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I think I might have a job opportunity, as my parents have been asking around and someone wants to talk to me tomorrow regarding a simple office job. I cringe at the thought of them telling me to man the front desk and phone but I will listen to what the prospective employer has to say and hope for the best. I mean, while I've filled out forms for Social Security disability benefits, I want to earn my own money, not wait for potential government handouts. Though phone work...augh. It's gonna potentially lead to tiring nights from listening to people all day without being able to lipread for the most part. Not to mention the clients will mostly be speaking Chinese as it is a Chinese owned business. I have hard enough time with English speakers! But hey, a job is a job, and I figure if I fail at listening I could always sign "I AM DEAF" and thrust the phone at a co-worker dramatically. I mean, I won't be lying when I do that. (And having been studing ASL I do know how to sign the above, now).

In the *ahem* toy department, my (very) belated Christmas present arrived, thanks to [ profile] chef_andy. Better late than never I always say, and I also should thank rexielexie @ Tumblr for buying this. Introducing "Zippy"... HEY, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF MY SISTER'S GUM CONTAINER!

(You may notice a stark difference in color between the above pic and the pics below the cut. My camera made use of available light to make Zakutor look light green, but in person he is more dark green and is more like the pic above. So forgive the color differences.)
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So yes, Christmas. The time of year when everyone gets gifts and things! I got a necklace from Mom when I wasn't expecting it, because well, I was commenting on how many things she had compared to everyone else, and she was all "such a pretty necklace, but I'm afraid too old for want it?" And I was all "Uh, sure!" It's a very pretty silver leaf on a chain, and I really like it. So much so I might want to wear it on my first date with [ profile] chef_andy... *blushes*

Oh, and as I'm obligated to do every year, I present to you, the next toy review. Presenting, some of the most dangerous animals known to man: the shark, the wolf, and the almighty alligator. Crikey, as Steve Irwin might say. Please keep all hands away from the screen and to yourself, my pets like to bite.

Enjoy the mecha porn XD )
Final verdict: THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER.  I love my present, I love everyone involved in sending and buying this thing (THANK YOU [ profile] numba1shadowfan!), and I have my holy grail so I am ever so satisfied. :D
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So my professor canceled class tonight as the weather out there is kind of treacherous. Whee. Which gave me plenty of time to do what I usually love to do, and that is posting pictures and things in another toy review. XD Time for some dancing dinos!

But first, it must be said that this does mean I cannot get my presentation done until next Tuesday. <_<" And I was like, so nervous, okay? But on the other hand, the extra time means I can have more time to edit slides should I want to change things up at the last minute, and well, it's always fun to have a snow day in general. Though those days will soon end when I go to work and have to come in no matter what the weather, most likely. Meeeeeeeeh! Whatever. At least I'm looking for instructional aide positions and technically I'll still be in school unless they close, upon which, if there is no class, why bother coming if the kids are not gonna be there either, right?

So, with that said, without further ado, let's SAMBA!

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So that's that. 1 out of 3 reviews for this holiday season done! Tune in next time as we take a walk on the wild side and meet the most ferocious creatures ever known to man in the present day. >_^ That is, once I get them. :P 
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Goodness gracious, who went and broke that site, now?

So, what's up, you say? Well, Everyone's out, and I'm home alone, and all I can say is... PARTY! Well, yeah. Mostly gonna read manga all day, and eject what gunk still remaining in my throat. And nom on chips. >:D Already managed to find and download the entire MLP comic issue #2 and can't wait for more! The art style is just fantastic. I can't wait for issue #3 to come out later this month, and issue 4 will be out in February. :)

Oh yeah, there's still a bunch of toku I loaded that I haven't watched. Gotta go see them before the weekend.

And speaking of the weekend, shopping time! Dad's letting me take his Kindle Fire to school since I brought the digital version of one of my textbooks and it'll need a case to protect it. I'm going to the store so I can see what cases are available and pick one I like. ^_^ Yes, I love the Kindle Fire! There are some times when the touch screen doesn't respond to my touch right away and that can get really irritating. But other than that, I like it. We haven't touched it much, but now that I've found a new use for it, I think I'll be using it more often. It has a decent battery life too...just as long as you aren't using the Wi-fi when you're reading. Otherwise, it kinda sucks the life out of the device...yes, Wi-fi turns the Kindle into a vampire. O_O
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So here I am, giving the morning report on Dreamwidth. On occasion I'll be able to get to the LJ homepage, or my profile, or my unsigned in journal page, but I can't log in right now. Boo! LJ, why you so crashing so much? Anyway, this is crossposted, so if you see this on LJ, well, I was too fed up to post on LJ directly. 

