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The first person to realize that Start buttons could be changed in Windows 7 deserves to be praised. And whoever thought up the idea of changing the start orbs to Medals...BRILLIANT! SUBARASHI!

I have PutoTyra Medals to serve as the start button orbs for now...but who's to say I won't change it within an hour of this posting? It's shows Ptera if you're not hovering over the Start orb, Tricera if your mouse is over it, and Tyranno when you actually click it. SHWEET. xD

EDIT: Changed them. Because I just wanted to show sis Tajador when she gets back tomorrow...and because it's the only Combo I cannot help but sing out its name every time it appears, and it looks cool because my log-on/off icon is a pic of the Taka Medal. xD I figured it'd be more appropriate.

You can find the Medal pics for changing your own Windows 7 start orb in [ profile] kamenrider (to be specific, this public entry: and the Windows 7 start orb changer here:

Now, back to work on the Pooony Weekly!
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 Livejournal I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I touched nothing, I swear. I was just typing in what I'm listening to right now, and you go back a page, erasing my post? WTH?! You really really piss me off now! Your restore function is a joke! You hear me, a joke! >_< It does nothing! Absolutely positively nothing! >_< I spent another 2 hours putting this thing together after you did it the first time and you went back a page on me AGAIN?! Do you hate me that much, LJ?! It's my birthday! You're supposed to make me happy! >o<

On a happier note, SHFiguarts Tatoba is on its way to me. It should get here by Friday. UPS is slow, but it's reliable, at least for me. Now I just have to be patient as Eiji takes a scenic tour of the US before showing up on my front door.

Also tonight at 9 PM I'm planning on opening up a live chat that will last until we're all too tired to talk about stuff, so if anyone's interested, swing by to see me update my journal with a link to a chat room I'll set up so you can come and talk to me in real time and say "happy birthday". Be prepared for some insanity, some inevitable fangirling, and a few awkward moments in which[ profile] cestlavieminako  unleashes her pervy side. xD But don't be afraid of us fangirls, we're rabid but nice fangirls. And don't feel obligated to stay the whole time. ^^ Just popping in to say hello will suffice. ^_^;

Anyway, without further ado, let's re-upload this pic-spam (for the 3rd time) >:( I swear I touched nothing. If you delete this post again, LJ, I will come after you with torches and pitchforks dipped in hot sauce. >_<

So. In this episode, Zeus descends from Mt. Olympus, we meet evil Barney, sit back as the Goa'uld take over our hero after coming through an off-screen Stargate, and see just how far the power of love can take us.

Happy Birthday to the Purple Greeed! )
And yay, it's my birthday now! Whoot!

EDIT: OMG, just went and discovered that my monthly visitor is back! >_< ...Oh god, do not want! Monthly visitor means pain, and pain means...not so subarashi things. T_T Bad birthday present! Bad! >o<
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>_>" Yeah, this is what happens when you leave your shimejis license to go run around while you're away.
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This is what happens when your shimejis run wild. XD HOLY CRAP. o_O


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