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No rain scheduled for today, I don't think! WHOOT! I was getting sick of the whole "Ha ha, sorry to rain on your parade" thing that kept happening as I tried to walk. It was so nice to see the sun out, and I had fun occasionally glancing up at the sky and seeing what kind of shapes the clouds were making today. (It's a favorite childhood activity that I never grew out of. Why? Because it's fun to let your imagination go wild.) 

Finally going to see those Hyper Battle Videos TV-Nihon put out a few days ago. Finally, a direct download link appeared! Sparky threw a Pokeball! The Direct Download Link was caught! XD I thought I would have to torrent it for a moment there, and I hate torrents. Not to mention they're illegal, really, and my ISP doesn't seem to like it if I even go on a torrent site, because my internet connection will get disconnected if I do. So ye-ah, I usually lurk around KRDL, hoping that someone would put it up for us who are allergic to or can't torrent. And they did. Hooray! But that shall have to wait until this here episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I mean, Zyuranger, gets loaded so you can finally have a picspam of that by tomorrow (boy, I sure miss doing the OOO ones. Yes, I remember the good old days when I used to throw up pic-spams first, and then work on my essays on slavery or whatever the History professors were telling me to finish. X) Fun times they were, weren't they, my friends? >_^ Procrastination is so fun...if you know how to do it right. *snicker*)

I'm afraid I might as well enjoy what little time I have for pic-spams and other fun non-homework related things now, because come September, I'm afraid I might not be around on LJ as much. D: Grad school will be a lot harder than college, and I will be devoting most of my time tending patients in the audiology labs, I guess. Even though this is a speech pathology major, I still have to delve into a related field because speech teachers often work with audiologists to determine the best treatment for a hearing impaired person or someone with speech problems like stuttering and whatnot, so yeah, lots of learning to do! *dies*

So! Speaking of pic-spams, and because it is the 20th anniversary of Zyuranger, the Japanese counterpart of our beloved Power Rangers, how about another toy review? But first, let's see what crazy things my toys are doing today...

*facepalm* Grimlock, random flying arms are not food! D: Poor Ankh, I think he was just trying to find his way to Mom's stash of Popsicles when he was caught. ^^; 
We need DinoZord power NOW! )
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Because this is way overdue, and I don't want to have to deal with this longer than I have to, or I'll get a headache the size of Rita Repulsa's when she's upset.

Introducing Saberback, the nastiest Predacon of a dinosaur that ever lived due to his stupidly complex transformation that will leave you exhausted and frustrated in ten seconds flat. =_=" Well...maybe not the most complex. That honor goes to Mach Kick, which I'm hoping Dad will exchange that $20 I got from him for. I hardly use cash these days, anyway, and the Beast Wars Neo line is so under-appreciated or overlooked that the toys are dirt cheap. And it'd be cool to show people a horse transformer whose head can spring up to poke out your eye if you're not too careful. It's definitely a gimmick I'd be a fan of. 

He's also the only Transformer with brushable hair in robot and in beast mode. 8D I think I have a tiny doll comb somewhere I could use on him, and maybe I might be tempted to tie ribbons on his tail by stripping the ones off that electronic Barbie palomino horse Sis got as a gift one year. Just give him to me...! I'll make him presentable for horse shows and...and... kidding. But I'll definitely make sure he looks nice on my shelf. ^_^

Sparky does not like all things that begin with S. )

Do I recommend this guy? If you're looking for a simpler Transformer that is simple to switch from mode to mode, no, because he is not easy to work with, and if you have kids, they are going to be really upset trying to play with him. But I do recommend him if you're looking for a challenge, and if you just want a great looking dinosaur on your shelf. He does look better than the fugly US repainted versions of himself though, so I wouldn't recommend paying the extra money to find his discontinued American cousins. He's also quite cheap. Now, I need to find something else to review next month. Hmm... Maybe I could be tempted to do a review on my 2010 Megazord, seeing as how it's Zyuranger's 20th anniversary. 
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Right. Because robots in disguise are so annoying sometimes. ^^;

Let's start with something easier to work with now, shall we? Presenting Corada VS Saberback...only, sans stegosaurus...for now. I'll work on a photoshoot for the stego tomorrow, since I can't be bothered to transform him now. (Fun fact: Saberback's transformation has been known to befuddle and infuriate even people with Ph.D degrees. What your education has to do with your ability to work a toy I have no idea, and I found the fact that the guy had to point this out hilariously funny.) 

