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Because this is way overdue, and I don't want to have to deal with this longer than I have to, or I'll get a headache the size of Rita Repulsa's when she's upset.

Introducing Saberback, the nastiest Predacon of a dinosaur that ever lived due to his stupidly complex transformation that will leave you exhausted and frustrated in ten seconds flat. =_=" Well...maybe not the most complex. That honor goes to Mach Kick, which I'm hoping Dad will exchange that $20 I got from him for. I hardly use cash these days, anyway, and the Beast Wars Neo line is so under-appreciated or overlooked that the toys are dirt cheap. And it'd be cool to show people a horse transformer whose head can spring up to poke out your eye if you're not too careful. It's definitely a gimmick I'd be a fan of. 

He's also the only Transformer with brushable hair in robot and in beast mode. 8D I think I have a tiny doll comb somewhere I could use on him, and maybe I might be tempted to tie ribbons on his tail by stripping the ones off that electronic Barbie palomino horse Sis got as a gift one year. Just give him to me...! I'll make him presentable for horse shows and...and... kidding. But I'll definitely make sure he looks nice on my shelf. ^_^

Dinosaur mode is pretty nice actually, and the form I'd rather he be in for extended periods of time. Unlike the US repaints of this toy (see here and here), he looks the most natural and the closest to what a real stegosaurus might have looked like, minus the obvious robot kibble on his back legs. I also like the purple and blue splotches/stripes on him, which add a nice bit of color to use otherwise elephant gray skin. The wrinkles on him make him look more realistic than his other Transformer comrades, particularly from the G1 era. If it wasn't so blatantly obvious he's a Transformer from all the panels and kibble on him, he'd look just like a generic dinosaur toy, and a darn good one too. Just look at him. The attention to detail astounds me. 

Tap him too hard and his skull pops out, scaring the bejeezus out of your kids if you have them, or maybe even yourself if you're not prepared for it. O_______O Yes, his skull. It freaked me out the first time I transformed him and it just dropped down. Usually the skull sits snugly in his head, but shake him a little too hard and it will come loose. 

Transformation to robot mode is not that difficult, it is actually harder to get him back to beast mode. Basically you unhinge panels, split him wide open, and rearrange a few parts. The tail comes off to become his weapon, and the robot kibble on the legs turn into a pair of skis for him. *LOL* The spines down his back are reminiscent of huge feathered headdresses Indian chiefs wear. Good lord, an Indian stegosaurus? Who would have thunk it. Heck, he even comes with a loincloth (hidden by his weapon) and that huge headdress, and the stereotypical Indian scowl. -_O 

"I...HATE...photoshoots. And standing still with nobody to shoot! Where's that blasted snake Maximal I was supposed to meet with today? You're not him! Get your face out of mine before I blow up that rectangular contraption you're using over there, missy!"

His skull now adorns his chest and serves to protect the purple Predacon spark crystal that is his life energy and power source. 

Do I recommend this guy? If you're looking for a simpler Transformer that is simple to switch from mode to mode, no, because he is not easy to work with, and if you have kids, they are going to be really upset trying to play with him. But I do recommend him if you're looking for a challenge, and if you just want a great looking dinosaur on your shelf. He does look better than the fugly US repainted versions of himself though, so I wouldn't recommend paying the extra money to find his discontinued American cousins. He's also quite cheap. Now, I need to find something else to review next month. Hmm... Maybe I could be tempted to do a review on my 2010 Megazord, seeing as how it's Zyuranger's 20th anniversary. 
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