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Goodness gracious, who went and broke that site, now?

So, what's up, you say? Well, Everyone's out, and I'm home alone, and all I can say is... PARTY! Well, yeah. Mostly gonna read manga all day, and eject what gunk still remaining in my throat. And nom on chips. >:D Already managed to find and download the entire MLP comic issue #2 and can't wait for more! The art style is just fantastic. I can't wait for issue #3 to come out later this month, and issue 4 will be out in February. :)

Oh yeah, there's still a bunch of toku I loaded that I haven't watched. Gotta go see them before the weekend.

And speaking of the weekend, shopping time! Dad's letting me take his Kindle Fire to school since I brought the digital version of one of my textbooks and it'll need a case to protect it. I'm going to the store so I can see what cases are available and pick one I like. ^_^ Yes, I love the Kindle Fire! There are some times when the touch screen doesn't respond to my touch right away and that can get really irritating. But other than that, I like it. We haven't touched it much, but now that I've found a new use for it, I think I'll be using it more often. It has a decent battery life too...just as long as you aren't using the Wi-fi when you're reading. Otherwise, it kinda sucks the life out of the device...yes, Wi-fi turns the Kindle into a vampire. O_O


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