The Transformers here are from a Japanese only series (it was never aired in the US) called Beast Wars Neo. Some episodes are subbed and I've seen them on Youtube, and there's quite a diverse cast. (Penguins, giraffes, and horses, oh my!) The toyline is also Japan exclusive but are relatively cheap to get online or otherwise, and I don't think these guys cost me more than $30-$40. Sold individually they shouldn't cost you more than $25 max. Stampy the rabbit from the Neo toyline can be found for as low as $8, for example. Mine is from the Korean re-release, and came in a box set. However, they're completely identical to the Japanese releases. Hip, hip, hooray! 

Hissy hissy little snakey, slither on the floor... Sparky, you're not speaking Parselmouth all of a sudden now, are you? O_o )
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Blah, I'm bored. Let's do a Rider pic-spam. But first, I found this on Tumblr and I had to share: "I'm having a Twitter conversation with CS Toys about affording college vs. buying a Fourze Driver. They...suggested I just go to CS Toys College." XD LOL So, where can I apply to this school? I hope they give out free toku stuff! :P 


3, 2, 1...Blast off! )

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Uh, no, wait, that came out wrong. XD In no way are we anywhere near the holidays. It's just that...well, I'm playing too much with my new toy, and it reminds me of Christmas time. Oh yes, I did open it. Feel free to smack me, as it's a month early. Anyway, I dreamed about school again this morning. But it was a nice dream, as I found myself singing in choir again, practicing with a group of new students. And there was my choir teacher, and she was making us sing "Song of the Sea" or something. Something like that. It was nice. I was afraid I wound up singing in my sleep, but as Mom didn't make any mention of it when I came downstairs, I guess I didn't invent sleep-singing after all. Okay, on to the main task of the day...starting the next toy review! >:P I'll do this now then work on more Chinese. Job hunting...that...that can wait for a bit. It's always easier to focus on studying before Sis comes home and turns the house upside down, shrieking like a banshee in her excitement (the closer it gets to Spring Break, the more hyper she becomes. Ra help me keep my sanity... -_O)

Let's introduce the star of our show, Geki Shark! As with all the DX auxiliary mecha from the series Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger, it was never released in the US. We got a smaller version instead, sans electronics, and shortened a good 4 or 5 inches. It was also very chubby...and not at all good looking. It was kind of like an obese tiger shark, let's put it that way. This one at least looks sleek, streamlined, and much more dangerous. I'm not sure why BOA didn't release this and chose to leave us high and dry with the DX Jungle Pride, but then again, they rarely release individual auxiliaries by themselves for some reason. So for those of us wanting something to slap on the JP, there's no choice but to import from overseas. Thankfully, the molds are the same, so you can mix and match. Sweet. :D
Put away the chopsticks and the soy sauce...Sashimi is not edible! )


Mar. 21st, 2012 01:18 pm
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Yes, Operation USPS Ninja Stake Out was a success! Luckily Mom came home just as the mailman pulled into the driveway, so he managed to hand my package from[ profile] cestlavieminakoto her directly...though she in turn gave it to me foaming at the mouth and going "Don't ever have friends send you stupid stuff again! Do you want them all to murder us in our beds, now that they know where we live?! >_<" Paranoid parents are paranoid. I know it's dangerous, I know! I'm always careful about who my information goes to. Very careful. It's another reason why I sign even petitions online with my online names too, and if they ask for my address, I just go "WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY?!" and run in the other direction.  Unless it's a job application, where I have to give employers some way of contacting me >_>".

But this package is awesome. Priority mail is supposed to take 2 to 3 days, and yet I got it in one. BOOYAH! >:)

URRRRRRRRRRGH! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRF!! HUFF PUFF... So...much...tape... XD Minako, you darn near mummified the poor box. :P

Anyway, it's nothing a utility knife or box cutter can't open....or a sword. XD Also, I see there's a envelope and card for me. AW. Thanks! ^_^

Want to see what was inside? Click below the cut for the goodies...and random hijinks.

