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Welcome to my Journal! Feel free to join the club!

Above pic courtesy of kipphi @ Deviantart.

Anyway, let's get down to business and count the medals list my interests so that you passing through Riders LJ folks can see if this place might be one of your new favorite hangouts.

This Journal is Semi-Friends Only. I'm open to anyone who shares my interests and my obsession with Japanese TV and culture. But it's okay even if we don't share many interests at all, as long as I think we'll get along just fine. You'll love this place if you like any of the following:

1. Cute Japanese boys. Due to the fact that I'm biased toward certain actors, there will be pictures of some more than others.
2. Chibis. Anything chibi. If you like chibis in general, welcome!
3. Animals. I especially welcome all horse and cat lovers.
4. Music. I listen to a crap-load of j-pop and c-pop. I also like to sing. Shower singers unite!
5. Harry Potter. Currently writing a fanfic of it which I am posting to LJ when I feel like it. Feel free to read and comment and enjoy.
6. Humor.
7. Grimm, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, the list goes on, but ask if you are not sure we share fandoms.
8. Anime. While I'm not really much of an anime addict these days, I still like to talk about it. Bonus points to anyone who adores/used to adore Gundam Wing, Cardcaptor Sakura, and or Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original series, not the how-many-sequels-have-they-done-already?)
9. Robot Unicorn Attack! Always I wanna be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony, harmony oh love!
10. Books. Any Rick Riordan fans out there? Kane Chronicle and Percy Jackson fans will love me, I've read every book from those series so far, and I want to hear what other people think about the books.
11. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic = Can you feel the magic too? :D
12. Yaoi. If my pervy side doesn't scare you, we'll get along just fine. ^_^ I also ship people and enjoy reading and discussing smutty things. Surprise, surprise, I'm also maintainer and owner of my first and only community, [ profile] tokusmut. Feel free to join if you like Kamen Rider and yaoi! :D

Friends are always welcome, though I might not comment on your LJ unless I have something to say. I do read all the latest posts from people on my friends list though, so even if I don't comment, rest assured that I do read everybody's posts.

Oh, and of course, comment here to be added so I know who you are. :)

To all my recently made new friends, welcome! Enjoy your stay in my LJ, and always feel free to henshin drop a comment!


Dec. 5th, 2016 02:13 pm
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On the first day of December, my mailman gave to me, one gold dinosaur in a pear tree.

Ok, so pteranodons aren't technically dinosaurs, but this great deal I snagged off Ebay finally arrived and I couldn't wait to show him off. He just looks so gorgeous, even though, being shipped to me in about 8 pieces meant I had to do some crazy assembling-sans instructions- in order to put him back together. I was very temtped to ask if I had been shipped not a toy robot but some weird dinosaur 3D puzzle. I was also tempted to rename him from Gordon (as he is called PteraGordon in the show) to Humpty Dumpty, as seller warned me his arms drop off with a poke and stay on only if left undisturbed on a shelf.
CAW?! )

Overall, Gordon, the newest golden boy to my collection, is a very nice looking addition to my growing animal robot zoo and, shelf space issues I have aside, I am pleased to have brought him for the same price as the US version (which is pricey for a smaller, scaled down Megazord having less features, no electronics, and missing paint applications.) Pity he's not Gordon Ramsey and can actually COOK me something... I'm hungry now and I missed lunch. D: I'm going to go eat before I collapse from hunger.
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But I'm ok now in the sense that my nose is recovering. Still coughing on occasion (thanks a lot, dusty room), but fear not, friends, I should be perfectly fine by the time orientation for my summer school starts. On the plus side, my friend from grad school came to visit yesterday, and we had so much fun! Managed to catch Finding Dory in theaters, then hit up Target and brought movie merchandise (and school supplies -- she's a speech therapist, so she's naturally always looking for things to use for her kids). Came back, talked a bit, and then I launched into messing around with the present she got me for my birthday but couldn't deliver it until we met in person, while she whipped out her phone and the Digi-Bird I gave her and made it sing "This Old Man" and a few other tunes. And I'm telling you, that thing is INSANE.

Gao Falcon is a massive beast of epic wing proportions. It is by far one of the largest toys in the Power Rangers Wild Force toyline, larger than even the Alligator I reviewed a while back. The box boasts that the Falcon Zord has a 530mm wingspan, and do you know how that translates to inches? 20.8. Yeah, I'm gonna need a bigger shelf.

