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No rain scheduled for today, I don't think! WHOOT! I was getting sick of the whole "Ha ha, sorry to rain on your parade" thing that kept happening as I tried to walk. It was so nice to see the sun out, and I had fun occasionally glancing up at the sky and seeing what kind of shapes the clouds were making today. (It's a favorite childhood activity that I never grew out of. Why? Because it's fun to let your imagination go wild.) 

Finally going to see those Hyper Battle Videos TV-Nihon put out a few days ago. Finally, a direct download link appeared! Sparky threw a Pokeball! The Direct Download Link was caught! XD I thought I would have to torrent it for a moment there, and I hate torrents. Not to mention they're illegal, really, and my ISP doesn't seem to like it if I even go on a torrent site, because my internet connection will get disconnected if I do. So ye-ah, I usually lurk around KRDL, hoping that someone would put it up for us who are allergic to or can't torrent. And they did. Hooray! But that shall have to wait until this here episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I mean, Zyuranger, gets loaded so you can finally have a picspam of that by tomorrow (boy, I sure miss doing the OOO ones. Yes, I remember the good old days when I used to throw up pic-spams first, and then work on my essays on slavery or whatever the History professors were telling me to finish. X) Fun times they were, weren't they, my friends? >_^ Procrastination is so fun...if you know how to do it right. *snicker*)

I'm afraid I might as well enjoy what little time I have for pic-spams and other fun non-homework related things now, because come September, I'm afraid I might not be around on LJ as much. D: Grad school will be a lot harder than college, and I will be devoting most of my time tending patients in the audiology labs, I guess. Even though this is a speech pathology major, I still have to delve into a related field because speech teachers often work with audiologists to determine the best treatment for a hearing impaired person or someone with speech problems like stuttering and whatnot, so yeah, lots of learning to do! *dies*

So! Speaking of pic-spams, and because it is the 20th anniversary of Zyuranger, the Japanese counterpart of our beloved Power Rangers, how about another toy review? But first, let's see what crazy things my toys are doing today...

*facepalm* Grimlock, random flying arms are not food! D: Poor Ankh, I think he was just trying to find his way to Mom's stash of Popsicles when he was caught. ^^; 
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...due to copyright issues and stuff thanks to the feds taking down Megaupload, fear not! Someone on Tumblr has just written a great article on the subject, and this should ease everyone's fear. I'll just place the entire article under a cut, in case anyone wants to read it. 

Fear not, fellow fans! Keep the fandom alive! )

Sparky's note: That does it, I'm going to buy that SH MonsterArts Godzilla as soon as Dad says it's okay for me to order it by May. >:) Then I'll go look for some other Figuarts to buy. Toei, Bandai, everyone, shut up and take my (borrowed) money! Thanks for clearing up the issue, diaxiann @ Tumblr. :3

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Ah, my first public post in days! Okay, here we go. :3

Woke up this morning way more sleepy than I should have considering I had 8 hours of sleep, and I don't know what went wrong. It seems like my body is way more fickle than it needs to be. Too little sleep and I feel like sleeping more, too much and I still feel like sleeping more. *headdesk* Maybe I am half snake or something and all it wants to do right now is to hibernate. I dunno, lol. 

Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day! Judging by the clouds overhead, Phil won't see his shadow, which means spring will be here soon. Hooray! Though, of course, Phil only has, according to experts, roughly 37% chance of being right. ^^; 

And, as a lovely Groundhog's Day present, Over-Time just came out with the RAW and the script for Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful Shogun and the 21 Core Medals movie. I see their RAW is over 1 GB...yikes! I'll wait for TV-Nihon's RAW instead. I have a lower definition RAW that I downloaded off of Rangerboard before the Megaupload shutdown and the subsequent closing of the multimedia thread to stop the FBI from noticing the site, but it still works with Over-Time's script, so I'll be using that for the time being. If you're interested in the movie, don't forget to samba over there and nab it while the links are still hot! I might be tempted to download the SD DDL later just so that I have a slightly better picture quality, as the RB RAW is just...ugh. It's not bad, but it's not good quality, either. 

Speaking of RB I'll never post in there again. The people there are so rude, especially the mods. >_< Once I posted to comment on how expensive toku merchandise were getting and just some wishful thinking, and I received a reply that basically said this: "You think stuff is too expensive and you complain your Rin Lion and Chameleon set burned your dad's wallet? Then stop leeching money off of him and get a job, idiot." *rolls eyes* Thank you for giving me that advice, jerk. Back then I was a full time student with class hours that took up a big chunk of the day and even at night, not to mention at that point I had heavy coursework, so I couldn't look for a job or have any possibility of keeping it. And that year I did have an internship which gave me some money, but my parents insisted I spend them on academic stuff, not toku merchandise. My debit card which I got during my internship was strictly to be used to buy textbooks and other school supplies, and my account was watched for any suspicious activity. So yep, no spending money on random stuff for me, except on my b-days and Christmas, when my parents begrudgingly allow me one toku-related item of my choice. (And this was around my birthday too, so I was really sad that year thanks to the flames I got from that forum.)

However, I did get this wallpaper from Rangerboard, and last night I ran my Desktop Ponies program and left it on while I read a book titled "History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments". Looked up about 10 minutes later just in time to cap this. I must say, Rainbow Dash, you picked a really nice place to sleep. xD And also Pinkie Pie would not stop bouncing on Ryu-Sei-Oh's head. It's like she likes him a lot or something. :P Only Derpy made sure to steer clear of the dragon...strange, because knowing Derpy, she would probably crash into him a lot if they were ever in the same universe together. :P 

*open in new window to enlarge* If any of you Power Rangers or Super Sentai fans want the wallpaper, let me know, and I'll post a link. I also have Dragonzord and Green Ranger (complete with candle) wallpapers for any MMPR fans out there. Never mind the Speed fan thing running...I just wanted to make sure my computer wasn't going to overheat with all those ponies running amok all over the place. 

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