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I think I might have a job opportunity, as my parents have been asking around and someone wants to talk to me tomorrow regarding a simple office job. I cringe at the thought of them telling me to man the front desk and phone but I will listen to what the prospective employer has to say and hope for the best. I mean, while I've filled out forms for Social Security disability benefits, I want to earn my own money, not wait for potential government handouts. Though phone work...augh. It's gonna potentially lead to tiring nights from listening to people all day without being able to lipread for the most part. Not to mention the clients will mostly be speaking Chinese as it is a Chinese owned business. I have hard enough time with English speakers! But hey, a job is a job, and I figure if I fail at listening I could always sign "I AM DEAF" and thrust the phone at a co-worker dramatically. I mean, I won't be lying when I do that. (And having been studing ASL I do know how to sign the above, now).

In the *ahem* toy department, my (very) belated Christmas present arrived, thanks to [ profile] chef_andy. Better late than never I always say, and I also should thank rexielexie @ Tumblr for buying this. Introducing "Zippy"... HEY, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF MY SISTER'S GUM CONTAINER!

(You may notice a stark difference in color between the above pic and the pics below the cut. My camera made use of available light to make Zakutor look light green, but in person he is more dark green and is more like the pic above. So forgive the color differences.)

Introducing Zyudenryuu Series #1, but actually dino number 4, Zakutor! As can be figured out merely by name he is a velociraptor, albeit a really really chunky velociraptor. I like his green and gold color scheme though. My only concern is that his neck is way too stubby, though his head is fine in terms of representing his dinosaur species. His claws are condensed into a single nail on each foot, however.

Articulation wise, Zakutor's elbows and ankles can move, his mouth can open to accommodate the battery gimmick, and you can make him rear up since the legs can rotate nearly 360 for the transformation. Overall there is more posability for Zakutor than there is for the other zords I have so far in animal mode. And that makes me happy. I like my zords to have articulation!

As par for the course Zakutor comes with his corresponding Beast Battery with a button that, when pushed, allows you to flip between charged and uncharged sides. Due to manufacture error, the blue and white uncolored side fails to glow in the dark as the shiny phosphorecent layer mentioned in the instructions is not present at all. Why do I always get the mecha with defects?! First Rin Lion comes to me with missing paint, then my Transformers have joints tight enough to give me an workout when I'm transforming them, and NOW THIS. @_@ It's no big deal though. However, the glow in the dark gimmick is hella rad and I wish this had it like my other batteries do. :(

Furthermore, as this is a Hong Kong re-release, coloration might differ a bit from the JP one? But it is the same mold as the original Japanese release, so it makes the same sounds and effects in my DX Gaburevolver as I expected it would. The box, however, is different in that there is now Chinese on it, and the ads on it are a bit different since Hong Kong is selling slightly different merchandise for the Kyoryuger/Dino Charge toyline. Gone are the Ganbaride ads, since those are not available in China. The instructions, being sold in Hong Kong, are now bilingual, in Chinese and English, and comes with instructions on how to attach to DX Kyoryujin/Dino Charge Megazord as it is known here in the US.

Opening up the jaw of Zakutor allows you to insert the battery inside completely (yes the jaw can close with the battery inserted, unlike the US release) I just left it out halfway for dramatic effect. Also, while the lower jaw stops at a certain point it is not locked in place and can come off completely if pulled too far down. However, putting it back on is easy as there are spring loaded tabs that pop back in place if realigned.

Popping in the battery causes the tail to split into 3 sections. They will not close until the battery is removed to show that the dinosaur is charged up and ready for combat. This is in stark contrast to the US release that, though much smaller and missing silver and yellow paint in various places, actually has a tail that springs out much more. That actually looks a bit better in my opinion, but Zakutor is more show accurate.

Combined with Kyoryujin! It forms a long claw for the mecha and takes the place of the pink Dricera. Ideally Zakutor should be paired up with the black Parasagun to form Kyoryujin Western, but I don't have Parasagun at this time, so I cannot show off that combination. However, note the length of the claw, it almost touches the table when combined. Furthermore, the colors stand out much more now, making this one of the more colorful combos we've seen so far. I quite like it.
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