Here he is out of the box. As you can probably tell, his wings had to be assembled, hence the break along the middle where that red nub juts out. Otherwise he wouldn't fit in the box! Being a Korean release, it was really. REALLY. HARD to pose him, as the rachet joints in his legs were replaced by friction joints and don't lock in place, so he almost always wanted to topple over since the wings make him top heavy. However, posed right, he makes a majestic animal. In the show he would burst out of a volcano like a fiery phoenix when summoned, and dwarfs all the other animals that combine with him. ALL OF THEM.
This is one BIG BIRB )

Gao Falcon is a fantastic addition to my collection. The sheer size of it destroys me though, because I was so not expecting it to be so large! I mean, I knew it was large, but until I saw it in person I didn't know it was, you know, THAT BIG. I'm definitely gonna need a bigger shelf soon. ^^
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Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas? I know I did. :D I hit up Walmart earlier this week because I had no idea that Konami had put out special Yu-Gi-Oh! sets, so I rushed right over to grab one of "Yugi's Legendary decks." It's so old school, it's nostalgic, and there's a lot of good cards in here. Unfortuantely everything seems dated so it probably won't be able to complete against the newest game gimmicks. Still, it's nice to get these cards if only for collecting purposes. The box is really nice though, with all the hieroglyphs running across it, reminding you of the game's origins in Ancient Egypt, at least according to the show, lol. It reminds me of the box that held the Millennium Puzzle in the series.
The box also comes with a few promotional cards in addition to playable ones. The Duelist Kingdom cards from the show are nonplayable and no, you can't trade Glory of the King's hand for 3 million dollars to pay for your real life sister's eye operation. The Egyptian God Cards next to the special Yugi token are also nonplayable and are only there for show.

You also get a complete set of Exodia the Forbidden One in this set, which would instantly win you the game if you draw all five pieces. These are all holographic. They're also only found in this set. Ones on Ebay can get quite expensive these days.
No set containing Yugi's decks is complete without an army of Dark Magicians and DMGs. You get a DM and a DMG in EVERY one of the three below decks, including the special red Dark Magician used by Arkana in Battle City in his duel against Yugi. Also printed for the first time in English is Griffore in place of his Silver Fang, which I wish was included. Griffore and the red Dark Magician were also only printed in Japan until now.
In addition, I have another Christmas toy review for y'all under the break! It's not Rudolph, but it sure is close!

As for spending Christmas today, my plan is to eat lots of turkey and gravy sitting in the fridge and watch Yu-Gi-Oh, lol. And if I'm bored, I have Harry Potter games for the PC that I can play... yay! Oh, and there are library books... there are ALWAYS books to be read.
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So I finally received my very own copy of "My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria"! I ordered it off Amazon for the sweet deal of roughly US$16, which is much better than paying MSRP of $29.99. First off, this book comes in a lovely foil cover so it shimmers in the light, but it's kind of hard to tell unless you see it in person. The book itself is kind of thick and heavy at 216 pages. Pictured on the cover is alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle over a expanded map of Equestria that covers the geography explored in MLP seasons 1-5. This book looks as though it's meant for kids, but while there are many colorful illustrations inside and few captions on some of the pages, this book was made with the fandom in mind and includes interviews with Hasbro employees and the show's creator Lauren Faust, as well as selected fanart from the adult fans at the back of the book. (For closer details of every photo, right click--> view image)SWEET CELESTIA )

Overall, I really liked this book, and I recommend it to any MLP fan. For a moment I was worried this might be convention exclusive or available only in limited quantity, and I am glad that I was able to get a copy of this. Since most of the book is fraught with illustrations, it should make for quick reading, and Lauren Faust's interview has plenty of pictures of her original concept art, complete with notes, so you see how her vision for MLP developed initially. You also gain snippets of information not seen in other MLP books, and as Pinkie Pie would probably put it, this is the BEST ART BOOK EVER!
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I think I might have a job opportunity, as my parents have been asking around and someone wants to talk to me tomorrow regarding a simple office job. I cringe at the thought of them telling me to man the front desk and phone but I will listen to what the prospective employer has to say and hope for the best. I mean, while I've filled out forms for Social Security disability benefits, I want to earn my own money, not wait for potential government handouts. Though phone work...augh. It's gonna potentially lead to tiring nights from listening to people all day without being able to lipread for the most part. Not to mention the clients will mostly be speaking Chinese as it is a Chinese owned business. I have hard enough time with English speakers! But hey, a job is a job, and I figure if I fail at listening I could always sign "I AM DEAF" and thrust the phone at a co-worker dramatically. I mean, I won't be lying when I do that. (And having been studing ASL I do know how to sign the above, now).