*bursts into song* My Little Petey, My Little Petey... ah ah ah ah... )
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Because skateboards and animals with wheels for legs are just too awesome. XD

So, a gorilla, a penguin, and a gazelle walk into a bar... )

EDIT: Did some research on my Rhino Steel Megazord. If you try to display it in Rhino Mode like I do, please make sure you put it on a shelf longer than 21 inches, which is the length of the Zord from horns to back feet, or risk someone walking into it and knocking off the horn, or hurting themselves on it. ^^;
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Going to download Gobusters now. :) Despite not having Go-buster Ace, I still have kitties to review. How about it? :D 

Kazari strongly approves of this post, though he would like to tell you that you do NOT want to be on the business end of somepony's horns. )

I was gonna do a Youtube review of this, but then my microphone just started crackling, and the webcam was pretty crappy, so meh, text and pic-spam it turned out to be. ^^;


Feb. 22nd, 2012 03:40 pm
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I have a lot more toys up in my attic. However, I am currently bored, and I think some of you may want to see more of my collection, so I decided to make a trip up to the Arctic (the attic is cold in the winter) to do an unboxing of my rarely opened toys. This guy has seen the light of day only once before, back in 2009 or something. You can imagine how loudly he trumpeted in joy when I was like "hey, want to be part of a photo shoot?" XD

Now, feast your eyes upon the one, the only, the rare and never before captured by an iPhone in the wild (LOL)--Gao Elephant, which was found lurking, surprisingly, not at a Toys R Us but a grocery store in Hangzhou for a measly 21 dollars (138 RMB/yuan). This is the only Power Animal from the Bandai China version of the line that uses the Japanese mold, because the US never gave us a deluxe sized pachyderm to fool around with (the other Power Animals use the American molds it seems). The only differences between it and the original Bandai Japan release is the lack of chrome on the toes, no matter what the box may be trying to tell you. 

Welcome to Sparky's Jungle Safari! Watch out for those tusks! )
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I know you've been waiting for this, especially you, kael. :P So I decided to kill what battery life my iPhone had to bring you the following pics from my toku and anime collection. Dad wouldn't let me add any more, or else this pic-spam would be even more epic, so *ahem* I look forward to filling up all that empty space you see with SH Figuarts, but for now, this set up will do. XD

Please, step into Sparky's mini Bandai Japan Toy Museum exhibit. x3 Admission is free! :DDDDD All pictures have been resized, so feel free to zoom in for a closer look. ^^b

Come one, come all! Grand Opening today! )

I hope you've enjoyed your stay in Sparky's Bandai/Hasbro Toy Museum. I hope to see you again for the next exciting tour! ^_^
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3 days and some hours later, I finally finished my (very early) Christmas present. Behold, my new model kit is ready for display! :D

Okay, the lighting here was uber bad. -___- I also blame my integrated webcam, which, erm, isn't the most fantastic piece of technology that ever lived. I'll see if I can't break out the digital camera next time if anyone wants better pics. 
Thoughts and Review below the cut!  )
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Humongous pics alert! Humongous pics alert!

They would be even bigger, had I not downsized them... ^_^; )

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Watching Gaoranger now. Banana bombs FTW! xD Do you like the pun? :D (By the way, I say this is a waste of good food, but on the other hand, would you call it a waste if it's being used to fight monsters? ^_^;)

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The first person to realize that Start buttons could be changed in Windows 7 deserves to be praised. And whoever thought up the idea of changing the start orbs to Medals...BRILLIANT! SUBARASHI!

I have PutoTyra Medals to serve as the start button orbs for now...but who's to say I won't change it within an hour of this posting? It's shows Ptera if you're not hovering over the Start orb, Tricera if your mouse is over it, and Tyranno when you actually click it. SHWEET. xD

EDIT: Changed them. Because I just wanted to show sis Tajador when she gets back tomorrow...and because it's the only Combo I cannot help but sing out its name every time it appears, and it looks cool because my log-on/off icon is a pic of the Taka Medal. xD I figured it'd be more appropriate.

You can find the Medal pics for changing your own Windows 7 start orb in [ profile] kamenrider (to be specific, this public entry: and the Windows 7 start orb changer here:

Now, back to work on the Pooony Weekly!
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Just found his translated blog entry on HJU, and figured I would share it with the world. :D  Because it's cool. And cute. And fun to read. :3

“Hey, what’s going to happen?”
“Hey, what’s going to happen to Date?”
“Why did he betray them?!”
“Is he going to die?!”
“Hey hey heeey!”
…My Sunday afternoon was eaten up by a storm of questions from my friend’s half-crying son.
“Well, calm down, calm down,” we told him.
I can only say one thing….
Next week…something’s going to happen.  Don’t cry, baby!
After all, your smiles are the source of my power.
I’m not drunk, just a little dumb.  ;)
Cut it out, you…
Anyhow, please watch it.
With that, while I’m still feeling thankful today, suddenly….!

