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Uh, no, wait, that came out wrong. XD In no way are we anywhere near the holidays. It's just that...well, I'm playing too much with my new toy, and it reminds me of Christmas time. Oh yes, I did open it. Feel free to smack me, as it's a month early. Anyway, I dreamed about school again this morning. But it was a nice dream, as I found myself singing in choir again, practicing with a group of new students. And there was my choir teacher, and she was making us sing "Song of the Sea" or something. Something like that. It was nice. I was afraid I wound up singing in my sleep, but as Mom didn't make any mention of it when I came downstairs, I guess I didn't invent sleep-singing after all. Okay, on to the main task of the day...starting the next toy review! >:P I'll do this now then work on more Chinese. Job hunting...that...that can wait for a bit. It's always easier to focus on studying before Sis comes home and turns the house upside down, shrieking like a banshee in her excitement (the closer it gets to Spring Break, the more hyper she becomes. Ra help me keep my sanity... -_O)

Let's introduce the star of our show, Geki Shark! As with all the DX auxiliary mecha from the series Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger, it was never released in the US. We got a smaller version instead, sans electronics, and shortened a good 4 or 5 inches. It was also very chubby...and not at all good looking. It was kind of like an obese tiger shark, let's put it that way. This one at least looks sleek, streamlined, and much more dangerous. I'm not sure why BOA didn't release this and chose to leave us high and dry with the DX Jungle Pride, but then again, they rarely release individual auxiliaries by themselves for some reason. So for those of us wanting something to slap on the JP, there's no choice but to import from overseas. Thankfully, the molds are the same, so you can mix and match. Sweet. :D
Put away the chopsticks and the soy sauce...Sashimi is not edible! )


Feb. 22nd, 2012 03:40 pm
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I have a lot more toys up in my attic. However, I am currently bored, and I think some of you may want to see more of my collection, so I decided to make a trip up to the Arctic (the attic is cold in the winter) to do an unboxing of my rarely opened toys. This guy has seen the light of day only once before, back in 2009 or something. You can imagine how loudly he trumpeted in joy when I was like "hey, want to be part of a photo shoot?" XD

Now, feast your eyes upon the one, the only, the rare and never before captured by an iPhone in the wild (LOL)--Gao Elephant, which was found lurking, surprisingly, not at a Toys R Us but a grocery store in Hangzhou for a measly 21 dollars (138 RMB/yuan). This is the only Power Animal from the Bandai China version of the line that uses the Japanese mold, because the US never gave us a deluxe sized pachyderm to fool around with (the other Power Animals use the American molds it seems). The only differences between it and the original Bandai Japan release is the lack of chrome on the toes, no matter what the box may be trying to tell you. 

Welcome to Sparky's Jungle Safari! Watch out for those tusks! )


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