In the *ahem* toy department, my (very) belated Christmas present arrived, thanks to [ profile] chef_andy. Better late than never I always say, and I also should thank rexielexie @ Tumblr for buying this. Introducing "Zippy"... HEY, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF MY SISTER'S GUM CONTAINER!

(You may notice a stark difference in color between the above pic and the pics below the cut. My camera made use of available light to make Zakutor look light green, but in person he is more dark green and is more like the pic above. So forgive the color differences.)
Chompachomp! )
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Everyone doing good, I hope? I stayed up till 12:30 AM this morning, ha. As usual I had to see the ball drop, and my friends entertained me on Skype so I was never alone, even when I was holed up in my room because the TV's kind of noisy, lol, with all the screaming and crying and yakking. I was never one for huge parties due to being hard of hearing, so partying takes a lot of my energy, especially if I have to be downstairs with family friends trying to have a proper conversation over the roars of football (in the case of Thanksgiving), or singing on TV (in the case of Chinese New Year). It's just too much auditory stimulation for me.

Friend came over though on Monday! I took her out to a Chinese buffet, where we ate too much (a result of us talking in my room so long we forgot we needed lunch), and she brought me a gift bag full of blind-bag My Little Pony figures, stickers, and comics, along with a poster, which was really nice, and I sent her home with Fluttershy plush and the Pinkie Cupcake thingy I found at a TRU a few months back. The pics below is what I got, though I brought Gilda myself, teehee.

Following that we hit up my local TRU, and then came home with this monstrosity:

I'm putting a review up for Dragonzord under the break, because it's fabulous (I'd totally recommend it) and merits its own spotlight. ;)
See o' Smokestack Chomper under the cut )
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Early Christmas presents are best presents. :) I received this guy one day late because of holiday package backup problems at the USPS, but that's to be expected when Cyber Monday wasn't too far behind us. So, let's get started, shall we. Introducing Gao Giraffe ("gao" being Japanese onomatopoeia for an animal growl), from the Hundred Beast Sentai Gaoranger toyline. This was also renamed the Giraffe Wild Zord in the US and packaged together with the Rhino, Armadillo, Falcon, and Deer Zords in the Isis Megazord toyset here. However, because I am cheap, I'm going to get all of them separately.

No, this is not the mascot for Toys R Us...can you imagine Grumpy Geoffrey advertising toys? Goodness )

Tune in next time for my next review of Zakutor. :)
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Sure, volunteer work was slow, but then the mailman came in with STUFF! *grins*

Could have done without her dropping one of the boxes right in front of me as she came up the sidewalk, but thankfully nothing broke. However, the box cutter slipped as I was slicing open the cardboard and luckily bounced off my thick hoodie, or I might have disemboweled my stomach right there. Yikes. This is why it is always important to have a good grip on sharp objects! D8

Also Sis is graduating Chinese school today! I won't be there to see the ceremony, as it's about the same as mine, and I'm too busy watching Dad's Father's Day tribute to my late grandfather upload itself to Dropbox for our relatives to watch. I would have uploaded to Youtube, but censorship overseas means it's unavailable, and I have had to look for alternate sources. I also need to break out the o' drawing tablet to make Dad a personal card, which will probably, as usual, feature him as his ponified self getting flowers or something from us. :P (Dad: KIDS YOU'VE BEEN WATCHING TOO MUCH MY LITTLE PONY STAHP.)

Anyway, below the break you'll find the usual toy review. This could be long, so might want to grab some popcorn if you want to read...

In which I blow up LJ with yet ANOTHER picspam... )
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So yes, Christmas. The time of year when everyone gets gifts and things! I got a necklace from Mom when I wasn't expecting it, because well, I was commenting on how many things she had compared to everyone else, and she was all "such a pretty necklace, but I'm afraid too old for want it?" And I was all "Uh, sure!" It's a very pretty silver leaf on a chain, and I really like it. So much so I might want to wear it on my first date with [ profile] chef_andy... *blushes*

Oh, and as I'm obligated to do every year, I present to you, the next toy review. Presenting, some of the most dangerous animals known to man: the shark, the wolf, and the almighty alligator. Crikey, as Steve Irwin might say. Please keep all hands away from the screen and to yourself, my pets like to bite.

