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 Okay, just wanted the members of the KRC to know that if LJ is still down by 8 PM tonight the chat link will be up on dreamwidth in a public entry (because not all of you have a dreamwidth account). Okie-dokie-loki? Okay, off I go then to the Arctic to see some polar bears (in a documentary of course. >:D) I'll also crosspost the chat link to LJ, in case somepony can access it by some miracle. Otherwise come find the link at 
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Chat up! (for members of the LJ chat club)

Also did another rare friends-cut for those journals categorized as MIA (meaning they had not been updated for more than a month). Re-friending will be on a case by case basis. If for some reason you see I've defriended you but want me to add you back, PM me. I'll be understanding in most cases and add you back!
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*sigh* LJ, you really need to get your act together. First you take forever to load, and now you're down? =( I wanted to answer [personal profile] cestlavieminako 's comments! D:

Oh well, at least I can do other, more important things until LJ decides to cooperate. Thank goodness there's no chat today, huh, or how else would anyone know where the chat room will be, since not everyone on LJ has a dreamwidth account, or if they don't get my PM? :(

*grabs book* When in trouble, :)

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ARRGH, I can only get intermittent access to LJ right now. >_>" I knew it was broke.

I have a chat room open, by the way, feel free to stop on by and say hi, if it's not over yet:
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