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Isn't LJ maintenance supposed to be over by now?! O___O Then why is it suddenly crashing? ARRRGH!

That's it. FINAL VENT!

On the other hand, I'm working on a fanfic that should be completed soon for my own reading pleasure, so I don't really care about LJ crashing (AGAIN). >:D (MWAHAHAHAHA) Maybe I'll post it after I know Minako's seen at least one episode of Hibiki.
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Yeah. Pinkie Pie is the only person who would find today's earthquake amusing. :P Just saying. But really, an earthquake is no laughing matter. When in doubt, know it's every pony for him or herself!
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There really is a Unicorn Yummy! [ profile] nerefir , thanks for posting it up on HJU! OMG...someone help me...I think I am going to faint... *collapses from flailing in fangirl mode too long*

Speaking of unicorns, has anyone else seen The Last Unicorn? I have it on DVD. It's a good movie. ^^;

Always I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony oh love! x3 )
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So this is PART 2 of the anniversary tribute episodes. Again, lots of pics below the cut, so make sure you can handle it. :)

OH. GOD. FINALLY! LJ, you really really suck. Hackers, get a life. You messing with LJ is not making me happy, nor are you making anyone else happy. Now that this thing is finally up, I think I can go to my homework now. >_>" 

DDOS attackers...I hope you get your butts kicked soon. I hope a Yummy comes by and attacks you all. Seriously. Eiji, don't you go rescuing these people if that happens, as they don't deserve it. >_>

I think I'm not going to post on LJ again tonight...or tomorrow. I'll still answer and post comments though. That's how irritated I am right now. I've been trying to get this pic-spam up since 3 AM in the morning. LJ, don't think you're innocent attempting to fix the problems caused by the hackers has also messed things up, since up until now I kept getting (and am still getting every once in a while) "Your connection has been reset" messages. When you fix problems, you don't fix them while creating more problems. >:( Do you not have competent programmers on your support team? >___<

Geki Koi pic-spam now postponed thanks to LJ being a jerk. I apologize to any Shu Watanabe fans out there right now because of this.

The Insanity Won't Stop at 1000! )

OH MY GOD. Tune in next week for the next episode
, not just for the continuation of the story, but Ankh's real form will finally be revealed! OoO
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"Colors of the Wind" just sounds beautiful when sung in Chinese. In some ways I think its sounds better than the English version. Give it a listen if you like, all you Disney fans! :)

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Just because I'm bored, and because I'm listening to this song over and over and over and... ahem, never mind. Just give it a listen! ^^ OOO fans, enjoy, even if it's not subbed (but TV-Nihon has subbed it, if you need the lyrics on screen to sing karaoke like I do, go and download it from their site ^^)!

And yes, I know the video's flipped. >_> Don't point it out, please. 

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If you watch Kamen Rider or Super Sentai (or even Power Rangers), you would definitely have heard of this great stuntman. If not, well, considering PR takes a lot of their footage from the original Japanese series, Seiji Takaiwa should have graced your American TV screen a LOT. Especially as the Green Ranger (sorry to burst people's bubbles, but it wasn't Tommy Oliver or his American stuntman doing all the stunts!) !

Now, watch as EZ Rider from Toku Time gives him his due with this short but awesome tribute video. Keep up the good work as OOO this year, Seiji! We'll be cheering for you! 

DRAGON RANGER FTW!!! TOMMY OLIVER , I mean Seiji Takaiwa ROCKS! *gives two thumbs up*

Quote of the day: "Again, it's Tommy who gets all the credit for making the Green Ranger larger than life, Well if it wasn't for Seiji Takaiwa, that would never happen. He made the Green Ranger bad-ass first, and don't you forget it!" - EZ Rider

Seiji Takaiwa, entertaining us all since 1993
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Oh. My. God.

I know that Ryosuke Miura can act, and do it well too (he has played two totally different characters that I know of).

But wait! Apparently he can dance too! O_o

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Bit busy this week, so I thought I'd post my top 10 favorite songs up here to tide people over until my next post. Ranging from Chinese versions of beloved Disney films random Youtube gems to my favorite j-pop songs, these are the tunes I crank up the most in my free time. Happy Listening! Wait, I thought I placed everything under a cut. Why are there two videos out here? *Sigh* You know what, just take them like this. *Headdesk*

Chinese songs )soft rock songs )j-pop songs )


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