Enjoy the mecha porn XD )
Final verdict: THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER.  I love my present, I love everyone involved in sending and buying this thing (THANK YOU [ profile] numba1shadowfan!), and I have my holy grail so I am ever so satisfied. :D
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So my professor canceled class tonight as the weather out there is kind of treacherous. Whee. Which gave me plenty of time to do what I usually love to do, and that is posting pictures and things in another toy review. XD Time for some dancing dinos!

But first, it must be said that this does mean I cannot get my presentation done until next Tuesday. <_<" And I was like, so nervous, okay? But on the other hand, the extra time means I can have more time to edit slides should I want to change things up at the last minute, and well, it's always fun to have a snow day in general. Though those days will soon end when I go to work and have to come in no matter what the weather, most likely. Meeeeeeeeh! Whatever. At least I'm looking for instructional aide positions and technically I'll still be in school unless they close, upon which, if there is no class, why bother coming if the kids are not gonna be there either, right?

So, with that said, without further ado, let's SAMBA!

Gaburincho! Chomp-a-chomp! )

So that's that. 1 out of 3 reviews for this holiday season done! Tune in next time as we take a walk on the wild side and meet the most ferocious creatures ever known to man in the present day. >_^ That is, once I get them. :P 

All righty

May. 16th, 2013 03:48 pm
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Finals are over, the school supplies and things have been put away, and I'm ready to start something fun! How about a new review? ^_^; Gaburevolver, brought to you by Kyoryu White...okay, okay, that was some really bad joke on my part.

Anyway, this is my dino gun.
Lots of videos below the cut! Enjoy mucho! )
So, would I recommend this toy? If you like dinosaurs, you like role play weapons, and enjoy um, random crazy sound effects? XD This toy is not bad and the more batteries you buy, the more sounds you'll unlock. Pay to play thing going on here, but it won't be too bad, unless you're trying to get not just the individual battery sets, but the mecha, and the other role play items that are bundled with batteries. O.o Thankfully, the DX batteries are darn near identical to the candy toy and gashapon ones, which are cheaper and sold individually, so anyone who doesn't want to donate limbs to the Bandai monster can go for the batteries by themselves. And even CDs now come with the batteries too. Purchase the series soundtrack, for example, and you can get the Stegochi battery, along with a height growth chart for your kid. (Nice!)

Overall, I really do like the Gaburevolver. It's a nice role play weapon, though a tad heavy since most of the weight is in the barrel. One thing I would suggest is not playing with it too much with the sound effects turned on! The videos don't exactly convey how loud it really is. Seriously, this thing blasted my ears off. Then again, this is a dinosaur theme we're going with here, and they are supposed to be loud. Still, I can imagine Japanese parents plugging their ears as their kids run around the house with this while the gun screams "VAMOLA!" every couple of minutes. ^^; Can't wait to get more batteries for my gun and get some more playability out of this thing! :D
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Goodness gracious, who went and broke that site, now?

So, what's up, you say? Well, Everyone's out, and I'm home alone, and all I can say is... PARTY! Well, yeah. Mostly gonna read manga all day, and eject what gunk still remaining in my throat. And nom on chips. >:D Already managed to find and download the entire MLP comic issue #2 and can't wait for more! The art style is just fantastic. I can't wait for issue #3 to come out later this month, and issue 4 will be out in February. :)

Oh yeah, there's still a bunch of toku I loaded that I haven't watched. Gotta go see them before the weekend.

And speaking of the weekend, shopping time! Dad's letting me take his Kindle Fire to school since I brought the digital version of one of my textbooks and it'll need a case to protect it. I'm going to the store so I can see what cases are available and pick one I like. ^_^ Yes, I love the Kindle Fire! There are some times when the touch screen doesn't respond to my touch right away and that can get really irritating. But other than that, I like it. We haven't touched it much, but now that I've found a new use for it, I think I'll be using it more often. It has a decent battery life too...just as long as you aren't using the Wi-fi when you're reading. Otherwise, it kinda sucks the life out of the device...yes, Wi-fi turns the Kindle into a vampire. O_O
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Late Christmas present is late. Well, it's not mine, but hey, review time nonetheless! >:) Here's some shots of the box.