I got Shorty Ankh. ☆
(That’s probably not his official name.)
Hikari’s a reeeeeeeeeeally good kid!
Watching the way he acts on the set, I can’t help but think he actually acts more grown-up than I do.  :)
…I’m 31 years old.
We can do it!
Smiling all the while.

Wasn't the entry cute? I love it. :3 Now, off to do my GRE...with a big smile on my face. :D

EDIT: And have some of his new product, found only @ stores on pixiv. :3

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Look at all these lovely ikemen smile, courtesy of scans done by [ profile] pali_mari ! ~_^

Cute kitty is cute. :D I guess Uva doesn't mind cats if they're not trying to kill him half the time. xD

You can find more happiness below the cut. :)
Happy happy deliriously happy )
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Considering this week is the Maymester Week of Hell, I might as well throw this up here before things go horribly wrong and I find myself spending less time on LJ (gasp!) trying to juggle three homework assignments at once. Oh boy!

In this episode, Eiji finally confesses his "love" for Ankh xD, there is much Candroid abuse, and evil Hedwig finally gets killed with a Killing Curse, OOO edition. I also make a few references to my perverted OOO thread, so come prepared to have your perv-o-meters (if you have them) blown.
I will love you forever and always *o* )

Yeah, next week, we get a stupid unicorn, the next Decade, destroyer of worlds dreams.

Ankh: NEIGH! Don't touch my Eiji! >_< (LOL, I made this sound so pervy)

And that does it for bromantic OOO 34. Hope you all enjoyed this week's (one and only?) pic-spam. :)
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Here's Sparkywolf with your weekly OOO pic-spam from her new and thankfully not-so-freezing-now dorm. In this episode of Tweety and Sylvester, we hard-boil an egg, make new friends, and observe some weird animal behavior.

Also came back from class to do this. According to my floormates, every week you'll be learning about 1 and a half month worth of material. O_O I just got a taste of it, and man, is it intense. :O We went through the entire history of picture books from the 12 century to present day in an hour. o.O

Harry Potter would disapprove... >_>" )

And that does it for this week's episode of OOO. Tune in next week for more birds on the brain, barbequed birds, and the vanquishing of the evil Hedwig from hell. xD
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 Livejournal I HATE YOU SO MUCH! I touched nothing, I swear. I was just typing in what I'm listening to right now, and you go back a page, erasing my post? WTH?! You really really piss me off now! Your restore function is a joke! You hear me, a joke! >_< It does nothing! Absolutely positively nothing! >_< I spent another 2 hours putting this thing together after you did it the first time and you went back a page on me AGAIN?! Do you hate me that much, LJ?! It's my birthday! You're supposed to make me happy! >o<

On a happier note, SHFiguarts Tatoba is on its way to me. It should get here by Friday. UPS is slow, but it's reliable, at least for me. Now I just have to be patient as Eiji takes a scenic tour of the US before showing up on my front door.

Also tonight at 9 PM I'm planning on opening up a live chat that will last until we're all too tired to talk about stuff, so if anyone's interested, swing by to see me update my journal with a link to a chat room I'll set up so you can come and talk to me in real time and say "happy birthday". Be prepared for some insanity, some inevitable fangirling, and a few awkward moments in which[ profile] cestlavieminako  unleashes her pervy side. xD But don't be afraid of us fangirls, we're rabid but nice fangirls. And don't feel obligated to stay the whole time. ^^ Just popping in to say hello will suffice. ^_^;

Anyway, without further ado, let's re-upload this pic-spam (for the 3rd time) >:( I swear I touched nothing. If you delete this post again, LJ, I will come after you with torches and pitchforks dipped in hot sauce. >_<

So. In this episode, Zeus descends from Mt. Olympus, we meet evil Barney, sit back as the Goa'uld take over our hero after coming through an off-screen Stargate, and see just how far the power of love can take us.

Happy Birthday to the Purple Greeed! )
And yay, it's my birthday now! Whoot!

EDIT: OMG, just went and discovered that my monthly visitor is back! >_< ...Oh god, do not want! Monthly visitor means pain, and pain means...not so subarashi things. T_T Bad birthday present! Bad! >o<
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Stop trying to seduce me, I'm trying to study! >o<

Found on Google. Below images found on this blog ( and

Psst, let's keep distracting her, because it's l-o-v-e! If you know what I mean. XD

Ryon, if I get an F on this next quiz, it's all your fault. >o< *flails while in fangirl mode*

Ryon as Matthew Perrier: WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (Moment of silence as I glare at him) What did ME do? T_T


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