touched nothing. If you delete this post again, LJ, I will come after you with torches and pitchforks dipped in hot sauce. >_<

So. In this episode, Zeus descends from Mt. Olympus, we meet evil Barney, sit back as the Goa'uld take over our hero after coming through an off-screen Stargate, and see just how far the power of love can take us.

Happy Birthday to the Purple Greeed! )
And yay, it's my birthday now! Whoot!

EDIT: OMG, just went and discovered that my monthly visitor is back! >_< ...Oh god, do not want! Monthly visitor means pain, and pain means...not so subarashi things. T_T Bad birthday present! Bad! >o<
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I said, don't notify me via email anymore! Because you email me stuff that I've already written or other people have written to me that are already DAYS OLD! GAH! STOP acting weird! It's not funny anymore. Geez. I turned off notifications already, so I shouldn't be getting any more. Stop that, or I'll list you as spam. >:(

Wait...what's this, ANOTHER delayed notification? Darn you, LJ. Darn you. Stop it or I'll feed you to the Makamou. >:(

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First off, i love Okami. I love it so much, I've beaten the game three times (well, the story anyway, I have yet to obtain all the stray beads. Devil Gate trials are NOT fun. As is the racing mini-games, especially with Hayate. Oh, and Kai has yet to be beaten either. I hate Kamui with a vengeance. Ice everywhere! And don't get me started on the crazy Marlin that you have to catch if you want the Whirlwind brush technique. Now I'm racing Tobi for the fourth time, and as usual, hating it. The moving spiked wheels in Oni Island are a TERROR to get through. UGH. X.X). I love the Celestial Brush gimmick and enjoy making fun of Issun every time he swoons over some pretty lady (in fact my comments are so LOL worthy (according to my sister), they would make a very entertaining Let's Play series on Youtube, only I don't have the ability nor the equipment, or the patience to record, edit, and upload videos).

Anyway, it's really awesome to listen to music from Okami while doing work (in fact, I'm finishing up my midterm essay now, and I'm listening to the Dragon Palace music). It's so relaxing, I want to fall asleep right now, but thankfully there's iced tea (and caffeine) to keep me awake until I finish writing this...this...DUMB political essay on the influences of the US Constitution (Why did I ever take this course? It's so uninteresting! WAH!! T_T)

I hate this course. They say it's a History course but it turned out to be more political science-y than I thought. Oh well, seeing James Madison wearing a TCNJ sweatshirt in a Powerpoint slide in class yesterday was fun. At least my professor has a sense of humor, so I think I'll survive the year after all. >_>

Now, to finish that essay. I really want to get back to marathoning Shinkenger. I have yet to even see Gokaiger subbed thanks to my busy schedule, so I don't have time to put up more pictures of Captain Marvelous. Why, professors, WHY?!! Why must you torture me? >o<

Oh crap, the book I'm using as a source for my essay just dropped onto the floor, and now I have to find the page I'm pulling a quote from again. Fail, self, fail. I like to think I have more bad luck than Ryotaro sometimes. T_T
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Oh winter, how I want you to go away now. Evening classes suck when you have to walk back to your dorm in a snowstorm in the dark (especially when you know one or more streetlights is broken). At least I have OOO 23 and Gokaiger 2 (thanks Over-Time for putting subs for these shows so quickly!) to look forward to when I get back from class tonight.

Got to find some time to relax before the mid-term essay is due next week, after all.

Can't wait till spring finally arrives so I can make it a cake a la Kougami style. THAT would be an event worth labeling subarashi for. Sick of snow by now...after graduation I should consider moving down South... >_>


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