Pretty Angry Birdy pics below the cut )

So yeah. That's Ho-oh. Bonus points for the inclusion of a stand, and for looking pretty. Now Sis wants her Christmas gift back back, so off I go to return it now. ^^;
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Yeah, I opened my present early. I just feel like not doing anything else today except to swoon and hug my new present. XD Introducing, Mister Big Drill Butt. More under the cut, because I am the queen of pic-spams and enjoy taking pictures from all angles. The mecha is a bit spoilery for season 2 of the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce (Super Megaforce I hear it is to be called. Saban, stop adding SUPER to everything, it does NOT compute and looks silly. Same with lightning bolts on your merchandise. Overkill much? :P You're not Zeus, good sir.)

This toy comes from the Japanese series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, a Super Sentai series soon to be adapted for the Power Rangers franchise. It's about a bunch of space pirates with the powers of past Super Sentai members who come to Earth searching for the greatest treasure in the universe, only to find themselves having to fight off an army of evil space villains called the Zangyack bent on universal domination. The pirates have bounties on their heads, and as they fight off Zangyack, they're soon joined by a Super Sentai fanboy named Gai Ikari, who becomes Gokai Silver after being visited by previous Senshi and given the ability to transform into six and extra Rangers not part of the main team. He is also given his own Zord, a dinosaur themed mecha known as Gojyujin. It is this Gojyujin that we'll be looking at today in this pic-spam. Enjoy!

NOTE: All pics below the cut are resized, but can be zoomed in if viewed separately in a new window for closeups of details.

Welcome to Jurassic Park )
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Let me make one thing clear as I was defriended today just because I said I was against weed. (If that defriended person is reading this, please read the following and hopefully this will help? I dunno. Your call.)

For the record, yes, I am against illegal drugs and stuff. NO, I will not threaten to hurt you or leave you threatening messages if you smoke/drink alcohol whatever. Let it be said that my roommate constantly chugs down wine like there's no tomorrow, but do I go into the fridge and smash up all her beer and wine bottles? Absolutely NOT. If I don't hurt my roommate despite her "bad habits" (in my opinion only), I will not hurt you for doing it. I'm against it in the sense that you cannot make me do drugs/drink wine or beer/inject myself with illegal substances, but I have no beef with anyone doing stuff like this, unless they go crazy and my life is in danger because of it. (Should my roommate ever go onto drunken rages due to an alcohol overdose, or I dunno, does something bad when drunk, or pass out, I'll summon help as I don't want to see anyone getting hurt.)

So that's that, I hope it is now clear what my policy is for anyone who may not have admitted they do these things on Livejournal. Don't worry, I will not defriend you, and you should not do the same to me, because like I said, what you do is your business, not mine, and I won't be judging you for it. Just know that I am against it, but really only in the sense that you cannot make me do these things, and mostly because I am sensitive to smoke, so I tend to speak out against it upon exposure to secondhand smoke.

Are we clear? No hard feelings? If any of this offends anyone, please, please, please let me know, and I'll do my best to calm your fears/address concerns before people go on trigger happy defriending sprees over misunderstandings. This is public because I want people to know my stance on things before they add me in the future or whatever.
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Just watched a video describing a forest where people come to die, mostly by suicide. Aokigahara Forest is known as the second most favorite place for suicides after the Golden Gate bridge. O.o It's also haunted by ghosts, or so it's believed, and someone online wrote about how others told her she had been possessed by a spirit of a man who had died next to the tree she was standing close to, though she does not remember anything when this happened.

It's seriously creepy, but the forest is so beautiful. Today it is still open to the public but it is advised you stay on the marked trails so you don't get lost...or stumble upon a decomposing body. Or worse, get possessed, or see ghosts flying around.
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No rain scheduled for today, I don't think! WHOOT! I was getting sick of the whole "Ha ha, sorry to rain on your parade" thing that kept happening as I tried to walk. It was so nice to see the sun out, and I had fun occasionally glancing up at the sky and seeing what kind of shapes the clouds were making today. (It's a favorite childhood activity that I never grew out of. Why? Because it's fun to let your imagination go wild.) 

