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[Error: unknown template qotd] Why, my favorite video game is Okami, so of course my favorite video game character that I would like to be friends with in real life is Okami Amaterasu! Together we could embark on a quest to make everyone and everything happy, by feeding the animals, helping people with their laundry (ha ha, yes, yes), and defeating any Oni that stood in our way. :D And along the way I'd learn everything there is to possibly learn from her little "bug" of a friend, Issun. :P 

This is a pretty good game for the PS2, by the way. Comparable to Zelda in terms of epicness, and just as long (I think it took me about 45 hours total to finish the game the first time around). It's very under-appreciated because it didn't sell very well initially, but you can find it on Amazon for a good price still for both the PS2 and Wii (the versions are identical in game-play, only the Wii looks more like a watercolor world now instead of a Japanese brush painting because the colors are brighter). Highly recommended! ^_^ 


Let's Ride! )
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This year what I would like most would be a job, a hyper fanboy, and a large blue dinosaur with a big drill butt. Thank you and good night. XD 

Why you so lovable, Gai? *glomps him* You and your dinosaur?
Gai: O___o I am just that awesome? Anyway, Goujyu Rex is not huggable! D:
Me: Oh, that's no problem! *grows as tall as the mecha and hugs it*
Gai: What the heck did you have for lunch, Miracle Gro? O.o
Me: Maybe. :P *hugs the Rex*
GoujyuRex: Growl? O.o
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Christmas! Like that wasn't obvious. :P It's the only time of the year where almost nothing is off limits in terms of presents, price and's the perfect holiday to cultivate one's desire! *starts rambling on about being materialistic and proud of it and gets buried under a large pile of presents delivered to her by some Santa hat wearing Yummies* Dudes, that's creepy! I didn't ask for this...ACK! *gets squashed by a giant My Little Pony plushy* This is SO NOT cool. X_X

Uh oh, we're in trouble... )
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Date today. Because he kept confusing parrot with chicken. And kept making chicken jokes. I loved that.

Date: Yeah, it's funny, right Anko?

Ankh: Don't call me Anko! And it's an insult to the Yummy if you call him chicken! 

Gotou: It's a parrot.

Date: Okay, whatever you say. Now, let's get to work, shall we? We gotta go find that chicken.

Gotou, getting irritated. It's a parrot! >_<

Date: Fried chicken, that's what's for dinner tonight.

Gotou and Ankh: IT'S A PARROT! *both now punch Date*

Date, *seeing little chibi Parrot Yummies tweeting around his head* Ooh look at all the pretty birdies...

Gotou: It's a....never mind. 

Ankh: Tch! Stupid human.
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Let me guess, it's me, right?

Go away, Ankh. The answer to this question isn't going to be about you this time. that ANOTHER ice candy you're eating there? O_o

It's strawberry flavored. And quite delicious too.

*Sigh* Anyway, back in 2003, when Wild Force was still airing I highly admired the Lunar Wolf Ranger. Being somewhat of a loner myself, I kind of sympathized with his need/desire to stay apart from the main team of Rangers.

So admirable was he in your eyes, you wrote lots of fanfiction in which YOU took the place of Merrick. Hero worship much?

Geez, did you have to go and point that out for everyone else to hear?

Just saying. Anyway, I'm going to go check up on Eiji. He's taking quite a lot of time in the bathroom. I just hope he's ready to fight, because I just sensed a Yummy. He better not be suffering from food poisoning.

(The two of us then fall silent, as sounds of gagging, moaning, and multiple pleas for help that can be heard from outside the room suddenly grow louder. Eiji's voice can be heard above all others the most, as he suddenly yells out that he's got a bad stomachache and might need to stay in the bathroom a little longer because of the pain. He also knows that a Yummy's attacking the city and would Ankh please don't remind him. A Taka Candroid just came back to let him know of the situation in the city, but he can't move from the toilet at the moment due to the onset of severe diarrhea.)

Tch! This is no time to be sick!

Man, I knew I shouldn't have invited Shinken Pink over to do a little cooking for the patrons at Cous Coussier. Mako's cooking is famous for sending people into the emergency room. Or worse.

(A crash. And then...)

Tono-sama! Are you okay?! Speak to me, lord! Lord! Oh no, he passed out! Someone bring over a glass of water, quick!

Uh oh. Jii sounds like he's about to have a heart attack. I'll have to go out and see what I can do to help. But before I do, could I borrow your iPhone for a minute? I'll need to contact Date to let him know that Eiji won't be around to act as backup against the latest Yummy. Thank goodness we still have Birth around though. If he had tasted Mako's cooking and gotten as sick as Eiji is now, we would be so screwed.

We were screwed the moment we heard Eiji report from the bathroom. Now how am I going to get more Cell Medals?

Geez, bird boy, we're facing a mini crisis here, so stop acting like you don't have a hint of sympathy for the victims of food poisoning. That includes Eiji. Now hand me the damn phone.

Not if it doesn't come back to me attached to a stick of ice candy.

We have got sick patrons out there and the least you could do is run down to the pharmacy to see if they have some medicine for upset stomach and diarrhea, since you just got ordered for the job. Not beg me for more ice candy. (hands him note that Hina just delivered, which says exactly that)

Ankh grumbles as he takes the note, says he'll do it for the sake of Hina, who's glaring at him, and walks past us to the door, pausing only to give me his ph
one so as to make himself useful.


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