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Yeah, I opened my present early. I just feel like not doing anything else today except to swoon and hug my new present. XD Introducing, Mister Big Drill Butt. More under the cut, because I am the queen of pic-spams and enjoy taking pictures from all angles. The mecha is a bit spoilery for season 2 of the upcoming Power Rangers Megaforce (Super Megaforce I hear it is to be called. Saban, stop adding SUPER to everything, it does NOT compute and looks silly. Same with lightning bolts on your merchandise. Overkill much? :P You're not Zeus, good sir.)

This toy comes from the Japanese series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, a Super Sentai series soon to be adapted for the Power Rangers franchise. It's about a bunch of space pirates with the powers of past Super Sentai members who come to Earth searching for the greatest treasure in the universe, only to find themselves having to fight off an army of evil space villains called the Zangyack bent on universal domination. The pirates have bounties on their heads, and as they fight off Zangyack, they're soon joined by a Super Sentai fanboy named Gai Ikari, who becomes Gokai Silver after being visited by previous Senshi and given the ability to transform into six and extra Rangers not part of the main team. He is also given his own Zord, a dinosaur themed mecha known as Gojyujin. It is this Gojyujin that we'll be looking at today in this pic-spam. Enjoy!

NOTE: All pics below the cut are resized, but can be zoomed in if viewed separately in a new window for closeups of details.

Welcome to Jurassic Park )
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This year what I would like most would be a job, a hyper fanboy, and a large blue dinosaur with a big drill butt. Thank you and good night. XD 

Why you so lovable, Gai? *glomps him* You and your dinosaur?
Gai: O___o I am just that awesome? Anyway, Goujyu Rex is not huggable! D:
Me: Oh, that's no problem! *grows as tall as the mecha and hugs it*
Gai: What the heck did you have for lunch, Miracle Gro? O.o
Me: Maybe. :P *hugs the Rex*
GoujyuRex: Growl? O.o
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Look at all these lovely ikemen smile, courtesy of scans done by [ profile] pali_mari ! ~_^

Cute kitty is cute. :D I guess Uva doesn't mind cats if they're not trying to kill him half the time. xD

You can find more happiness below the cut. :)
Happy happy deliriously happy )
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After waiting 3 hours for the download to finish, Gokaiger 5 thoughts are now up for you fellow toku fans' viewing pleasure.

*Starts playing COPS theme*

Bad pirates, bad pirates, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the police come for you? )

And that brings this chapter to a close concludes my thoughts on this week's Gokaiger episode. Check back for OOO 26 screenshots sometime tomorrow.
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I've been gushing too much over OOO it's time to give Gokaiger some attention! All images below were found with a little help from G-man (Google), [ profile] pali_mari, and pixiv ( 狼伽, りゅう)

No, this guy isn't Marvelous. For the real Marvelous, click below!

So Marvelous, he had to go below the cut )

I'm so going to give you folks nightmares with this pic >o< )
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Those wondering when episodes of OOO will air next, wonder no more! TV Asahi's website lists OOO resuming its normal airing at 8 AM Japan time next Sunday (Saturday at 7 PM EST for those of us in the US). Gokaiger will also air during its normal timeslot

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in Japan. I am glad for those who are safe, and hope for the best concerning the situation with the nuclear power plant. Let us all hope the situation doesn't get worse.
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Everyone, please pray for the well-being of people who have been affected by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake (and subsequent tsunami), which occurred, according to CNN, at 2:46 PM Japan time and brought widespread destruction to the area. I hope everyone is okay and my heart goes out to those who have lost family or friends in this disaster.

ALSO!! Those of you who were expecting the next airing of Super Hero Time this weekend may or may not know that Kamen Rider OOO and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is pre-empted as a result of this unexpected event. At this time it is not known when these episodes will air next.

I hope that the cast and crew of these shows are okay, as are their families and friends. Ryou-chan, I saw your blog pic. It's good to see you and your fellow cast members are all right, but you all look so sad! :( Hope you all cheer up soon!

Unfortunately as of this posting, Shu Watanabe hasn't yet updated his blog to let us know he's okay. Please be all right, Shu!!! I know Ryou-chan said that everyone's all right, but I want to hear from you. :(

EDIT: Riho Takada has updated her blog to say that she's okay. Thank goodness! 
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First off, i love Okami. I love it so much, I've beaten the game three times (well, the story anyway, I have yet to obtain all the stray beads. Devil Gate trials are NOT fun. As is the racing mini-games, especially with Hayate. Oh, and Kai has yet to be beaten either. I hate Kamui with a vengeance. Ice everywhere! And don't get me started on the crazy Marlin that you have to catch if you want the Whirlwind brush technique. Now I'm racing Tobi for the fourth time, and as usual, hating it. The moving spiked wheels in Oni Island are a TERROR to get through. UGH. X.X). I love the Celestial Brush gimmick and enjoy making fun of Issun every time he swoons over some pretty lady (in fact my comments are so LOL worthy (according to my sister), they would make a very entertaining Let's Play series on Youtube, only I don't have the ability nor the equipment, or the patience to record, edit, and upload videos).

Anyway, it's really awesome to listen to music from Okami while doing work (in fact, I'm finishing up my midterm essay now, and I'm listening to the Dragon Palace music). It's so relaxing, I want to fall asleep right now, but thankfully there's iced tea (and caffeine) to keep me awake until I finish writing this...this...DUMB political essay on the influences of the US Constitution (Why did I ever take this course? It's so uninteresting! WAH!! T_T)

I hate this course. They say it's a History course but it turned out to be more political science-y than I thought. Oh well, seeing James Madison wearing a TCNJ sweatshirt in a Powerpoint slide in class yesterday was fun. At least my professor has a sense of humor, so I think I'll survive the year after all. >_>

Now, to finish that essay. I really want to get back to marathoning Shinkenger. I have yet to even see Gokaiger subbed thanks to my busy schedule, so I don't have time to put up more pictures of Captain Marvelous. Why, professors, WHY?!! Why must you torture me? >o<

Oh crap, the book I'm using as a source for my essay just dropped onto the floor, and now I have to find the page I'm pulling a quote from again. Fail, self, fail. I like to think I have more bad luck than Ryotaro sometimes. T_T


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