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Look at all these lovely ikemen smile, courtesy of scans done by [ profile] pali_mari ! ~_^

Cute kitty is cute. :D I guess Uva doesn't mind cats if they're not trying to kill him half the time. xD

You can find more happiness below the cut. :)
Happy happy deliriously happy )
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Those wondering when episodes of OOO will air next, wonder no more! TV Asahi's website lists OOO resuming its normal airing at 8 AM Japan time next Sunday (Saturday at 7 PM EST for those of us in the US). Gokaiger will also air during its normal timeslot

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in Japan. I am glad for those who are safe, and hope for the best concerning the situation with the nuclear power plant. Let us all hope the situation doesn't get worse.
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Everyone, please pray for the well-being of people who have been affected by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake (and subsequent tsunami), which occurred, according to CNN, at 2:46 PM Japan time and brought widespread destruction to the area. I hope everyone is okay and my heart goes out to those who have lost family or friends in this disaster.

ALSO!! Those of you who were expecting the next airing of Super Hero Time this weekend may or may not know that Kamen Rider OOO and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is pre-empted as a result of this unexpected event. At this time it is not known when these episodes will air next.

I hope that the cast and crew of these shows are okay, as are their families and friends. Ryou-chan, I saw your blog pic. It's good to see you and your fellow cast members are all right, but you all look so sad! :( Hope you all cheer up soon!

Unfortunately as of this posting, Shu Watanabe hasn't yet updated his blog to let us know he's okay. Please be all right, Shu!!! I know Ryou-chan said that everyone's all right, but I want to hear from you. :(

EDIT: Riho Takada has updated her blog to say that she's okay. Thank goodness! 


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