Finally going to see those Hyper Battle Videos TV-Nihon put out a few days ago. Finally, a direct download link appeared! Sparky threw a Pokeball! The Direct Download Link was caught! XD I thought I would have to torrent it for a moment there, and I hate torrents. Not to mention they're illegal, really, and my ISP doesn't seem to like it if I even go on a torrent site, because my internet connection will get disconnected if I do. So ye-ah, I usually lurk around KRDL, hoping that someone would put it up for us who are allergic to or can't torrent. And they did. Hooray! But that shall have to wait until this here episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I mean, Zyuranger, gets loaded so you can finally have a picspam of that by tomorrow (boy, I sure miss doing the OOO ones. Yes, I remember the good old days when I used to throw up pic-spams first, and then work on my essays on slavery or whatever the History professors were telling me to finish. X) Fun times they were, weren't they, my friends? >_^ Procrastination is so fun...if you know how to do it right. *snicker*)

I'm afraid I might as well enjoy what little time I have for pic-spams and other fun non-homework related things now, because come September, I'm afraid I might not be around on LJ as much. D: Grad school will be a lot harder than college, and I will be devoting most of my time tending patients in the audiology labs, I guess. Even though this is a speech pathology major, I still have to delve into a related field because speech teachers often work with audiologists to determine the best treatment for a hearing impaired person or someone with speech problems like stuttering and whatnot, so yeah, lots of learning to do! *dies*

So! Speaking of pic-spams, and because it is the 20th anniversary of Zyuranger, the Japanese counterpart of our beloved Power Rangers, how about another toy review? But first, let's see what crazy things my toys are doing today...

*facepalm* Grimlock, random flying arms are not food! D: Poor Ankh, I think he was just trying to find his way to Mom's stash of Popsicles when he was caught. ^^; 
We need DinoZord power NOW! )
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Because this is way overdue, and I don't want to have to deal with this longer than I have to, or I'll get a headache the size of Rita Repulsa's when she's upset.

Introducing Saberback, the nastiest Predacon of a dinosaur that ever lived due to his stupidly complex transformation that will leave you exhausted and frustrated in ten seconds flat. =_=" Well...maybe not the most complex. That honor goes to Mach Kick, which I'm hoping Dad will exchange that $20 I got from him for. I hardly use cash these days, anyway, and the Beast Wars Neo line is so under-appreciated or overlooked that the toys are dirt cheap. And it'd be cool to show people a horse transformer whose head can spring up to poke out your eye if you're not too careful. It's definitely a gimmick I'd be a fan of. 

He's also the only Transformer with brushable hair in robot and in beast mode. 8D I think I have a tiny doll comb somewhere I could use on him, and maybe I might be tempted to tie ribbons on his tail by stripping the ones off that electronic Barbie palomino horse Sis got as a gift one year. Just give him to me...! I'll make him presentable for horse shows and...and... kidding. But I'll definitely make sure he looks nice on my shelf. ^_^

Sparky does not like all things that begin with S. )

Do I recommend this guy? If you're looking for a simpler Transformer that is simple to switch from mode to mode, no, because he is not easy to work with, and if you have kids, they are going to be really upset trying to play with him. But I do recommend him if you're looking for a challenge, and if you just want a great looking dinosaur on your shelf. He does look better than the fugly US repainted versions of himself though, so I wouldn't recommend paying the extra money to find his discontinued American cousins. He's also quite cheap. Now, I need to find something else to review next month. Hmm... Maybe I could be tempted to do a review on my 2010 Megazord, seeing as how it's Zyuranger's 20th anniversary. 
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Right. Because robots in disguise are so annoying sometimes. ^^;

Let's start with something easier to work with now, shall we? Presenting Corada VS Saberback...only, sans stegosaurus...for now. I'll work on a photoshoot for the stego tomorrow, since I can't be bothered to transform him now. (Fun fact: Saberback's transformation has been known to befuddle and infuriate even people with Ph.D degrees. What your education has to do with your ability to work a toy I have no idea, and I found the fact that the guy had to point this out hilariously funny.) 

The Transformers here are from a Japanese only series (it was never aired in the US) called Beast Wars Neo. Some episodes are subbed and I've seen them on Youtube, and there's quite a diverse cast. (Penguins, giraffes, and horses, oh my!) The toyline is also Japan exclusive but are relatively cheap to get online or otherwise, and I don't think these guys cost me more than $30-$40. Sold individually they shouldn't cost you more than $25 max. Stampy the rabbit from the Neo toyline can be found for as low as $8, for example. Mine is from the Korean re-release, and came in a box set. However, they're completely identical to the Japanese releases. Hip, hip, hooray! 

Hissy hissy little snakey, slither on the floor... Sparky, you're not speaking Parselmouth all of a sudden now, are you? O_o )


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