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Late Christmas present is late. Well, it's not mine, but hey, review time nonetheless! >:) Here's some shots of the box.

Pretty Angry Birdy pics below the cut )

So yeah. That's Ho-oh. Bonus points for the inclusion of a stand, and for looking pretty. Now Sis wants her Christmas gift back back, so off I go to return it now. ^^;
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Well, this didn't take me this long to assemble. ^_^ It was much like Gunpla, only so much simpler, due to the fact that there were only so many sprues to work with. No painting required, either, it is very anime-accurate. The only annoyance I had was with the eye stickers (which, thankfully, weren't so tiny you really need tweezers to hold on to them or risk spending hours searching for them (There was actually 2 copies of the sticker sheet in the box, in case you messed up...good thinking, Bandai! Why didn't you do this for Epyon?! >_<). And I laughed when the instructions told me to put on the tongue and mouth stickers. Really? Lugia needs stickers to eat and look bad-ass? :P 

Articulation wise, its legs and feet can rotate 360 (the thighs are of course hindered by the spines on the back and its wings), and when you move Lugia's head up and down its wings "flap" up and down too (all thanks to a little screw mechanism in its body). It's tail can also rotate around if you want to emulate it flying overhead, rather than in this "attack mode." And of course the mouth opens and closes, though it doesn't close all the way thanks to the way it's designed. It also comes with a stand (which resembles a Pokeball) which doesn't show up too well in the pic because it's clear plastic, and the lighting isn't too good. It really doesn't need a stand as it stands just fine, but it's nice to see it included just so that Lugia isn't falling over due to it being a tad top heavy and kinda wobbly on its own two feet. 

Overall, I give this kit a 5 out of 5 for show-accuracy, easy assembly, and good (and not entirely useless) gimmick. It would have been better with an effect part to simulate it attacking with Aeroblast or something, but meh. I'll put it in this "attack mode" next to Epyon for the LOLZ...Gundam vs. legendary Pokemon, who will win? XD

Right, okay, off to the shower now. My interview is over so I can relax now. ;D It went well. ^_^ 
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 on Kamen Rider OOO Sparky's Night Alone!

1. Downloaded more Gaoranger (which had been put on hiatus) to watch. A Wild Force plagiarized (or nearly so, since they did credit the series in the end credits) series that deserves to be finished simply because its villains were badass. 

2. Halfway there to getting that Ice Beam TM! Just a couple thousand more coins from the Celadon Game Corner to go...

and 3. fumine alerted me to the possibility of my iPhone having a spying software called Carrier IQ, which can log everything from keystrokes (KEYSTROKES?!! So they know everything I type out, be it a LJ comment, or email to an employer? WTH?) to your personal data and website history. O___________o Oookay, luckily for us iPhone users with ios 5 installed on our systems, you can turn off this thing by doing the following:
"To disable Carrier IQ on iOS 5, iPhone iOS 5 users should select the
Settings app, touch "Location Services," and then "System Services" at
the bottom of the pane.
Toggling "Diagnostics & Usage" to the "Off" position disables Carrier IQ."

Unfortunately, unless you install an app (if any of you have Androids, which are more likely to come with Carrier IQ than an Apple iPhone) that specifically checks for this, you'll never know you have it...which is scary! D: I'll be disabling the Diagnostics and Usage on my phone in a bit. I DO NOT want this on my phone. 


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