Dec. 5th, 2016 02:13 pm
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On the first day of December, my mailman gave to me, one gold dinosaur in a pear tree.

Ok, so pteranodons aren't technically dinosaurs, but this great deal I snagged off Ebay finally arrived and I couldn't wait to show him off. He just looks so gorgeous, even though, being shipped to me in about 8 pieces meant I had to do some crazy assembling-sans instructions- in order to put him back together. I was very temtped to ask if I had been shipped not a toy robot but some weird dinosaur 3D puzzle. I was also tempted to rename him from Gordon (as he is called PteraGordon in the show) to Humpty Dumpty, as seller warned me his arms drop off with a poke and stay on only if left undisturbed on a shelf.
CAW?! )

Overall, Gordon, the newest golden boy to my collection, is a very nice looking addition to my growing animal robot zoo and, shelf space issues I have aside, I am pleased to have brought him for the same price as the US version (which is pricey for a smaller, scaled down Megazord having less features, no electronics, and missing paint applications.) Pity he's not Gordon Ramsey and can actually COOK me something... I'm hungry now and I missed lunch. D: I'm going to go eat before I collapse from hunger.
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But I'm ok now in the sense that my nose is recovering. Still coughing on occasion (thanks a lot, dusty room), but fear not, friends, I should be perfectly fine by the time orientation for my summer school starts. On the plus side, my friend from grad school came to visit yesterday, and we had so much fun! Managed to catch Finding Dory in theaters, then hit up Target and brought movie merchandise (and school supplies -- she's a speech therapist, so she's naturally always looking for things to use for her kids). Came back, talked a bit, and then I launched into messing around with the present she got me for my birthday but couldn't deliver it until we met in person, while she whipped out her phone and the Digi-Bird I gave her and made it sing "This Old Man" and a few other tunes. And I'm telling you, that thing is INSANE.

Gao Falcon is a massive beast of epic wing proportions. It is by far one of the largest toys in the Power Rangers Wild Force toyline, larger than even the Alligator I reviewed a while back. The box boasts that the Falcon Zord has a 530mm wingspan, and do you know how that translates to inches? 20.8. Yeah, I'm gonna need a bigger shelf.

Here he is out of the box. As you can probably tell, his wings had to be assembled, hence the break along the middle where that red nub juts out. Otherwise he wouldn't fit in the box! Being a Korean release, it was really. REALLY. HARD to pose him, as the rachet joints in his legs were replaced by friction joints and don't lock in place, so he almost always wanted to topple over since the wings make him top heavy. However, posed right, he makes a majestic animal. In the show he would burst out of a volcano like a fiery phoenix when summoned, and dwarfs all the other animals that combine with him. ALL OF THEM.
This is one BIG BIRB )

Gao Falcon is a fantastic addition to my collection. The sheer size of it destroys me though, because I was so not expecting it to be so large! I mean, I knew it was large, but until I saw it in person I didn't know it was, you know, THAT BIG. I'm definitely gonna need a bigger shelf soon. ^^
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I think I might have a job opportunity, as my parents have been asking around and someone wants to talk to me tomorrow regarding a simple office job. I cringe at the thought of them telling me to man the front desk and phone but I will listen to what the prospective employer has to say and hope for the best. I mean, while I've filled out forms for Social Security disability benefits, I want to earn my own money, not wait for potential government handouts. Though phone work...augh. It's gonna potentially lead to tiring nights from listening to people all day without being able to lipread for the most part. Not to mention the clients will mostly be speaking Chinese as it is a Chinese owned business. I have hard enough time with English speakers! But hey, a job is a job, and I figure if I fail at listening I could always sign "I AM DEAF" and thrust the phone at a co-worker dramatically. I mean, I won't be lying when I do that. (And having been studing ASL I do know how to sign the above, now).

In the *ahem* toy department, my (very) belated Christmas present arrived, thanks to [ profile] chef_andy. Better late than never I always say, and I also should thank rexielexie @ Tumblr for buying this. Introducing "Zippy"... HEY, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF MY SISTER'S GUM CONTAINER!

(You may notice a stark difference in color between the above pic and the pics below the cut. My camera made use of available light to make Zakutor look light green, but in person he is more dark green and is more like the pic above. So forgive the color differences.)
Chompachomp! )
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Late Christmas present is late. Well, it's not mine, but hey, review time nonetheless! >:) Here's some shots of the box.

Pretty Angry Birdy pics below the cut )

So yeah. That's Ho-oh. Bonus points for the inclusion of a stand, and for looking pretty. Now Sis wants her Christmas gift back back, so off I go to return it now. ^^;
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Yeah, I opened my present early. I just feel like not doing anything else today except to swoon and hug my new present. XD Introducing, Mister Big Drill Butt. More under the cut, because I am the queen of pic-spams and enjoy taking pictures from all angles. The mecha is a bit spoilery for season 2 of the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce (Super Megaforce I hear it is to be called. Saban, stop adding SUPER to everything, it does NOT compute and looks silly. Same with lightning bolts on your merchandise. Overkill much? :P You're not Zeus, good sir.)

This toy comes from the Japanese series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, a Super Sentai series soon to be adapted for the Power Rangers franchise. It's about a bunch of space pirates with the powers of past Super Sentai members who come to Earth searching for the greatest treasure in the universe, only to find themselves having to fight off an army of evil space villains called the Zangyack bent on universal domination. The pirates have bounties on their heads, and as they fight off Zangyack, they're soon joined by a Super Sentai fanboy named Gai Ikari, who becomes Gokai Silver after being visited by previous Senshi and given the ability to transform into six and extra Rangers not part of the main team. He is also given his own Zord, a dinosaur themed mecha known as Gojyujin. It is this Gojyujin that we'll be looking at today in this pic-spam. Enjoy!

NOTE: All pics below the cut are resized, but can be zoomed in if viewed separately in a new window for closeups of details.

Welcome to Jurassic Park )
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Let me make one thing clear as I was defriended today just because I said I was against weed. (If that defriended person is reading this, please read the following and hopefully this will help? I dunno. Your call.)

For the record, yes, I am against illegal drugs and stuff. NO, I will not threaten to hurt you or leave you threatening messages if you smoke/drink alcohol whatever. Let it be said that my roommate constantly chugs down wine like there's no tomorrow, but do I go into the fridge and smash up all her beer and wine bottles? Absolutely NOT. If I don't hurt my roommate despite her "bad habits" (in my opinion only), I will not hurt you for doing it. I'm against it in the sense that you cannot make me do drugs/drink wine or beer/inject myself with illegal substances, but I have no beef with anyone doing stuff like this, unless they go crazy and my life is in danger because of it. (Should my roommate ever go onto drunken rages due to an alcohol overdose, or I dunno, does something bad when drunk, or pass out, I'll summon help as I don't want to see anyone getting hurt.)

So that's that, I hope it is now clear what my policy is for anyone who may not have admitted they do these things on Livejournal. Don't worry, I will not defriend you, and you should not do the same to me, because like I said, what you do is your business, not mine, and I won't be judging you for it. Just know that I am against it, but really only in the sense that you cannot make me do these things, and mostly because I am sensitive to smoke, so I tend to speak out against it upon exposure to secondhand smoke.

Are we clear? No hard feelings? If any of this offends anyone, please, please, please let me know, and I'll do my best to calm your fears/address concerns before people go on trigger happy defriending sprees over misunderstandings. This is public because I want people to know my stance on things before they add me in the future or whatever.


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