Another important meeting today, and then it's documentary marathon on Netflix time. Also got to finish that mini fic I was doing, and incorporate some elements of the MLP finale into it (c'mon, it's too awesome to not be written down and remembered for all eternity). That is, if I don't get "BBBFF" or "This Day Aria" stuck in my head!

Also today is going to be so awesome as I blow through the entire White Ranger debut in Dino Thunder and try to watch everything up to "Tutenhawken's Curse". If you guys thought Tommy as the White Ranger was pretty awesome, you ain't seen nothin'. ^^; With a quill feather pen for a weapon and a Zord that can reach top speed of Mach 20, I have to vote for the White Dino Ranger hands down when it comes to making him face off against other Rangers. >:) 

Right, off I go. Time is of the essence! I'll be back for chat.
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Uh, no, wait, that came out wrong. XD In no way are we anywhere near the holidays. It's just that...well, I'm playing too much with my new toy, and it reminds me of Christmas time. Oh yes, I did open it. Feel free to smack me, as it's a month early. Anyway, I dreamed about school again this morning. But it was a nice dream, as I found myself singing in choir again, practicing with a group of new students. And there was my choir teacher, and she was making us sing "Song of the Sea" or something. Something like that. It was nice. I was afraid I wound up singing in my sleep, but as Mom didn't make any mention of it when I came downstairs, I guess I didn't invent sleep-singing after all. Okay, on to the main task of the day...starting the next toy review! >:P I'll do this now then work on more Chinese. Job hunting...that...that can wait for a bit. It's always easier to focus on studying before Sis comes home and turns the house upside down, shrieking like a banshee in her excitement (the closer it gets to Spring Break, the more hyper she becomes. Ra help me keep my sanity... -_O)

Let's introduce the star of our show, Geki Shark! As with all the DX auxiliary mecha from the series Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger, it was never released in the US. We got a smaller version instead, sans electronics, and shortened a good 4 or 5 inches. It was also very chubby...and not at all good looking. It was kind of like an obese tiger shark, let's put it that way. This one at least looks sleek, streamlined, and much more dangerous. I'm not sure why BOA didn't release this and chose to leave us high and dry with the DX Jungle Pride, but then again, they rarely release individual auxiliaries by themselves for some reason. So for those of us wanting something to slap on the JP, there's no choice but to import from overseas. Thankfully, the molds are the same, so you can mix and match. Sweet. :D
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Crossposting this from Dreamwidth today because LJ's Rich Text thing refuses to come up completely, leaving me with only a text box and nothing else. >_>"

So. First off, let's start with the meme. Least favorite side character, eh? That has got to be Hina, hands down. *nods* First of all, we're never told how she got "super strength" and can lift everything from vending machines to giant boulders. And gosh darn it she was always getting in the way of our "bromance" in the series. And she served no purpose other than to mope over the "loss" of her brother nearly every time the camera focuses on her, all because some greedy bird monster has hijacked his comatose body. *rolls eyes* Yes, we know your big brother is not Mr. Meany McMeanPants, but why let that get to you? >_>"

Now, before I continue, Cakeboss would like to say a few words:

Anyway, today is going to be business as usual. Somehow all the snow melted last night, so I'm going to go see if it's okay for me to walk around in a bit, and then I'll continue to search for any means of employment. Tonight I look forward to more rping if that's possible, and unless I should wind up on an adventure searching for treasure I should have at least an outline, if not a couple of paragraphs, of my new smut fic done. It all depends on how fast my internet is, how quickly I can get things done, yadda yadda.


Dec. 21st, 2011 08:13 pm
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 Yep, it's down again. YAY.

If you must know what I was up to for some reason, well, I spent today mostly watching documentaries...including one on food. Like, I'll never look at my dinner the same way again...who knew how unsanitary the conditions in some slaughterhouses are...or how invasive corn is in our meals? It's everywhere! :O 

Sadly, I will always be a carnivore. Why does meat taste so good, even if it's not exactly farm fresh like the label says it is?

Anyway, I think I'll be going back to my chat now... 


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